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Arizona Mom Needs Attorney

Hi. I need help. I was hoping that you would have some reputable attorneys who fight cps in the Phoenix Arizona area?

It’s been a year since I have seen my little boy who will be 7 years old next month. CPS took him away from me on July 4, 2009.

For a year in a half I did everything that CPS demanded of me. I took parenting classes, anger management classes, mental health classes. My visitations with my son went from 2 hours twice a week to 1 hour once a week.

My son is diagnosed with MMR, ADHD & ODD. He was placed in foster care but only until an adoptive placement took place. I have found out many of times the foster care family neglected my son’s health. When I notified my CPS case manager they didn’t do anything.

I am all alone with no family support. I don’t feel like I can trust just anybody anymore due to the fact I trusted my state and they conspired against us (my son and I).

I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I think of my son every second of every day. I feel guilty because I allowed the state into our lives because I had nothing to hide and they straight up lied about me. I am a good mom. My son is my world!

When I did have supervised visits, my son never wanted to go back to his foster parents. He always wanted to come home with me. The psychologist hired by CPS said to the court that my son doesn’t think of me as an authoritive parent but just a playmate because I only wanted to make the hour I had with my son happy.

I feel like I have a strong case against CPS but I cannot afford an expensive attorney. Can you please help me find an attorney who will listen to my story and help me. I feel so alone.  My son is in a group home now. I am frightened for my son to be all alone in this big scary world at the tender age of 7 years old. I just want to protect him and give him the same opportunity every child has at becoming an successful, honest adult. I want him to know that I love him and will never give up on him.

I don’t use drugs and I have never been in trouble with the law before CPS wrongfully accused me of child abuse neglect.

Please, please help me.

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  1. carolyn smith

    I too lost my 3year old recently. i live in tucson and started fighting in Dec 2008. i did everything too, had my son returned changed caseworkers and things went from bad to worse. they severed our rights (mine and my husband’s) in july, haven’t seen my baby since then and they refused to give to my mom who had been approved by texas as a placement twice for my niece. U can message me if u want. I’ve done a lot of research on arizona cps and can share what i know. Also we might think about finding someone to do a class action. I have documented evidence from my case which suggests alterations may have occurred. And, no actual abuse or neglect ever occurred. My whole case was over the “risk of neglect” my son is my world too he took 14 yrs to have. I can’t even hear a child somewhere without crying. So, i am very aware of what you are going through. Send me amessge if u want to talk. just put in the subject “kidjacked”

    Lllt phoenix area attorney’s but if u want to message me l

  2. Karla

    Dear AZ mom,

    You will not find an attorney in this entire state that will take on CPS. If an attorney goes against the course of things – goes against the state with their agenda to terminate parental rights so they can adopt out our children for money they will get disbarred.

    It is best to fight the system on your own. We have been fighting since May 2009, even up to the supreme court – they are all CORRUPT!! If your civil rights were violated it would be best to go to federal court. Please email me if you like – I have been diligently learning state and federal law. Let me know you are writing from this website. K.

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  4. jackie roberts

    Hi, I to live in phoenix and am fighting CPS. As I continue to search for information to help my own grandchildren and read over and over again stories just like mine, I am sickened and bewildered? I wish I had something productive to say to you but the truth is for the past 18 mos. I have been unable to find anyone to help and I have filed two motions with the court, wrote the govenor, the senator, the state rep., the news channels, kinship advocates, Jlap and Flap, numerous lawyers, all to NO AVAIL? I am not a lawyer(I’m a nurse)but I can read and CPS has violated state statutes and their own guidelines yet no one seems to care? Not only did I believe in the system until I became part of the system but worse I see it’s not just me, it’s hundreds in every state! My God, what have we become? There’s part of me that still believes that there can only be one ending that is right and that would be their safe return to their family who not only has NO history or allegation of abuse against them BUT who love them more than life itself. Yet I’m running out of time, on our last court hearing a week ago a hearing for severance was set for the end of this month. What breaks my heart is wondering what must be going through the minds of my four beautiful grandchildren? CPS has kept us from any discussion with them and have all but stopped what little visitation we did get? No matter the outcome who those children were has been altered forever and NO ONE can say how deeply? And for what, federal funding, money from our tax dollars? We all need to band together and find a way to be heard?
    I can gladly give you some names of lawyers who supposedly help with CPS cases(hasn’t helped me but)I can only hope you find someone to help you! As for me, I will continue to advocate on my grandchildren’s behalf and put my trust in God. For me there is NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO REUNITE MY FAMILY.
    Here’s some names: Lon Taubman 602-266-9552, Tarascio & Del Vecchio 480-649-2905, Contact the American Bar Association for Pro-Bono Family Lawyer, Matthew Schultz 480-730-5400, Baker Law Firm 602-889-6901, Family Rights Association, Dana Naimark/Beth Rosenberg Children’s Action Alliance, Jorge Franco Jr. 602-234-7810. If u do find a lawyer or one’s appointed make them work for u! Learn all you can about your rights, state statutes and cps guidelines! I have learned alot these last 18 mos. of researching and if I can help in any other way feel free to email me at Or if anyone who reads this can offer me advice I’m all ears!

    Stay Strong and God Bless Us All,

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