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Persecuted by LA CPS

The family is under siege, with no apparent relief in sight. I receive letters like the one below, almost every single day. The story is always the same — only the names and the places are different. Something has to change. Our nations heritage is as stake.

You can’t just remove a child from everything he/she has ever known — and turn the child’s entire LIFE upside down and expect everything to turn out just fine. It just won’t happen. We gain our identity from those who know and love us. Millions of children are being adopted out to strangers. Many of these children will spend years trying to hunt down their biological parents — some will never have the chance to truly know who they are.

Our family with four children has been persecuted by the Department of Children and Family Services in LA County for the last 12 months based on manufactured evidence.

The criminal activities of the DCFS are endorsed and supported by the Dependency Court.

Our children, all under the age of 11, have been in 6 foster homes and 5 school systems in the last 12 months, my business is ruined and my wife is on the verge of total emotional breakdown.

DCFS is corrupt and money-driven. I would not have believed that something like this was possible in the USA.

Alex K.,
Los Angeles, CA


  1. Elizabeth Freebird

    Believe it Alex. This has also happened to my family. I have 4 children and I can only tell you that things may get worse. At the very least/best, you will probably get your kids back, get the case closed and then you should leave Los Angeles county. They will do it again and they will not stop until you are destroyed. I live in the San Fernando Valley and can talk to you anytime, call me day or night. (818) 442-0055.

  2. Cyndy

    Its not only LA, we are a family of 4 and my youngest was in 8 different foster homes and 8 different school system in North Dakota. We did finally win in court and unsure how when even the Judges did whatever the county wanted. We are still in therapy to deal with it all and our lives were completely destroyed.

    My husband lost his job, I lost my mind and we lost our home and are now living in poverty, in public housing apartments. You lose all trust in the idea of “America the free” to come to terms with, yes this happens daily in America.

    The case came back finally that all accusations were false but the fact that it happened haunts us in all that we do with narrow minded thinkers that are first to say “they must have been bad parents” even if it was ruled finally that no we are loving and caring parents.

    I pray the government of the USA stops ignoring the issues here that they targeted us to fill their pockets with money. Our son was abused in foster care severely and he is autistic so most likely will never recover. The system is over payed and under educated for the power they hold and should need a law degree and physiology degree of 8 yrs before being allowed to decide the fate of an entire family. A degree in social work barely covers the basics for anything and not one person working with my son had any training in autism. I pray for all our children.

  3. Michelle Pitts-Klabukov

    Thank you for post. “Manufactured evidence”… good word… unbelievable… I am new to the website and am grateful to find a place to connect while I get through this part… until I get my daughter back…

  4. sarah

    hi everyone, im on face book occacps corruption im looking for families in california to file lawsuits against california for allowing the family courts to violate our constitutional rights!! please contact me 949-842-5738 this is free we have show everyday cali time 9 am and 5 pm be on show lets reform cps

  5. diane vigil

    I know how you feel. I am from LA Too and my girls were emergency removed by Department of Children Services because somebody was shot in killed in a house where I just rented a room. For the last 18 months I have been struggling and fighting to get my girls back and won’t stop. On April 27, 2011 I am in full compliance but since I was at the 18 month mark they terminated my family reunification. I will not stop fighting. I go back in July and I am filing motions and appeals. Any suggestions?

  6. Michael J. Holland

    Hello, my name is Michael J. Holland.

    I was the retaliatory target of LA County DCFS in Palmdale, CA. I will be uploading my story soon to my website. Part of the guilt ALSO lies with the totally ineffectual legal representation force fed to you once in the dependency system.

    If anyone would like me to post their story, please send it to me. I will honor any request for anonymity.

    I am currently suing both DCFS and Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Inc, and have uploaded a copy of my complaint. As well as some stuff from others.

    I am also looking into a class action suit.


    Michael J. Holland

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