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New York G-ma Files Petition

Map of New York highlighting Broome County
Broome County, NY

My name is Carolyn, my grandson was taken away from his mom about 5-weeks after he was born. She did everything she could do to get him back. She had previous arrests on her record, so was ordered to drug court and probation along with rehab. Long story short, mom is in a half way house and my son is in prison.

My grandson was taken once again when his mom didn’t comply to drug court. Everyone (legal personal) has told me CPS is to find family first. In my case, I want my grandson out of foster care and living with family members — I do not want him lost in the system. I feel CPS is railroading me and they are quite rude to me, to say the least.

My studies show out of 1/2 a million children in foster care it costs the state 11 BILLION dollars a year to care for them. I am a grandmother wanting my grand baby back home and safe with me. CPS says to file a petition BUT I will sit in the court room without representation as they have their lawyers.

Any legal advise you can give me would be appreciated. I have just finished filing my petition and will be submitting it to Broome county court tomorrow.


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