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Kinship Care and Lies

I have 4 grandchildren that were placed in my home 4/26/2012, by Harrison County, WV CPS.

When my daughter in law had the baby last August she let the doctor know that she had been taking Subutex. She had previously had a problem with narcotic pain killers and had gone to the local clinic for help. They put her on Suboxone and when she got pregnant she had to switch to Subutex. But we could no longer afford for her to go to the clinic.

English: Suboxone tablet - both sides.
Suboxone tablet

She asked her OB about a regular prescription but he said he was not allowed to do that. So a friend was getting it for her.  Also, to make things worse she got my son also addicted to it.So, when she had the baby CPS was called, even though the baby’s system was drug free. They opened a case in February, 2012. Both parents were taking a minimum dose of Suboxone once every day. No one even had any idea that they were taking anything.

The children were always well taken care of, home was spotless, good meals always served, and they were very involved in the kids activities. But because of the addiction, the kids were removed 2 months after the case opened. This has gone from bad to worse.

The case worker told me that I was to keep the kids in their “normal” routine. I told her that the older ones always spent part of the summer in Ohio with their cousins and she said that was fine. So today she calls to tell me I had to get my granddaughter home today, they are not allowed to go out of state except for maybe a weekend and with me.

Also, she had asked me if I WANTED to certify as a foster home and I said I didn’t know, and she said well I will contact a home study and you can look over the paperwork. I did that and because I decided that some of the information they wanted was absolutely my own personal, private business (how much life insurance do I have. who is it with, etc) I decided I did not want to do that.

Then she said I could not keep the kids if I didn’t. And she also said that “WHEN” parental rights were terminated and the kids put up for adoption I would not be allowed to do that if I was not certified.

I want to know what I can do to fight this? Are my grandchildren going to have a lifetime of punishment by this woman? Why are they being punished?


S.H., West Virginia

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  1. Annette M. Hall

    You need to file an official complaint & have an investigation started with the U.S. House of Representatives right away. They can not force you to become a foster parent and they certainly can’t put the kids up for adoption.

    I hope you have one heck of an attorney. If not, get one.

  2. shannon

    this is really really sad i must say! i know alot of people that take suboxone for pain and some for their addiction. sad thing is that i believe suboxone saves many many lives and that they are being responsible by taking suboxone instead of going and getting high on drugs! suboxone is an opiate blocker and you do not get high from taking them. so many people are misinformed when it comes to this life saving miracle drug! as long as it is not being abused i would think a sub a day instead of a bunch of painkillers or worse! i am so sorry for what you and your family are going through!! i will pray for you!!

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