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MO: Kids Rejoin Foster Care

Sun Village - charity for the children of pris...
Sun Village – charity for the children of prisoners

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Missouri senators pass bill allowing kids to rejoin foster care

JEFFERSON CITY — Children leaving the foster care system after their 18th birthday would be able to return to state custody under a bill passed Thursday by the Missouri Senate.

Current law allows children to remain in the foster care system until they are 21, but it prevents re-entry if they leave after turning 18.

Why would they put kids who have been out in the street BACK in foster care?  You put them to work.  Heck some sort of assisted living, teach them how to make it on their own, you don’t treat them like children for crying out loud.

Are the children growing up today really that immature?  What have we done to our children that they can’t take care of themselves?  It just seems to me that the foster care system had, whatever time the child was there to prepare that child for the world.  They have to do more.  We are breeding dependence.

It has only been in the past 100 years or so, children were setting up house and getting married at 13.  Could you imagine ANY child you know, at the age of 13 being capable of holding a job, supporting a family, running a household.  I’m hard pressed to think of ONE.

Something to thing about.

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