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Having Doctor Trouble?

June 27, 2013 in drugs, Kidjacked, lawsuit, medication, neglect

Many of us have gone through it. The unending pressure from everywhere to vaccinate. We aren’t all scientists, but if you are anything like me you’ve tried. You read through all the medical jargon, the vaccine studies, and made an educated decision – one way or another – about vaccination.

Vaccines Cancer & Mutagenesis

Vaccines Cancer & Mutagenesis

Then the state get’s involved. I know several people who have lost their children over vaccines.  A decision to vaccine or not should be between you and (if you choose) your doctor.

Here’s one way to protect yourself against a CPS charges of medical neglect.

If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form

Download PDF: Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety

The average person that consents to a vaccine injection, either for themselves or for their children, genuinely believes it is for the betterment of health. What they are not aware of is that even their doctor is likely unfamiliar with the toxic ingredients contained in vaccines which can immediately begin to degrade both short- and long-term health. If your doctor insists that vaccines are safe, then they should have absolutely no problem in signing this form so that you may archive it for your own records on the event of an adverse reaction.

I have previously written that if your doctor cannot answer these 4 questions, don’t vaccinate. Well, if your doctor does make an attempt to answer these questions and a verbal response and statement is not satisfactory for your own peace of mind, then your doctor should be at least willing to provide you with his or her personal declaration of the safety and efficacy of the vaccines he or she (or attending physician or nurse) is about to inject in your or your child’s body. Effectively, this becomes your doctor’s warranty that the risk factors he or she has identified justify the recommended vaccinations with the benefits exceeding the risks.  [Read more]

One last thing, if you can afford it, hire an attorney for your kids.  It will save you lots of headaches down the road just to have one on retainer.

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Saving Isaiah

July 24, 2011 in corruption, DCFS, drugs, Florida, medication, neglect, parent-child relationship, parental rights

Lier Mental Hospital #2

Image by naustvik via Flickr

This evening I watched Saving Isaiah again, about a little boy who was adopted out after his crack addicted mother threw him out like garbage. When the adults stopped fighting over him, we were left to believe all was well. We all hope and pray that Isaiah has a happy ending.

When I decided to share Saving Isaiah with my Facebook friends, I found another Saving Isaiah that both shocked and horrified me. Though to be honest, Isaiah’s story doesn’t surprise me.


Psychiatrists diagnosed Isaiah with post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental problem first studied in Vietnam veterans. He had night terrors and trouble sleeping. He flinched when a cashier at a water park asked him to wear a plastic bracelet to show he had paid. It triggered his memory of a hospital ID band.

Cheryll believes her son also has reactive attachment disorder, a problem in which early traumas prevent children from bonding normally with their parents. She wanted to take her son to one of the national centers that train parents to help severely disturbed children.

Nearly every day, Cheryll hounded DCF officials for the money. When she felt administrators were patronizing her, her temper came quick, like a sudden slap.

The state wouldn’t pay for the special treatment, but it did provide a psychiatrist, an after-school program and a therapist who came to the home to work with Isaiah nearly every day. In the summer after his kindergarten year, the state paid his tuition to a summer camp for emotionally disturbed children.

Isaiah believed that the entire world was out to hurt him. In his mind, even is mother could not be trusted and the state, predictably, does exactly the wrong thing to help this innocent child. They locked Isaiah up in the most terrifying place on earth and began to torture Isaiah with needles.

I can relate to his terror and I have to wonder how any parent can be so stupid. I am convinced that the mother is not without blame, but the story doesn’t give us those details.

When I was 8 years old my appendix burst and I was hospitalized for three weeks. It was touch-and-go for the first few days, they had inserted a drain tube to help drain off the poison that threatened to claim my life. Obviously, I made it through the ordeal…but at what cost?

I was given 3-injections daily for those 3-weeks, to help fight the poison, my drain tube was checked through-out the day as well and my dressings changed. I was in good hands, the staff, for the most, part treated me well.

I was really out of it for the first 3-days, then for the next 7-days I was terrified. I lived in total and constant fear. I was afraid to move the wrong way, for fear my guts would fall out. I knew they had cut me open, I knew that they had to clean my wound often but not a single person bothered to tell me that I had staples in my stomach. I didn’t find out until the doctor was half-way through removing them and I had the courage to ask him what he was doing.

Everyone was so busy “doing their job”, that no one considered actually letting the patient in on the process. You would be surprised at what very young children can understand. I was quite shocked one day, when someone I know well was babysitting a friends child. The child was acting out and instead of talking to the 18-months-old child and explaining things this person yanked the items out of the child’s hand, claiming that the child was too young to understand. Poppycock.

Children in the womb can understand love and affection. My grandchild used to really get moving around when I would read or sing to my daughter-in-laws swollen tummy. Children of all ages are very perceptive and can understand much more than we give them credit for. This case is especially difficult because the mother is a single mom. Raising a child is hard enough when you have two loving parents working together, but nearly impossible to do all alone.

This family needs your support.

Please contact Kathleen Chapman for details on where to make a donation to help Isaiah and his mother. This child needs specialized help and nothing less will do.

Contact Kathleen Chapman


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New Dad Neglectful…

June 25, 2011 in neglect, parent-child relationship

Domino tiles

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My husband is a wonderful man, he is very dear to me, as such I left my man bashing days behind me long ago. I honestly believe that men and woman both have their roll to play in the marriage and when everyone works together, it leads to a more harmonious relationship.

However, I just can’t let this one slide. I like to unwind with a few games of online dominoes, it can be stressful as well but in a different way. I was playing this evening and what I assume was a young man came to my table to play, things were going well, when he said he would be right back, I was glad because I needed to make a pit stop as well. We came back to the table pretty close to the same time.

He played his bone and I took my next turn. Suddenly, he types, “My wife is in labor. Can we cancel?”

I couldn’t believe it. I immediately closed out the game.

What kind of man sits at a table online, playing dominoes with a stranger, while his wife is in labor? Then to add insult to injury this nut job cares more about his rung than he does his wife having his child. (Note: Players start at rung 1500 and move up or down the rung, depending on whether or not they win or lose and the rung of their opponent. If you leave an unfinished game, you forfeit.)

I’d like to give him a V-8 moment but not so gently.

I’m sorry but if he was my husband, I would have strung him up. While I’ve never personally given birth, I’ve been to plenty of births in my life. Most of the time the husband or lover is there and pretty attentive when they need to be. I mean come on, he helped make that child, maybe he can’t experience the pain but he can share in the experience and help ease the infants way into this world.

Let’s face it. We all know that if mama ain’t happy no one is.

This guy needs to pull his head out of his behind and get a clue. Life isn’t always convenient and your baby and wife had better be more important than any dumb old domino game — or football game, or basketball game, or concert, or pool hall, or…  You get the picture.

I’d like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Keep praying for the families who have been torn apart.

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U.S. Army Man Neglects Family

November 5, 2009 in Child Protective Services, CPS, neglect

Young mother needs assistance, wouldn’t helping the mother be in order here?

Doctor’s take an oath when they obtain their license to practice, each and every doctor vows to ‘Do no harm.’ Why aren’t the government sponsored ‘child protection workers’ working under the same mandate? A mother’s love is irreplaceable and unequalled in all respects, where is the compassion? This child needs his mother, not a stranger and certainly not foster parents.

My 21 year old friend recently got married to a US Army man and moved in with him in Oahu, Hawaii. She shipped out on a plane from her home town, Sacramento, CA. She has a one year old son. Around a month or so later, she was begging him to either supply her with food for her and her child or money to buy the food with. His response was divorce.

Army Man Neglects Family!

Now the military is denying that he has to pay her anything in the divorce, or even pay to have her baby’s car seat shipped back to Sacramento with her. Soon, Hawaii’s CPS (Child Welfare Services (CWS)) was sent over to check out her living situations because she commonly allows her one year old baby run around nude, since it is so hot and humid.

CPS learned that she is going to have no place to live when she returns to Sacramento, since she invested everything into the situation with her husband. She will have no place to stay, and he isn’t giving her anything. Now CPS is demanding that she come up with enough money to rent a place when she gets back to Sacramento, within the 1-2 weeks that she has before she must leave, or else they will take her son from her.

Please, her son is her entire life. Her greatest fear is losing him. If there is any way that you could post this story on your web site so that people who are willing to help her out might read it? If you can, you can give them this email address and I will help them contact her.


If you can help this young mother, please e-mail her friend Katherine, by clicking on her name above.

Hawaii’s Child Welfare Services website proudly states in bold black print "CWS programs include family strengthening and support…" are we supposed to take them seriously? How can we? Is it a coincidence that the link at the top of their website "Civil Rights Corner" returns a 404 Not Found error.

While I don’t have a name or case number for this young lady, we can still pass this story around and call to ask why CWS isn’t interested in helping parents — only stealing their children. Let your conscience be your guide.

Contact Information for Oahu, Hawaii government offices.

Congressional Hearing Needed

August 20, 2009 in Arizona, child abuse, Child Protective Services, CPS, neglect

Mesa, Arizona — A 6-year-old little boy was taken from his home by CPS caseworkers, while he was being watched and supervised by his grandfather, a retired LTC USA. His mother had raised him for 6-years, alone as a single mother. False allegations were made to Child Protective Services, by his unwed, absentee, father so, CPS classified it as a dependency case, now the child has became a ward of the state.

This child was never abused in any way; he was a perfect example of a child that was very loved and cared for by his mother. Once they take your child, it is pretty much over. They require you to go to their doctors and programs for months spanning into years.

The mother only sees her child 4-hours a week, even though the Foster Care Review Board says the child should see the mother more often. CPS ignores any requests. There is no accountability and the time ticks away.

My Child Lives in Fear!

Now this perfectly good little boy is going to counseling. They are using tax dollars sending both the mother and the son to counseling sessions with different psychologists, when if they would have just left the child in his home, he would have been just fine. There is nothing to do. This organization acts as if they are God.

In all of my life I have never seen such a travesty and I truly think that CPS in Mesa, Arizona should be looked at for taking little children from their home that never should have been taken from their home. It is kidjacking and this organization should be stopped. They are making huge mistakes and no one does a darn thing about it.

This child was taken by the CPS on July 25, 2008 and has been kept from his friends and his mother for over 8-months now and it will be a year before this is over if then. Someone has to do something about the Mesa CPS department. It is most horrible to see this child repeatedly cry for his mother.

Court Date: August 20, 2009

It is over in the Juvenile Court. This beautiful little child is being flown out to Utah from Arizona to a father who failed to parent him and has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. The court has removed him from a mother who never endangered him or neglected him, and was proven innocent in the court of those charges, yet CPS (Julie Weeks and Deborah Van Der Water) tried to prove for over a year that the child’s mother had a substance abuse problem.

When that did not work so they went the route of mentally ill and unfit and forced her to take medications in the hope she would get her child back. She did everything she knew how to do. CPS swept under the table the years of documentation of learning disabilities and discriminated against her and judged her because she does do things a little differently than the norm. However, she never abused her kids, not once and even in court it was said she was an excellent mother.

After 6-hours in the juvenile court the judge said the child will be going to the unwed dad in Utah, that failed in all of those 7-years to even call or send him a birthday card. This is a darn travesty like I never have seen. CPS of Mesa Arizona needs a congressional investigation and I hope advocates demand one immediately.

Child Protective Services are kidjacking innocent little children out of the arms of their mothers, who have been there for them and now have ruined two more lives; the mother who has an empty bed for her little boy, who will never come home; and a child who can’t understand why he can’t simply come home. He has no idea how to deal with that kind of pain.



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