MI: CPS out of control

I just can’t get over how authoritarian our government has gotten. I mean, we lived in a house with an outhouse. Gee, that would certainly be frowned upon by CPS today.

“They had been living in the tents for nine days when police arrived.”

Heck, we used to go to camping in Coldwater, MI for a month, every summer. My husband worked for General Electric and got per diem, so the kids and I spent our days by the lake while my poor husband when to work.  I know that’s not the same thing, but they could have hassled us. We would bring along the fridge and bbq grill, not to mention we camped with five tents.

“The government has tried to standardize what a home is and what a home must have, without consideration for if the children’s needs are being met or not,” Christopher and Antonia said in a joint statement. “This was not a case of neglect, but a case of the government telling us how we have to raise our children — that we must have running water, we must have electricity and we can’t stay in a tent for the summer. To the government it makes no difference if the children are happy and healthy. We need to conform to their idea of normal or they can take your children away.”

They added, “Taking children from families needs to be limited to clear cases of neglect and abuse. It should be every parent’s right to raise their children as they see fit, unless the government can prove that what the parent is doing is actually harming the child.”

So glad things turn out for them.  Read the entire story in OffTheGridNews.

Police Seize 6 Children Simply Because Family Was Camping – Article published: June 12, 2015 




3 thoughts on “MI: CPS out of control

  1. What has this system came too really… always wanting to take a child from their parents… CPS IS OUTRAGEOUS AND RIDICULOUS

  2. I raised up with an outhouse . And so did a few Judges I know . They also kidnapped my daughters kids under false allegations and hearsay kidnapped the child right out of school without any kind of Court orders took her to court after the facts cps worker didn’t even have a license to be a cps worker . And was caught in laws by the judge and even a sheriff stood up and witness no kids was never found at neither residents . But still he didn’t return children now new cps worker here in KY daughter did everything they ask including a metal health assessment . But that wasn’t enough I told them I would sue and didn’t want them visit while I was visiting with my daughter I visited my daughter two days a week now just because I visited my daughter they open a case plan on me and said I have to get a metal health assessment or my daughter can’t have her kidnapped children back something has got to be done to stop this crupption in cps I live in kentucky .

  3. My name is Carrie Parke I was pulled over for a DUI and cps took my kids the DUI was dropped we were living in motels at time I have since jumped thru all the hoops that I could I did Substance abuse treatment and finished mrt and relapse prevention I was doing individual counseling as well I had one session or unit left when my insurance ran out in Idaho they refused to help me get funding to finish even tho It was court ordered. I’ve been trying to get the correct referrals for 18 months now and they didn’t tell me about recommendations from the services and evaluations I completed and use it in court to make it look like I am say I am not making progress and they have made it almost impossible to get the interstate compact approved because of this and they are refusing to reply to my emails that I share with my attorney court is soon again and still no referrals I have been told by cps several times that the referrals have been made and can prove it but when I call to make appointment they don’t have any referrals for my services I have had 5 different attorneys and they are ineffective and don’t know case facts. Also my husband’s attorney never responds to him he also didn’t show up for court and didn’t have another attorney to cover the judge continued the hearing with my husband having no counsel present and because the lawyer didn’t even go over or communicate with my husband he had no idea what was going on and didn’t understand the language they say we are abusing and unstable even tho we bought a house and are both working we attend every visit on time and make all Ua’s. The judge this last court date changed it to termination with reunification 2nd as the goal I need help CPS is like a pack of wolves they use unsubstantiated evidence and it’s just them slandering us we only get to see our kids for 1 1/2 hrs a week and they say we are having trouble bonding with our kids. They lie and run us around in a loop they won’t allow us to complete our case plan by lack of cooperation on their part what can I do I have every email and text message and recording of hearing we are running out of time.

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