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E.R. Staff Bullies Parents

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Trying to be good parents in this day and age can be a real challenge. These parents were forced to subject their child to 7-hip X-rays within the span of just a couple of days, putting her at risk of radiation poisoning.  Then ACH social workers threaten the parents with removal, if they don’t put their child at further risk by having a possibly unneeded surgery.

“After complaining of hip pain and walking with a limp off and on for  three weeks, on 01 Jun 11, Briana was complaining of pain.   I (Brandi) made an appointment for the  following day (02 Jun 11) with Dr. Steven Venters in Farmerville, LA.  Dr. Venters examined Briana, concluding that  she maintained full flexion in her hip/leg area and also ordered x-rays to be  performed at Union General Hospital.  He  prescribed a high dose of Aleve for pain and possible inflammation.   At three or so in the afternoon on the 2nd  Briana had two x-rays and they were sent to Venters’ office.” ~ Paul Bumgardner  [Read more…]

Not only are these health-care workers bullies they show a total disregard for this child’s health and welfare. What gives these people the right to usurp a parents best judgement.

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The effects of radiation from repeated X-rays accumulate over a lifetime, so radiologists consider the patient’s total exposure and weigh up the risks before performing further X-ray tests. Techniques and technology are very sophisticated these days, significantly reducing the risk of excessive exposure, which is known to cause radiation sicknesses (such as blood disorders and skin problems).

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  1. Kidjacked Editor

    Be sure to document everything and find a specialist to take your daughter to. I would avoid any contact with that hospital and their staff, if at all possible. This is straight up harassment.

    Who do these people think they are making medical decisions for your daughter? They have no business going there.

    This is one reason why I avoid the medical community. We pretty much use alternative medicine and alternative doctors if we ever MUST go, but that is rarely the case. This is simply insane.

  2. Elijah Stutes

    My children (Elisha and David Stutes) is going through foster parent and foster brother bulling and not even the therapist is doing anything about it so I am hiring an investigator.

  3. shawna

    we need help against cps in ventura & santa barbara California who lied and made false accusations and maid up reports violating civil rights and discrimination due to me being a transgender m2f and being lesbians removed our rights and didn’t even get to start some stuff for the so called case plan due to there funding problems

    they refused to extend time over the 18 months from when they took our son and its not our fault due to county not having funding to pay the places who help u with your case plan so cps said its our fault that we weren’t following the case plan and said we should pay out of pocket that how could we due to the hard ship they caused and not having a fair trial due to my wife’s family lawyer forwarding her conversations to the cps worker we have lots of proof of wrong doing on us

    need help to find lawyer to take case to get our son and file a lawsuit on violation of rights post dramatic stress and the list can go on for the lawsuit we wish to file but cant find a lawyer to help all the ones we have contacted says that county is to corrupt they say don’t give up keep looking so please help
    my email is and we have so much more to this

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