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CPS: Invasive Interview

Several months back my stepdaughter was pulled from school and questioned about some allegations that were reported. The questions were repulsive and totally untrue (which was the conclusion after the investigation.)

The two women that went to CPS with malicious allegations have not even received a slap on the wrists for all the chaos they caused. I have copies of the report. The questions they asked my step daughter has left an ever-lasting scar in not only my mind, but hers.  Like this question:

Has your stepdad ever peed on you in the shower?

And of course that question came after she had been asked if she ever took a shower with me. But of course there is more.

Like I said, the results of the investigation were found untrue. But according to the CPS, they will keep the report for years. And they have to protect the women that reported it. Huh!? Something needs to done — something to help me sleep at night.

Oh, by the way. One of the women had numerous cases of harassment towards my wife and I, prior to making this false report, and the other woman, is a new found friend of hers — my ex.

Now I believe she is affecting my relationship with my oldest son. I can see that he is being told lies about me. I can feel it. I need help. Is there a constitution problem here?

Help me. I cant sleep.  I find myself hating this system of uneducated, money-hungry people. I don’t want to go too far and make wrong decisions because of my built up hate. I’m a good guy — but even good guys can turn bad under the right circumstances.

Corey from Minnesota


  1. Dismal Moron

    I’m not sure how it works in Minnesota, but here in Arizona you do not have to have anything more than a dislike for a person to file a restraining order. And here, the restraining orders can be done for free.

    A restraining order against her, your ex, and anyone else that could be doing these things might be something you’d like to look into. If the restraining order is broken, then you can take her to court, alongside charges or slander and/or libel.


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