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Following the Rules?

My name is R.W. I am a mother involved with DCFS in Louisiana. The incident that set all this in motion happened in Arkansas and is still in the process of being transferred to this state.

The judge in the parish we are having the case transferred to has already verbally agreed to take the case and actually from my understanding, has already signed the necessary paperwork to complete the process BUT I am finding it so difficult to get DCFS to act accordingly.

I have done and am still meeting all the requirements set forth by the judge and DCFS but I have yet been able to receive unsupervised visits. It has been 13 weeks and 4 days since the incident and we are still running on the same case plan we received within a few days of the worst night of my life.

Do you have any resources or information I could use to help me determine if DCFS is not acting in the best interest of my daughter? She needs her Mommy and since we have had to relocate to Louisiana from Illinois, she needs to get better acquainted with her new home. I don’t know why they won’t allow unsupervised visits, both my husband and I have had numerous clean drug screens and continue to go to counseling and outside meetings.

I feel so helpless I’ve been referred to a shrink for antidepressants and have lost close to 25 pounds through the amount of stress I’m under. So if you can help please do! I need all the help I can get. There are many more aspects to this case but I am a lazy typist!

Thank you,
R.W. in Louisiana


  1. Eric & Sarah Watson

    CPS is really good at court errors and try to avoid them as much as possible because it can get your case closed on just that. I have studied law for over 6 years and can help you if I can see something that went wrong. You need to review your case on paper or by memory to see if they did notify you in a timely manner. You need to know that public defenders are attorneys who pretend to help you, but in other words, are mediators that will just mediate for the state so they can get their ways. If you would like to go over your case with me you can call after 9pm to discuss it. Please call 253 875 3451.

  2. Harold Mc Bride

    My grandaughter was KIDJACKED by Reno police Sept.13th@9:30 P.M. acting on info from Washoe County CPS (refer to my comment Sept 17th) thankfully yesterday Sept 16th my grandaughter was returned back home by judge Shumacher although I live in Modesto Ca. I called the judges secratary and asked to be included by phone at the hearing which they did I have written the (emailed) telling them about the situation you might also want to try to contact some radio stations and get the word CPS does illegal things each and every day it is time we start standing up for rights mabey even contact the ACLU

  3. Robin Clemens

    Wainork your way up the CPS food chain. By that I mean ask for supervisors and also their supervisors names.

    Send Type Written, Certified Return Receipt Letters to them stating your case and what YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE HAPPEN IN YOR CASE.

    Good luck and keep us updated in your search for validation.

  4. James Williams

    Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services their motto is ” Building A Stronger Louisiana” it should be “Terrorizing Families Apart” this Dept Of Social Terrorists are the worst on earth.

    They rule with FEAR and will never go away until there is nothing left of a family foundation. In north Louisiana they have a partner in their destructiveness called “Volunteers For Youth Justice” here is their website, this bunch of hateful creatures have a secondary group of wickedness named CASA, “court appointed special advocates.”

    They involve themselves in foster care issues. These monsters recruit people who seek higher social status in the community. They give these recruits little training and a vinyl portfolio bag.Their mission is to impede the fair legal process of parents. They are well aware that most parents cannot afford payed attorneys and that the parents will be represented by court appointed counsel that will never answer or return a call, in enough time to prepare a defense, parents will have 15 minutes before court to review a case with this attorney who works to benefit the state.

    They coerce and bribe foster kids with gifts and intimidate children to change or make their stories more dramatic. These volunteer people have no counseling license, but will show up (many times in the same vehicle) with CPS at family conferences, meetings, home visits (without family permission), foster homes, court proceedings, write letters to DA Offices, Judges,etc.

    They will continuously present to the court false, inaccurate or incomplete information. They will encourage foster parents to alienate children in foster care from their real parents, with claims that they will be adopted by wealthy people who will allow them to do as they please.

    This group receives huge amounts of money in donations from major corporations involved in, gambling, retail sales, media and advertising. They get free commercial airtime on television, space on billboards, for their pathetic mock commercials or signage of posed little children claiming that this posed child in dirty clothes is beaten, abused and in danger.

    Volunteers For Youth Justice is based out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Please spread the word that this non-profit group is run by a few money hungry directors and their intent is to spread their true vision of hate and discontent across the United States.

    These people claim to be believers in God, yet destroy childrens lives with lies. They encourage children not respect their parents and give children the notion that, children tell adults what to do, parents have no control. They enroll foster children in independent living classes that teach parents are wrong and you the child may do as you wish.

    Once again, I ask you all to spread the words of warning against these groups.

  5. edwina

    I am putting together a civil lawsuit against dcfs if any one would like to join me please let me know (only for falsely accused).

    DCFS needs to be stopped, we need to stop them from kidnapping our kids so that they can make a profit and get there bonuses. This is our children and it is time to fight for them to be with their families.
    It is our right as parents to raise our children without interference from the government(once again this is for us falsely accused).

  6. Rayna Scott

    To Edwina: I am researching a cibil lawsuit as well. My son was taken 202 days ago and received a so-called caseplan 2 weeks ago.

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