Is Our Society Prejudiced Against Children?

We have to begin to address the root of the problem. I think a lot of these so called new diagnoses are nothing more than environmental responses. Our children are being experimented on. From the GMO (genetically modified organisms) cereal in their breakfast bowl to the innocent looking vaccines they tell us are good for us.

Is Our Society Prejudiced Against Children?

Young-Breuhl, an analyst, political theorist and biographer, calls attention to the way human rights of children are threatened. Childism is defined as “a prejudice against children on the ground of a belief that they are property and can (or even should) be controlled, enslaved, or removed to serve adult needs.”

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Elena’s story offers a microscopic view of the macroscopic phenomenon Young-Breuhl so brilliantly articulates. Following the history of the field of Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) studies, she finds that “from the start [this field] took attention away from abusers and their motivations; and it implied that children could be helped without their abusers being helped.”

Furthermore, she describes Child Protective Services (CPS) as a “rescue service-a child saving service-not a family service supporting child development generally and helping parents…” Rather than setting up a system of treatment, CPS became “an investigative service…a situation in which bad families suspected of making their children bad will be invaded and infiltrated.”

Young- Breuhl has empathy for both parent and child, arguing that failure to support families is a manifestation of childism.

Can the children all be helped? No, but we must do the right thing. Frankly, some parents should just walk away. They should never have become parents in the first place. But the reality is that children are being removed from perfectly good parents, parents who are struggling either emotionally, physically, or financially.

These are issues best served locally. They cannot be addresses federally because each area will have its own issues and they will vary from community to community. I am pleased that someone else recognized these inherent problems with a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach.

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