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Help this Arizona Mom

May 14, 2014 in Arizona, Child Protective Services, corruption

On Friday, May 2,2014 at 3:18 pm, I went to pick up my two older girls, ages 10 and 13 from middle school. A case worker from CPS was there holding my children, in the office. She never stated why I was there. I later read my paperwork and found allegations of “Neglect”. Neglect from what specifically was not ever clarified.

Pajama Girls

Pajama Girls

I figured I had nothing to hide so I told her some old story, of a domestic issue in 2006.

I was told that:

  1. We could no longer live in our home
  2. My children could not be around their father
  3. I could not be alone with my children and
  4. My mother has to be around the children at all times.

I never did violated those terms but because the caseworker found me with my children and my mother at our home, where we were told that we could not live, the caseworker claimed that I did indeed violate the terms.

If I did violate them then why didn’t she say so on that particular day.

The caseworker never stated that my children could not not return there with my mother  and plus my husband was not there he was at work. My children were taken and separated.

(My son, 8 and is at a kids shelter, my daughter,10, is at group home all alone, and my 9 and 13 year old are together in foster care.

I did not violate. We just purchased  a very nice home. How can I put my story “out there” where others can read it and offer me advice? My children are all depressed and I’m desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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Help Needed in Phoenix

December 22, 2013 in Arizona, biological parents, caseworker, Child Protective Services

My story starts off with my ex-girlfriend that has mental condition and left with my baby boy Danny. She refused to get treatment and CPS was called to make sure my son was safe.

The caseworker Ann Britenmister was always so rude to me and my family and she decided to place my baby boy with a family in foster care. I have not got to see him at all.

I love my son but she thinks because I am only 18, I can’t care for him. She called me today saying if I don’t comply with her request, my son Danny with be placed for adoption. There are people my age raising kids and people my age fighting wars, but I can’t raise my son? I love him with all my heart. I work to be able to provide for him. I have asked for a new caseworker but haven’t got any response.

Can someone help me please?

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Arizona Mom Needs Attorney

January 20, 2012 in Arizona, biological parents, family court, family rights

Hi. I need help. I was hoping that you would have some reputable attorneys who fight cps in the Phoenix Arizona area?

It’s been a year since I have seen my little boy who will be 7 years old next month. CPS took him away from me on July 4, 2009.

For a year in a half I did everything that CPS demanded of me. I took parenting classes, anger management classes, mental health classes. My visitations with my son went from 2 hours twice a week to 1 hour once a week.

My son is diagnosed with MMR, ADHD & ODD. He was placed in foster care but only until an adoptive placement took place. I have found out many of times the foster care family neglected my son’s health. When I notified my CPS case manager they didn’t do anything.

I am all alone with no family support. I don’t feel like I can trust just anybody anymore due to the fact I trusted my state and they conspired against us (my son and I).

I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I think of my son every second of every day. I feel guilty because I allowed the state into our lives because I had nothing to hide and they straight up lied about me. I am a good mom. My son is my world!

When I did have supervised visits, my son never wanted to go back to his foster parents. He always wanted to come home with me. The psychologist hired by CPS said to the court that my son doesn’t think of me as an authoritive parent but just a playmate because I only wanted to make the hour I had with my son happy.

I feel like I have a strong case against CPS but I cannot afford an expensive attorney. Can you please help me find an attorney who will listen to my story and help me. I feel so alone.  My son is in a group home now. I am frightened for my son to be all alone in this big scary world at the tender age of 7 years old. I just want to protect him and give him the same opportunity every child has at becoming an successful, honest adult. I want him to know that I love him and will never give up on him.

I don’t use drugs and I have never been in trouble with the law before CPS wrongfully accused me of child abuse neglect.

Please, please help me.

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Kinship Care Revoked

June 18, 2010 in Arizona, CPS, Washington

Kinship Care

I am a kinship provider to a grandchild. The parents have turned over their parental rights and our case is going into permanency planning. CPS asked us to adopt this child.

When the biological father heard about this (he lives in Arizona and has had little contact with anyone this entire three years we have cared for our grandson) he protested and stated that his parents were better to care for him. CPS is taking his side as we have a new social worker and my grandson wants to live with his father, as is natural for a child to want to live with a parent.

I wish I could start my own blog but I have posted a few concerns on line before and someone brought it to the attention of CPS. I defended what I wrote, but of course then I wasn’t on their list of bffs. So they see me as a meddling foster parent who they want to get out of the picture. After all these years I am now facing losing my grandson.

You may think that we have done something to deserve this, but I assure you we have not. I can give you an issue by issue list of the things we have done to follow the plan but you’re just gonna believe me or not.

My point of this email… CPS is watching. They are taking note of everything we do on line and using it to make their case – even when, especially when, they are dead wrong.

They are about to move a child into a family with active addiction, no job and I could go on. So, this nightmare continues…

I have reached out for help to numerous agencies, lawyers, politicians and supervisors, nothing. So I am giving it over to God and hope that the truth, the real truth, will be revealed. Thanks and I wish you the best.

Sam T.,

Arizona Kidjacking on the Rise

May 25, 2010 in Arizona, Child Protective Services, corruption, Kidjacked

Dear Kidjacked,

I have been a child advocate here in Arizona for 35 years. Throughout that time Child Protective Services has consistently taken children without cause or proof in some cases. Then in other cases they leave children in dysfunctional situations until they are dead.

Arizona Border

The last few years it has gotten worse and worse. Arizona’s Child Protective Services system is untouchable even when they are in the wrong. When they are in the wrong it is the responsibility of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and you and I pay for their defense out of our tax payer dollars. You are actually paying to have your own child stolen from you and then you are paying for the defense of CPS for stealing your children.
You will run out of money a long time before Arizona will run out of your money.
Now that Arizona is in a financial crunch this will get proportionally worse because Arizona makes money from the Federal Government by stealing our children.
And no one cares. I gave evidence of one case where a Foster Care Parent had two illegal aliens working in the home taking care of the four foster children while the Foster Mother ran errands and worked another job. I had names and photos and testimony but not one single state agency wanted to even take my information.
Do not wait until they take your child or your grandchildren or your brothers children. If we as a community and a state do not take action this will grow to even bigger than it is now.
Do you know that one of the quickest ways to defuse a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit is to call Child Protective Services and make a report. Please listen to my words. Children are at risk in Child Protective Services care.
I had another Parent whose child was taken away and the Foster Care Mother allowed her brother to watch this young lady of fifteen overnight. Then the Foster Mother threatened the child and CPS did not do a full investigation because they could not afford to have this type of thing hit the newspapers.
I am available at any time and I am in the process of writing my second book and now I have this horrific societal injustice as the focus for that book.
Steven R. Isham M.A., L.B.S.W.

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