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HI: Abandoned Infant?

August 19, 2014 in DHS, False Allegations, family court, Hawaii

I have proof they stole my baby then filed my baby as an abandoned infant at hospital. I have uncovered the details and just realized the full-scale horror and seriousness of their intervention. I can’t do this alone. We’re a secure couple, no past history or anything, great backgrounds and they took her at 2 days old. What do I do to overturn this hidden filing?

Sleeping baby

CPS illegally took our baby, complete with forged documents. We found proof that they counterfeited papers and my discharge papers were also faked. They say I left the hospital pregnant. I now realize they filed with the court, stealing my baby in secret — as an abandoned infant, to try to acquire secret custody within only a few days.

I need to end this before she goes missing. After she is temporary placed they can attempt to fabricate lies to keep me from her.

I am now filing criminal charges and reporting it to everyone I can. I would like the signatures (see petition) to take to the courthouse to demand the secret court hearing be voided. They have falsely accused me of ABANDONING INFANT at the HOSPITAL after they stole her! The doctors acted in collusion with the fabricated counterfeit doctor files, etc.

I want to bring this to light and need your help and support.

Please sign my petition so I can take this down to the courthouse and protest. I will announce that our baby newborn called the Lange baby in the maternity ward was recorded to be born 7/23/2014 by Cody Walker and Uttara Lange.

They stole both our birth certificate filings we made and now she has no name. They use her alias names for the secret court hearings. Of course, even though it is my child, I receive no notice of the hearings.

They will secretly record the custody and then charge us with abandoning our child and we will be de facto criminals and have to go to trial and I fear we will never see our baby again. This is serious and I think I only have days left.

Failure To Thrive

October 11, 2011 in CPS, drugs, False Allegations, medication

Child protection agencies (CPS), will often charge parents with “failure to thrive.” I’ve personally been involved with a couple of local cases – one case the child actually had a genetic predisposition toward low-weight gain.

The Marketing of Madness: Are we all insane?I’ve spent the entire day watching and re-watching a documentary called The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?. I’ve discovered something that might be helpful to parents who are, or have been charged with failure to thrive in their infant.

According to The Marketing of Madness: Are we all insane?, infants of mothers who were prescribed certain anti-depressants or psychotropic drugs during pregnancy, can experience withdrawal symptoms after birth. One of the side-effects of withdrawal is weigh loss and could mistakenly be misdiagnosed in infants as failure to thrive.

Parents fighting charges of failure to thrive, could be dealing with an infant suffering through withdrawal of these dangerous drugs, if the mother was being treated during pregnancy. Signs of withdrawal include:

  • irritability
  • hyperactivity
  • abnormal sleep patterns
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • failure to gain weight

Be sure to obtain documentation from your physician and hire an expert, if you can afford one. Be sure to save a copy of this documentation for your attorney to use in your defense at court.

Marketing of Madness Official Trailer

Watch the full-length documentary online for FREE!
The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?

Jury found man Innocent: Financial Ruin

September 9, 2011 in False Allegations, justice, lawsuit, Michigan

My friend called me today, she is having the best day she has had in over two years because today her husband was finally found not guilty in a criminal trial by his a jury of his peers.

Fortunately, my friend has a strong marriage and a strong support system. It’s a good thing too because the courts have put her and her husband through the wringer.

Her husband was falsely accused of sexual molestation of his grandchild and her older siblings. Oakland County, Michigan prosecutors decided to file charges a second time, when the jury was unable to return a verdict in the first trial. So, they were forced to start all over again and prepare for a second trial.

My friend has a heart of gold and has been there for these children and their mother, providing babysitting assistance, groceries, transportation and anything else that was needed. It breaks my heart to know what she has endured as a thank you for her kindness.

During the second trial, one of the children claimed she was molested everytime she visited their house. One of the other children admitted that she had lied on the stand during the first trial. The mother was caught in several lies. After the second trial, the jury explained that the expert witness was what had convinced them. Well, for $25,000 — I would hope so.

Who has that kind of money to spend? Fortunately, this couple were able to come up with the resources to fight these false allegations, but what if they didnt?

In the end, it doesn’t matter one bit that the allegations were nothing more than lies and that this generous, loving couple is out more than $100,000 in court expenses, lawyer fees, expert witness expenses, etc… They can’t claim any of the expense on their income taxes, they can’t sue the mother, she lives on welfare benefits, the children are in foster care. The lawyer says they can’t sue the state to recoop the damages. The state is exempt from prosecution. They are just out the money and fortunate to still have a home to live in.

These false allegations cost her over $25,000 from her personal business – who wants to do business with a child molester? Where does a family go for relief? There is something very wrong with a court system that doesn’t provide any relief for people who have been wrongly accused. How can anyone expect justice?

CPS: Invasive Interview

November 8, 2010 in Child Protective Services, corruption, False Allegations, Minnesota

Several months back my stepdaughter was pulled from school and questioned about some allegations that were reported. The questions were repulsive and totally untrue (which was the conclusion after the investigation.)

The two women that went to CPS with malicious allegations have not even received a slap on the wrists for all the chaos they caused. I have copies of the report. The questions they asked my step daughter has left an ever-lasting scar in not only my mind, but hers.  Like this question:

Has your stepdad ever peed on you in the shower?

And of course that question came after she had been asked if she ever took a shower with me. But of course there is more.

Like I said, the results of the investigation were found untrue. But according to the CPS, they will keep the report for years. And they have to protect the women that reported it. Huh!? Something needs to done — something to help me sleep at night.

Oh, by the way. One of the women had numerous cases of harassment towards my wife and I, prior to making this false report, and the other woman, is a new found friend of hers — my ex.

Now I believe she is affecting my relationship with my oldest son. I can see that he is being told lies about me. I can feel it. I need help. Is there a constitution problem here?

Help me. I cant sleep.  I find myself hating this system of uneducated, money-hungry people. I don’t want to go too far and make wrong decisions because of my built up hate. I’m a good guy — but even good guys can turn bad under the right circumstances.

Corey from Minnesota

Kidjacked Update

July 6, 2010 in corruption, CPS, False Allegations

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt like the world was simply spinning and you were just along for the ride? I feel as though my life has been running me. Lots of good and bad things are taking place, more good really than bad but change is oh so stressful.

I wanted to let my faithful readers know that I am not gone, the news articles are still being added regularly, just not quite as many as I’d like. I am still approving posts on our yahoo group and trying to keep up with our Facebook page.

I am more than happy to post a well written story. I save them all and try to go through them when I have spare time. The week of 4th of July is one of our busiest weeks of the year for our business. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

The best news is that soon I will have help for the site and I have many changes in mind for Kidjacked. I’ve found a terrific freelance editor, I’ll be introducing her soon.

I would also like to give a huge thank you to all of you who are submitting news items and posting comments to our blog. One of the worst things that happens to a victim of false allegations, is the feeling of despair and the isolation one feels. Let’s face it, if you have been falsely accused of child molestation, child abuse or neglect; you must be guilty. No questions asked.

Many young mens lives have been ruined by absurb allegations of statutory rape (by the parents) of the boys own girl friend that is only two years younger, which is perfectly normal. The young man ends up on a sexual offender registry for the rest of his life.

The point is not everyone who is accused of wrong-doing, has done wrong. Some “child welfare” agencies are quick to remove children, slow to return them and do little to improve the nuclear families circumstances, while at the same time foster parents are handsomely paid for their (unnecessary) services. This is an injustice.

Children need and desire a safe, stable home within their own family unit and should never be removed from a home without substantial evidence of immediate danger or death. If the federal government wants to enrich the state with grants to assist families, I think it’s wonderful but the rules MUST change. Maybe the foster children should provide input as to whether or not a bonus should be paid for the services they have received. That might shake a few trees.

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