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Redemption For A Mother

August 30, 2014 in CPS, family court, family rights, funding

My wife is my best friend. I’ve never know a women to handle persecution with such grace. I created this page in efforts to give my wife a fighting chance to be a part of her children’s lives.

Redemption For A Mother
4 years ago, while giving birth to our son, who weighed 12 lbs, Elijah apparently received fractures to the ribs due to the stress and strain of doing the delivery naturally.  While in NICU, due to being such a large baby, and possibly having meconium aspiration, the doctor and nurses approached us and informed us that he had some swelling and bruising.  But, that it would resolve itself.

We took their word for granted.  Over the next month, we reported to the hospital, and his pediatrician, on three seperate occasions, that Elijah had been showing signs of discomfort and grunting.  Every time, we were told that it was gas.  Again, we took their word for granted.

The Nightmare Begins

When Elijah was a month old, his older brother picked him up and tried taking him from his hammock to his baby seat and dropped Elijah on his knees. Elijah’s calf began to swell.  We took him to the E.R. where doctor’s noticed that he had a fracture on his tibia.  But, they also noticed some old, healed, fractures in his ribs.  They immediately began to interrogate us, and called CPS.  When we offered up suggestions that they were from when he was born, they shot us down and stepped up the pressure on us, hoping to get one of us to confess to child abuse.

My opinion, looking back on it, is that they became defensive because he was born in the same hospital in which we were visiting the E.R.  We felt helpless. Here we were, two concerned parents for their baby boy, and we were being treated like criminals.  The mood in the E.R. drastically changed.  We were found guilty in the hearts of the staff and it showed in how they dealt with us.

CPS was able to open a case against us under the cause from an “unknown perpetrator”.  They used a ton of legal jargon that convinced us that they had the power to take him and that we had no say.  It was the worst experience ever.  Our idea of freedom and the justice system was taken from us and our innocence would be changed forever.

Drug & Parenting Classes, Counseling

Over the next ten months, CPS had us taking every parenting class, counseling session, and drug class (even though we never tested positive for any drug use) that they could throw at us.  We were given psych evaluations and home visits.  Meanwhile, Elijah was placed with my father.  We could only see him when a CPS caseworker could meet us at his house.  I was now restricted from going to my own father’s house for the first time in 30 years.

After everything that CPS had us complete, including a clear and normal write up from counseling, the psychiatrist and drug counseling, CPS, on the last day of court, threatened to place Elijah with my father permanently, due to the fact that no one was ever found to have injured Elijah.  [Side fact: the doctor that delivered Elijah, was willing to speak up for us, as well as his pediatrician, that his injuries were caused at birth.]

We were so tired of going through the process with CPS, and felt like we did not have the support behind us, especially financially, to go up against the hospital and the overwhelming threats from CPS, that we sign permanent placement with my dad.  We had planned on going to court, in another district, and request Elijah back into our care.

CPS never accepted any of the findings during our service plan (the requirements like counseling, and classes) and they never introduced the testimony of the doctor into court.  They wanted a guilty parent so bad that they rejected the truth all the way, to the last day in court.  Don’t let me get started on the politics in court, and how the lawyers and judges are all friends and how that can affect how you are dealt with in court.  But, we were hoping that approaching our case in another court district would allow us to introduce evidence on our behalf and get our son back.

A year later, still crippled from the traumatic year with CPS, both emotionally and financially, the event that is causing me to create this Go Fund Me happened.  We had another son, Fallon.  CPS was out of our lives, we had our baby, and were working on getting Elijah home.

One afternoon, after being at the zoo all day enjoying a family outing, our oldest daughter jumped onto the bed and stepped on Fallon’s arm…panic set in.  I freaked out and fainted.  Our family was not the same anymore because of our experience with CPS.  Our family was never to be like other families where children will be children, things happen, and kids just get hurt sometimes.  This is the day that I will never be able to live down.  I still have a hard time, even as a believer in Christ and his mercy, being able to forgive myself.  I would give anything to go back and change this one thing.

I was so afraid of Fallon possibly being hurt that I did not say anything to my wife.  After a day, he had no bruising or swelling in his arm, so I convinced myself that this would just pass.  I felt so heavy inside that I told my wife the next day what had happened.  We had been getting onto the older kids the previous weeks because of jumping on the bed and couches.  They had been addicted to watching, “How To Train A Dragon”, and they loved jumping around like they were flying dragons.

So, we sat them down and talked to them about how they needed to be careful around their baby brother.

A family member, who does not care for me, for reasons I do not know, decided to call CPS on us.  And, this time, I admit, they had a reason.  We were charged with medical neglect for not reporting Fallon’s injury.  They were really swift in their actions this time.  It was only a week and they had the full extent of their powers laid on us and Fallon was removed from us.

I let my family down.  It does not matter that our interaction with CPS the first time put a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole “system”.  I allowed that experience to cloud my judgement and put my fears in front of my son’s health.  It was later ruled that Fallon’s arm was not a bad injury.  If I would have just taken him to get checked, our situation would have never happened.  We would have been well on our way to getting Elijah back home and making up on lost time together.  Instead, we were further separated, and now I put me and my wife in a situation where we were now convicted felons.

I sometimes think that I am the worst parent, husband, friend, and man that has ever existed.  But, God has been good.  He is a God of redemption.  He has used this situation to help us see just how much we really love our children.  We have come so far in seeing how much our character has changed for the better.  But, the past few years on probation have been tough financially.  They demand quite a bit from us each month that it is hard to maintain any kind of stability.

Since on probation, we have had two cars stolen from us, I have been injured at work twice, which required surgery, putting me out of work, and subsequently meant losing a stable job due to the loss of transportation.  We have had no consistency in payments at the probation office, but we have kept on fighting.

If you have made it this far into the description of this page, bless you.  I know it’s a lot to take in.  I’m really leaving out so much that has happened to us, but the point is this…

Alicia is eligible to get off probation in January.  This is great!  She can start working on getting the kids back.  I will still be on probation for another year, but Alicia has a chance to live normally in just a few months.  But, in order to get released, she has to have all probation and court fees paid 60 days prior to release.

We have one month to raise the funds or she could face going to prison for 2-3 years.  The system just wants the money and will let her off.  I’m pleading with you, humbly, as a man who put his wife in this situation, to help her.  I am the leader of the family, and one bad choice has sent my wife’s life into an uncontrollable spiral.  I already have to live with this decision for the rest of my life, but please, stand with my wife and help her from facing further punishment.

I wanted to note, that if we are able to raise more than we are asking for, the money will be used to retain a lawyer and approach the courts to get custody of our boys.

Thank you in advance.  I owe you all an endless debt of gratitude.


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Redemption For A Mother

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Letters from Home

April 20, 2010 in funding, Idaho, lawsuit

Occasionally, I receive postal mail from readers on various issues. I can’t quiet understand why someone would take the time to send snail mail when email is so much faster and easier, not to mention cheaper, but they do.

Yesterday, I received a two page letter with attachments from a person in Idaho that still has me fumming mad. I thought about scanning the letter in and posting the entire thing but I’m certain I have better things to do with my time.

This person claims to be a whistleblower living in Idaho but the letter doesn’t bother to mention exactly what they could possibly be blowing the whistle on. This man claims to be the defacto caregiver for a developmentally disabled child of a friend.

What has me all fired up is this man is seeking legal council because he believes he has been denied funding to the tune of $4 million and services of an unknown value that he was entitled to under Idaho law.

Excuse me? Most of us won’t make that much money in our entire lives but this person feels that he is owed this money because he is caring for a friends child? Well slap my face and call me crazy but that is nuts.

I took in my grandson when he was first born, the State of California paid me $357.00 each month to help support him. We accepted the money for a couple of years, then decided our privacy was more important. I have another friend, who took in her autistic nephew and she received $123.00 each month from the State of Michigan. The state paid for very little of the services he needs.

This type of thinking makes me sick.

He even went so far as to send me some sort of chart from the “Personal Care Services Codes – Idaho Medicaid” where he indicates he should be collecting $77.50 per day. What if you received nothing at all? Would you send the child away?

It’s time people start looking out for the needs of children because it is the right thing to do, not because they can collect some big settlement off their backs. Do yourself a favor, don’t bother writing me for help trying to tap into taxpayer monies. This is just a bunch of B.S.

A Horrible Epiphany

June 22, 2008 in child abuse, CPS, funding, Kidjacked

A Horrible Epiphany

I just had a horrible epiphany today as I was researching CPS problems.

It seems that every so often, though random, someone under CPS scrutiny kills their children. Now, we all know that under some circumstances if you work with CPS and do everything they ask, you might be able to keep your children. But it seems to me that this only works with the guilty parents.

If you are innocent, they will do everything they can to take the kids from you — even commit perjury. Of course, if you fight them at all, you are guilty and they will try to keep you from seeing your kids ever again. (I read somewhere that working with CPS is like fighting a grizzly. If you fight, you are dead; if you run, you are dead; all you can do is play dead and hope they go away.) Think about it, though, almost always the family "was cooperating with CPS", then, for some strange reason kills the child, whether provoked by CPS or just snaps.

What does CPS say when this happens? "We are underfunded, understaffed, and overworked." We all know that CPS is more concerned about funding than the children, as witnessed in my latest court case when CPS wanted to close the case in time to get funding, even though the children are still in danger.

There is the Banita Jacks story in Washington, DC, where a mother killed her four daughters and the case of Elisa Izquierdo killed by her mother in NY City. Both families were known by CPS officials.

In Phoenix, a child, Trenay Duchane, was killed by her father and stepmother, Jeffery Duchane and Reiko Troupe. While under CPS monitoring, social workers reported that the girls had a good rapport with Troupe, who they called "an attentive and affectionate parent." After they disappeared, CPS sent a certified letter saying "You have till October 14, 2006, before 5 p.m. to get in touch with me. Before further actions will be made concerning your children." Three days later, CPS closed the case and walked away.

The stories come in more frequently than anyone would like.

But, what if CPS simply "allows" this to happen. As horrible as it seems, what if they don’t care about the children. I mean really don’t care — allowing them to be murdered to show "they are overworked and underfunded." I am not saying it is a conspiracy where they all met at some undisclosed location and said, "just let a couple be killed." But, by simply recognizing that inaction "produces results and publicity." Yes, it is bad publicity, but what does the government do in response? They send more money.

I use to believe that CPS was there for families in need. When we needed help, I found out otherwise, but still believed CPS was there for the children. After we were accused of abuse, I still thought that CPS would work with us to ensure the welfare of the children because it was obvious that we were not abusive. After CPS perjured themselves in court, I realized this was not true. And after they sent the kids to their mother who was abusive, I questioned their motives. In court, the truth came out — they do it for the money and don’t care about the children.

So, I am researching this. If you know of any stories where CPS failed and a child died, please to me and post your stories and links here. I would prefer news stories with web links, but anecdotal will help. Though I would expect that if a child died at least one news story would be availble.

Please note, I am not affiliated with other than occasionally submitting a comment or idea and I too am a victim of CPS corruption and malfeasance.


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