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Liberty Counsel Files Brief in Alabama Supreme Court

March 30, 2012 in Alabama

Liberty Counsel Files Brief in Alabama Supreme Court in Defense of Pre-Born Life

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Montgomery, AL – Liberty Counsel filed an Amicus Curiae Brief in the Alabama Supreme Court in the case of Ankrom v. State of Alabama.

The case involves the consolidation of two cases, which address the question of whether Alabama’s law against chemical endangerment of children can be applied to unborn children who are exposed to illegal drugs in utero. Courts of appeal in Alabama upheld convictions of mothers who were charged under the chemical endangerment law, when their children tested positive for illegal drugs at birth.

Liberty Counsel’s brief provides the Alabama Supreme Court with a thorough historical review of legal protection for unborn children, dating from ancient Greece to the present day. Common law in England and the United States, with support from the medical and legal professions, recognized that “[l]ife is the immediate gift of God, a right inherent in every individual; and it begins in contemplation of law as soon as an infant is able to stir in the mother’s womb.”

This understanding remained the prevailing view in the United States through the middle of the 20th Century, when a societal shift prompted a “liberalization” of criminal laws, including restrictions against abortion, culminating in the abortion cases, Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, (1973) and Doe v. Bolton, 410 U.S. 179 (1973), in which the Supreme Court held that unborn children are not “persons” protected by the right to life set forth in the Constitution.

Advances in medical science have established the truth of the historic view of the unborn child as a human being, not merely a “potential” human being. Liberty Counsel’s brief encourages the Alabama Supreme Court to return to that valuation of unborn children.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, said, “Our brief convincingly shows that the U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion cases are out of step with history, law, and science regarding the humanity of unborn children. In personal injury, criminal, and wills and estate law, the trend has been to recognize the unborn child as a human with legal protections. The U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion cases are an aberration to law and stand on an island by themselves, and that island will one day disappear.”


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Welcome to Town!

December 9, 2010 in Alabama, Child Protective Services, family rights

Just today, an agent of the state child-snatchers came to the door. She (it’s almost always a woman) started asking questions about children. I asked who and what she was. She told me that she was with the children’s services. I asked her for her business card. She said she didn’t have any.

I said I needed to see her official identification. It was clipped to her jacket. She held it out for me to see. I asked her why she was here.

She said “they” had a report that children from age 2 to 18 were seen walking around the town. I asked, “18? Aren’t they considered adults for most purposes?” She said that, yes, they were.

I said, “I see high school, middle school, and grade school children walking around town every day. Is there some problem?” (Always ask a question. If a statement has to be made, finish up with a question.) She went on that, they had a report and that she needed to see my wife and our children.

I answered that we would be “glad” to submit to an interview in the presence of our attorney.

Now, our attorney has advised us that the moment you state that you need to have your attorney present, the government officer is supposed to STOP, right there, and say nothing further but, “What is your attorney’s name and phone number?” Or, “Please have your attorney contact my office. Here’s my card.” Instead, she went on, asking why I wanted an attorney present.

I said that our attorney had advised us that none of us should ever submit to an interrogation without our attorney present. “Do you have a problem?” She said that she was not investigating us criminally, that that wasn’t her department. She went on to say that, she could have the police come.

I responded that mentioning the police showed that she was investigating us criminally and that we needed our attorney present before going any further. She at that point gave up and I followed her out to her car, where she gave me her business card.

Liar — she had just told me that she didn’t have any.

We’re being investigated because children, not even definitely any of mine, were seen walking? Walking? Come on. Can’t children walk to school, to the library, to the store? We live in town; the library and the store are only a couple of blocks away. There are sidewalks. Are they just for decoration? Pretty lame excuse if you ask me.

Editor note:  We wonder why so many children are obese. Hasn’t anyone told these people that walking is a good form of exercise?

The following Monday she came back with a plainclothes cop. My wife answered the door and stepped out, closing the door and storm door behind her (I had long ago taught her never to leave the door standing open). One of the children came and got me. The cop said the social worker said in her report that our children appeared “malnourished.”

I think these state agencies are afraid they are going to suffer funding cuts with all the revenue shortfalls. The child-snatchers have to show that their caseload is so heavy that they just cannot have their funding cut. In fact, they need more. More money. More agents.

Previously in another state we were attacked because we are “strict,” “religious” and “homeschoolers.” That goon (she looked like a man at first) went through the same garbage about me needing a lawyer, even threatening to have the police torture us into answering her questions. She later threatened to put us on the national child abuser registry.

A year later, after the state agency finally (8 months after the legal deadline) admitted that they never had any reason to investigate us, another contact was made, by sticking a pink card in the door of the house where we had been living. It bore a threat to arrest my 3-year-old son for not showing up for some hearing whether or not he received the note.

That turned out to be someone who did not even work for the office that the card came from (the child support office of the juvenile court). No one there knew anything about it; there was no case in their records.

Next, when we went to the house 18-months later, another goon (this one really looked like a man – even her voice was masculine) came and immediately began threatening us. My 16-year-old son brought out a camcorder and she skedaddled. Our attorney does say that the case has not been officially closed, so they could reopen it if they find any of us within their grasp.

Our attorney said that the legislature has granted these kidnappers virtually total immunity so that suing them rarely gets anywhere unless the abuse is particularly egregious. Like perhaps, a child is killed while in their custody.

When I was in Wichita, a couple of years ago, I recall a news item about a 16 year old girl, who remarked to a friend at public school, laughing, that her Dad had gotten irritated with her because she disobeyed him. He gave her a swat on the rear. A couple of hours later the kidnappers came and grabbed her at school.

The father wasn’t able to find out why his daughter didn’t come home from school. Days later, he was arrested and charged with assault and child abuse. Eventually the charges against him were dismissed. It took him two years of fighting with the agency and court, trying to regain custody of his daughter (by then she was 18 and they had to let her go). She had been raped in foster “care” several times, was pregnant and had a venereal disease.

I called our attorney, (which I should have done when she first came as my cell phone was in my pocket) but could not get to him. His secretary took a message.

On Saturday, we received two letters, one certified and one ordinary. My wife, without consulting me, signed the certified receipt. I would have called our attorney before accepting either letter.

I scanned both in and e-mailed them to our attorney.

At about 2 pm Monday, a plainclothes police officer came to our door. My wife answered and went outside. She sent one of the children to tell me that “someone” was at the door. I went and she was talking to him. He said that the social worker had told him that we didn’t show up for the meeting at 1 pm. I hadn’t opened either letter pending instructions from our attorney.

He said the social worker said we were reported because our children appeared to be “malnourished.” Either the social worker lied about the whole thing or some busybody gave a false report to FCS. Our children are all well within the “normal” range of weight to height given on a number of children’s health websites. Several are above average weight for their height.

I said we had been advised by our attorney not to answer any questions or give any information without consulting with him. I called his office and was patched through to his cell phone. He asked if I had any problem with letting the social worker see the children.

I said I would follow his advice, that I have no problem with letting them be seen if he so advised me. He said that if I didn’t let them see the children that the social worker would get a warrant and get into our house, where she might see any of many things she might use against us.

I told the attorney that our children walk all over town. They go to the library, a nearby restaurant, to church, they play in the back yard (which is visible from a side street across a vacant lot), to Wal-mart and the Piggly-Wiggly. As well as Fred’s, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and go for walks with their mother. The entire neighborhood is familiar with our children, so anyone could see them if they were around the area.

 He then advised me to bring the children outside so the social worker could see them.

It was chilly (50s), so to avoid “frightening” the Alabaman social worker, who was dressed like she was going to the Arctic, we got the children all coated, mittened and mufflered up. We have spent winters in north Idaho (7′-12′ snow), Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota (where I walked to and from work in -36o –40o weather), where it was hard to get them to wear shoes out in the snow. I filed them out in birth order.

The social worker started asking names and birth dates. She wanted to know about a bruise on our youngest daughter’s eye (our youngest son had dropped a cup on her) and our youngest son’s eyelids (he has congenital ptosis (drooping) of the eyelids, inherited from my father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, and me). My wife told her about it (the social worker didn’t know what ptosis means), that he had been seen by a pediatric ophthalmic plastic surgeon and we were advised that nothing should be done until he was 3-4 years old, as he was able to open his eyes, though not widely without raising his eyebrows.

The social worker was scribbling in her pad. She probably had a recorder hidden on her. The pad scribbling is a cover for illegally recording without informing you that you are actually being recorded. Otherwise, how could anyone remember a conversation among four people THAT accurately?

I suspect that she’ll use the girl’s bruise as an excuse to come back. Then the boy’s ptosis as an excuse for continuing “follow-up” visits.

The social worker is obese, so perhaps she thinks anyone who isn’t wider than they are tall is starved?

She comes to the public library on occasion. Several of our children walk to the public library, which is 3 blocks from our home on the same side street (which has sidewalks) we live on. One said he had seen her car parked in the staff area of the library, so it is likely that she has seen most or all of our children at one time or another.

We cooperated only to the extent our attorney advised. His main interest is to get the social worker away from the house. He has  (in another state) advised us to GET AWAY before the social worker came back. He commended us for having done just that the first time, we were approached by a social worker, who threatened to have us and our oldest son tortured by the police until we “consented” to submit to an interrogation (which they call an “interview”).

~Al Grayson
Roanoke, Alabama
(334) 663-6297

Politics: CPS Reform and the GOP

July 20, 2010 in Alabama

I have not seen my granddaughter in almost 3 months now. If it were not for hurting my wife, I would make going postal look like child’s play.

Our president needs to make this his top priority or the GOP could use this reform to totally destroy the democratic party. All these politicians need to get their heads out of their rear ends and finally listen to the people who are crying in the wilderness.

E.F. in St. Clair County, Alabama

Corrupt Family Court

May 23, 2010 in Alabama, False Allegations

For some insane reason the county judges are representing Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR). Every charge that DHR has against a parent is based on a worker’s opinion. I have opinions too.

Alabama DHR

Do you think maybe as a taxpayer, homeowner, registered voter and law-abiding citizen in this county, that our judicial representatives can back me too? Does this also mean that my opinions can be considered as law, as our judges deem DRH’s opinions as such?

So, here is my story of my living hell, and my entire family for over two years now. It all began in MAY of 2008, when my daughter went to pick up her child at school. When she got there a DHR worker, a police officer, and school officials had her child in a secluded room, by herself. They had evidently been interrogating her about something she had told the teacher. My daughter did not know what was going on.

They had questioned her child without notifying anyone for permission to do so. The child had told school staff that her daddy had taken a picture of her on his computer. This is what this group of over zealous, sick-minded freaks created from her unlawful interrogation.
They decided that my daughter and her husband were involved in child porn. The county sheriff and DHR went to their home, and went through her Dad’s computer with special software and found nothing — this took them several hours.

Even though they found nothing, they continued to remove their children from their home and we all agreed to place them in my home with my wife and me, with the understanding that we would not question our granddaughter about the incident. We abided by our agreement, but the following week we were told to take the kids to an advocacy center, which we did. The children were taken off alone. We were not allowed to know what these sickos did to both of these kids.

When they were through with what ever they were doing with the kids, the kids left with us and we were told to meet back at the DHR office, which we did. As we were entering the office area other workers ushered the kids into what I thought was a waiting room. Then my wife and I were led to another office and these other workers commenced to inform us that they were removing the children from our care so they would know they were safe.

They said the District Attorney’s office ordered it. DHS never showed us a court order and no officer was present. They broke their signed contract with us and portrayed themselves as legal representatives of the court. This means that DHR can break legal contracts with you, and impersonate legal professionals, with not as much as a slap on the wrist. Employees of the state of Alabama can break all the laws of the land without being prosecuted or least they think they can.

I want them to enjoy their freedom while they can, for this a federal crime and enforceable.

Eddie F.

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