OH: DCFS Shenanigans

Portage County OH Update from Family Defense Network of Ohio Here is the latest update on the Portage County case where a rookie social worker ripped an eleven-year-old girl from her parents because she had a “black eye” and a “bruise” on her back. Even after proving that the black eye occurred in gymnastics class, […]

No Legal Recourse

New York State wrongly places couple on child abuse registry after couple looses child in accident. On September 14th, 1996, the family was living in a small town in Otsego County, New York. They were just moving in that week. The father, Chris, had taken a job with the farmer that owned the house. There […]

PA: Help Needed

The Pennsylvania Office of Children Youth and Families (OCYF), are out of control. They are removing children from loving, caring families and letting the real child abusers keep their children. My children were taken over 20 months ago, we have done everything CYS has asked for and are not even close to having our children […]

Time for Change

Will you fight for parental rights? When two people get married, they put their best foot forward in what normally starts out to be a lifelong commitment. If the couple is blessed their union springs forth a burst of joy in the shape a tiny infant, solely dependent on two people with absolutely no parenting […]

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