Kids Thrive With Family

Terri Trice, kinship development at Child Protective Services’ Waco office advocates Kinship Care first, to the benefit of the child… Every parent facing off in court with Child Protective Services, in which no effort was made to place children with family members, should print and keep this article, which ran in the Waco Herald-Tribune, Monday, […]

Wrong on many levels!

Our family lives in Texas. My brother and his wife moved back to Texas in February 2007. They had a one-year-old son and another child on the way. The mom has a mental illness (bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies) and had a breakdown in March of 2007 and went into hiding. In the end, she returned […]

Court Order Disregarded

I am the mother of 4 boys, who were ordered by a Texas court ruling to live with me. At the time of pick up, in Kentucky, I was served with an emergency temporary restraining order, (the emergency being I was going to get the boys). I have spent almost a year going from court […]

FLDS: Mass Kidjacking

Have you been following the Eldorado, Texas case, in which CPS agents removed 437 children from their parents care? The entire circus of events is simply shocking! The entire case was based on an anonymous report of abuse. An arrest warrant was issued for the arrest of Rozita Estraletta Swinton (Dana Anderson) on April 18, […]

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