Wrestle Mania, boys will be boys…

My 20 year old son who lives at home, he put a submission wrestling hold on my 15 year old son which caused bruising. My 15 year old sons bruising was in his upper neck area. Child protective services were called in and kept my son from coming home from school.

Takashi Sugiura vs. Kotaro SuzukiMy 20 year old son would never, ever intentionally hurt his brother. I was in shock.

We all are at this moment. This has ripped my family apart, put brother against brother and the worst thing is having my youngest son out of the home. Family and friends are very supportive and think the system is unjust. They make up things to make it worse than it really is.

I have worked for law enforcement for many years. This is a total nightmare. Something has to be done to the 1% that are truly not guilty. Because of my job in law enforcement, I am on leave with pay. The media put a picture of my son and also my name and where I work on the news. This is way, way not right.

If it were someone who worked somewhere else their name would have never been mentioned in the paper.  They are calling it a high profile case.

My God….My 20 year old son tried to restrain my 15 year old son who started to throw one of his tantrums. Both are wrestlers… Come on people. Boys will be boys….  I need help right now. This is unjust……

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  1. I hope this will help you obtain perspective that abuses and the lack of justice are common throughout the legal system. The abuse is only more obvious when CPS is involved. Open courts, public trials, and honest justice.

  2. Wrestle Mania, boys will be boys…

    Dear mother, I am sorry for what you are going through. As a mother of 3 who has also had her family destroyed by family “protective services”, I empathize with your pain, however, I am outraged by one of the comments made in your post.

    Perhaps it is because you are in law enforcement that you have tunnel vision preventing you from seeing the innocence in others. Perhaps it is the simple pleasure of not knowing until you have walked in the shoes. Likely it is creed.

    I urge you to spend 2 hours reading stories posted by other parents and I am sure you will find outrageous accusations, scandalous abuse of power, inexcusable child abuse (by those commissioned to protect), and thousands of mothers, just like you, and me, who have been destroyed by this system of injustice.

    Open your mind to the overall abuse within the industry and free yourself from your prejudices so that you and others in your field can use your personal tragedy as a window into the true harm families face once sucked into this system. I hope we can all work together to take on the industry to fight for the god-given rights that belong to each family.

    If you like, you can start with my story and I greatly appreciate any effort you take to learn about our unfortunate victimization. If you agree my family has been fouled, please take the time to sign the petition to pressure Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber to reunite my family. I will pray for the prompt reunification of your family and your support in the child welfare movement.


    Kind regards and best wishes,

    Theresa Emery.

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