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New Dad Neglectful…

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My husband is a wonderful man, he is very dear to me, as such I left my man bashing days behind me long ago. I honestly believe that men and woman both have their roll to play in the marriage and when everyone works together, it leads to a more harmonious relationship.

However, I just can’t let this one slide. I like to unwind with a few games of online dominoes, it can be stressful as well but in a different way. I was playing this evening and what I assume was a young man came to my table to play, things were going well, when he said he would be right back, I was glad because I needed to make a pit stop as well. We came back to the table pretty close to the same time.

He played his bone and I took my next turn. Suddenly, he types, “My wife is in labor. Can we cancel?”

I couldn’t believe it. I immediately closed out the game.

What kind of man sits at a table online, playing dominoes with a stranger, while his wife is in labor? Then to add insult to injury this nut job cares more about his rung than he does his wife having his child. (Note: Players start at rung 1500 and move up or down the rung, depending on whether or not they win or lose and the rung of their opponent. If you leave an unfinished game, you forfeit.)

I’d like to give him a V-8 moment but not so gently.

I’m sorry but if he was my husband, I would have strung him up. While I’ve never personally given birth, I’ve been to plenty of births in my life. Most of the time the husband or lover is there and pretty attentive when they need to be. I mean come on, he helped make that child, maybe he can’t experience the pain but he can share in the experience and help ease the infants way into this world.

Let’s face it. We all know that if mama ain’t happy no one is.

This guy needs to pull his head out of his behind and get a clue. Life isn’t always convenient and your baby and wife had better be more important than any dumb old domino game — or football game, or basketball game, or concert, or pool hall, or…  You get the picture.

I’d like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Keep praying for the families who have been torn apart.

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