Texas Mom Battles Fire, then CPS

Percent of Youth 4-17 ever diagnosed with ADD
U.S. Map of Youth 4-17 ever diagnosed with ADD

Our family has been torn apart by CPS. My family recently went through a house fire that destroyed all our possessions. On Mother’s Day Weekend, CPS removed our children for medical neglect because our 10-year-old lost her CPAP machine in the fire and because the school reported our 7-year-old daughter was taking the 10-year-olds medications for ADHD.

The children have been removed for 46-days now and we still have not seen papers from the court detailing exactly what we have to do to get our kids back. We have only been allowed visitation once in those 46-days.

All three of the kids in care are emotionally disturbed and on Social Security so we have been accused of wrongfully having them diagnosed in order to “live off of the government.” Horrendous lies were told under oath by the children’s attorney in court, as well as by the CPS caseworker. We are complying with services even though all reason for removal has been ruled out because we have been told that all that matters is that they have custody now!

We feel helpless and hopeless. Plus my health is failing due to stress induced seizures caused by the fire and due to the removal of the children. Please help our family before it is too late!

Heather L.

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