Parental Responsibility

Just exactly what rights and┬áresponsibilities┬ádo parents have to a child? We all know the laws concerning child support, child custody and visitation are unfair and unjust but still they persist. Just today found on was an interesting question: To Terminate Fathers Rights, Or Not Too? A military man and his wife of 4-years took […]

Alaska’s War on the Family

I really need some help here. I have been accused of fracturing my infant’s skull, although I have reports saying that doctors don’t suspect child abuse. Office of Children’s Services (OCS) took away my kids after I tried to protect them by sending them to Washington, to be with a woman who adopted my son. […]

Kenai Foster Care

My son is in foster care due to some behavior with alcohol, while I was away at work and he was with his mother. The foster parents drink in front of him and go out drinking on weekends and sometimes drive with my 17-year-old son in the vehicle. I complained and nothing was done. The […]

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