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Idaho Attorney Needed

I have a situation where the case worker was actually in cahoots with what at the time was my wife. They filed false charges of abuse which has since been admitted to.

The case worker also took my kids even though her own legal department told her “DO NOT REMOVE THE KIDS.”  The wife and the case worker were trying to have put in prison for life. The courts have stepped in and the cps attorney and given me full custody or an “extended visit.”

I need an attorney to sue these people, do you know of any in North Idaho?

Mike K. from Idaho


  1. Reality

    Hi Mike, I’m not in your state, however; I do know a very good Law Firm: “Fieger Law”.

    Geoffrey Fieger is the “head” Attorney here in Michigan. He is well-known for taking on Human/Civil Rights cases. In addition his firm does do Pro bono work as well.

    They have locations out-of-state too; I’m just not sure [off-hand] which states. I have a link to his office on my blog-page/profile; or, you could simply Google-Search the name.

    If they tell you they cannot help for whatever reason; then be sure to ask them if they could personally recommend a “good Attorney” in your area/price-range.

    Good Luck! 🙂

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