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Politics: CPS Reform and the GOP

I have not seen my granddaughter in almost 3 months now. If it were not for hurting my wife, I would make going postal look like child’s play.

Our president needs to make this his top priority or the GOP could use this reform to totally destroy the democratic party. All these politicians need to get their heads out of their rear ends and finally listen to the people who are crying in the wilderness.

E.F. in St. Clair County, Alabama


  1. Unwound

    E.F. I read your post, and it never ceases to amaze me how man people, tragically do not understand the world we live in enough to understand that there are no political boundaries to what we refer to as the Family Law Kangaroo Courts.

    The GOP is no better than the democrats on this issue. Why?, because their constituency, like the laws in place and they ALL reap big rewards for the states they represent. Just try writing a letter to your state and federal reps. The expression “act of congress” could never to as true as it is in the case of family law.

    In Texas we had pretty good momentum going until our leader was taken out by a “Robed Thug” who over stepped her authority and reached across state lines to steal the child away from her biological father and send her to his deceased ex wife’s parents for custody. He wasn’t abusive or neglectful and yet this is what happens in almost every family law court in the country.

    Think these thugs are all democrats… think again. Most claim alignment with the Republican or Conservative party based on the thinly veiled approach to family values… Ha! What a joke! We all need to understand who the enemy is and it ain’t a political party. It’s the law pure and simple and it won’t change until level headed Americans who understand fundamentally what is happening in this country stand up and fix it once and for all.

  2. Kristina Woolfson

    I have actually emailed the President on this very subject. But they don’t care at all it would seem. Nothing is going to change until we make it public. There just isn’t enough exposure to what these people do. CPS, GAL’s, DA’s and Judges are all on the same team. Their goal is to find a reason to throw people in jail. Trust me we are there, we are experiencing this first hand. They don’t care about innocence or truth. All they do is destroy and damage.

  3. albert

    The traitors of the original constitution, and the people’s rights are in control. Nothing will change until a national organization is formed. An organization that will fight for family rights, and constitutional restoration.

    Organized, united, we can force the traitors out of office. Lawyers, judges, and any one who has sworn to protect, preserve, and defend the constitution, and has not must be driven from holding public seats of power, and authority.

    Then we the people, and all of our families can see, feel, and taste justice.

  4. Eric & Sarah Watson

    If you dont like what is going on, or the public disagrees with it, the constitution and federal law allows you to form a miltia against the CPS if your state does not cooperate with you. This means you can go around and make friends with all the people who are bothered by CPS and gather them to form an army. First I would picket the court house and CPS ….those two areas and state you are forming a militia for justice not their justice. NEVER ARM yourselves under any condition. YOu can then post that you disagree and will start a war with that organization because you feel they have started a war against you for profiteering from the federal government. Remember, CPS gets FREE FEDERAL MONEY to keep your kids. The militia can be formed in every state under the same name. I am gathering for the war in Washington State on CPS

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