Overweight Child taken by CPS

I am a single father of one who has not been econ able to talk to my son in almost four weeks now because of CPS and casa. My son is ten and I am 35.

I have no voice in the court room or at any level of the system. This has been going on for seven years now on and off. It started when he was almost three they took him from me because he was heavy/fat.

They made it to where I had to have supervised visits to make sure I wasn’t giving him anything to eat or drink. Not because I beat him or sexually touched him or digleated him or that even I was drinking or using drugs around him, just because of diet. My court appointed lawyer didn’t even know what to do cause he has never even heard a case like mine.

I am at a loss and alone and don’t know what to do. Any help you might be able to tell me I would be grateful.

Kentucky Single Father

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  1. Charlotte from Dallas says:
    “We contacted Children’s Rights Defenders and within 2 days they filed amazing papers that got our Jake and sister Sharee back home. They were ruthless and effective. God Bless you CRD. I contacted them at 818.453.3585.


    On Nov. 11th, 2015 they come into our home and broke federal law ….law

    #1 was removing the children without doing a proper investigation and law

    #2 was taking the kids based solely on the word of my mentally challenge 13 year old who is currently taking 8 different meds and I had to have hospitalized

    #3 they did not have the kids look at by a doctor in tell we saw the judge almost 2 weeks later

    #4 I had family willing to take the girls cps refused saying no because all the family lived in KS the worker Kayla ueligger sign my 13 year old out of the hospital 2 days after she had tried to commit suicide for the 4th time in a month.

    Then began to bribe her with money and the promise of gifts and then placed her in foster care with my other 3 I did not even get to see her until mid Dec., at which time she tried to calm her head hurt because I allegedly had hit her the back in the beg of Nov. and was acting out towards the end of the meeting.

    Kayla gave her a $10 Walmart gift card when she opened it she became angry at Kayla saying you promised it would be cash none of the other kids got anything I did not see my 13 year old again until 2 weeks later at which time she ran and jump in my arms telling me she’s sorry she lied and Kayla saw it happen she was not more than 4 feet away.

    At the next court date Judge Rob gave us a attorney because he denied it at the first hearing and put the adjudication off another Month at the time the casa Greg Slibowski told the judge he did not know how much of a hearing it would be because the children changed their story’s on Dec 23rd we had the hearing and Kayla by this time had letters of recommendation from the foster parents and had been told by the 13 year old she lied and told by my 9 year old that she only said what she could remember because her sister told her she would kill her otherwise they used a false witness who lied on the stand stating she had spoken with me several times in person.

    I had never saw her before in my life and Kayla Greg Slibowski and yes even the attorney they gave us all knew the truth but because not one of them spoke up when the judge ask he therefore ruled in their favour. I went to Kayla and ask her why she lied and did not speak up she then stated she believes all the kids need therapy and she knows what’s best because she’s a better mother because she’s the cps worker I got angry of course and told her that what comes around goes around. I told her I felt sorry for her because even if carma did not get her god would after I left I called and reported her to her supervisor who called me a liar and said I needed mental help.

    After that I Google Kaylas name and long behold carma already working there was before my eyes posted in public nude photos of her 2 year old in front of of her husband and public photos of her husband sleeping beside the same child there was also photos of her house and furniture that I would not let a rat live with little loan 2 small babies and one other photo of the 3 year old with a knife and she was calling me unfit I took screen shots and reported her and then has her removed from my case and she was replaced by a new worker Levi Hilbert whom had to put my 13 year old in a separate foster home because she was beating my other 3 and I have not got to see or speak with her in almost 2 1/2 months because they won’t let me the new worker proved I had done nothing wrong.

    I went to court on March 3rd and ask that my kids be returned but yet again because of a charge that they caused even though there was no proof and I had not done anything to harm my kids the judge refused to send them home until and said it was because of my having the charge they gave me with their lies and long behold on March 8 Kayla once again lying knowing fully what my address is gave the courts a old address.

    From 2013 and said I had harassed her starting dec 1st 2015 # 1 i have been in the state of ks sents the beginning of feb and for a long time in the state if ca and have not been back to mo my husband has been attending every visit and court since I’ve been out of state filed a harassment charge on me on 3/8 and on 3/9. Without my knowledge the court found I was a danger to the victim and put out a no bond WARRANT for my arrest and the attorney they gave us keeps telling me not to bring up the federal laws they are braking by now telling me they’re going to take my kids permanently and adopt them out I’d I don’t follow their plain and do as they tell me including go to jail for nothing and still not get my baby’s home tell they say so and I’ve been fighting for them and I do get to talk to the other 3 on the phone they know I haven’t given up and I won’t and last but not least a nm other law they broke was removing the children knowing full well there dad had never been accused please I’m begging they say if I don’t go to jail on the 7th and Make it to there them meeting on the 8th at 10 am and do all they say by the 8th there gonna take my kids please help.

  3. You mentioned your a single father, but did not state if you have custody, or if the child’s mother has custody.
    If your are the custodial parent and there is no mother in the picture, CPS took the child, you’ll need to jump through hoops until your child is returned; at that point you should find out if there are any legal restrictions to moving out of state with the child. It sounds like your in a crazy CPS situation, and the best you can do is get the heck away from these people and into another legal jurisdiction. If the mother has custody, you’ll be fighting this battle as long as the mother is manipulating the system. Find out the real reason she’s doing this, and simply address the issue. She’s pulling this crap for 7 years, she getting back at you for something.

  4. I was in Foster Care me and my brother was took from my mom the Forster parent abused my brother and try to starve us to death my brother found the key to the refrigerator locks and at night we would sneck food to eat .

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