Help Needed in Colorado

This mother has written me asking for advice, I have given it.  What is so frustrating is that people still go along with the program, until they don’t know what else to do, then they contact us. This family did everything wrong… Do you have any advice for them now? On November 6, 2012, DSS […]

Colorado DHS Hearings

Hello everyone,   I am not sure how anyone else felt about the meeting and we may be alone in our frustration, but I thought I would share my feelings and the feelings of my daughters, who were suppose to be the population that was the subject of this meeting…   We were so excited […]

A Child’s Best Interest

An open letter to Julie Shawley urging her to act in the best interest of a child she has been charged with protecting. To: Julie Shawley, LCDHS 2555 Midpoint Drive Ft.Collins, CO 80525 Dec. 7th, 2007 Pearl Harbor Day Hello Julie, I understand that this is difficult for you to comprehend. I would imagine that […]

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