My sister kept her grandson for the first weekend of Jan. 2012.

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When she went to return the 4-month-old, the mother asked her to keep him another week, which she gladly agreed to. 8 days later she returned him again. After 45 minutes of having him, the mom dropped him with his 19 year old aunt.

So my sister picks him up from there.

For 12 weeks my sister had him, the mother only seen him once (for the 45 minutes).  She called the mom repeatedly, because baby needed shots. The night she was suppose to meet her with power of attorney papers, the mom was a no show.

That same night she was arrested in a drug house. The mom was on probation for drugs, and had an open case with CPS.

The case worker asked in January and the again in February where her son was, she told the caseworker he was at his grandmother’s. She lived an hour away. Never once did anyone check to see if that was true. Ever hear of Caylee Anthony?

After the moms arrest my sister called CPS, she was told to meet caseworker at the hospital. When she arrived, they took the baby and put him in foster care. How is this acceptable? What can she do?

Shouldn’t CPS have checked on the baby long before?

T.S. in Ohio

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