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DFCS, ‘Your Daddy is in Jail.’

I am not really sure where to begin, but here in Murray county (northwest Georgia) you don’t really need evidence to take a child away and convict a person, you just need some kids (who have made false allegations before) to make allegations, and ignorant people to listen to them.

My Daddy's in Jail?

They came up with a plan; even wrote a note telling one of the others what to say, at a child advocacy center with paper thin walls, so that each child can hear what the child before them said. (Yes, this was recorded at lovely Green House CAC) by a vindictive family that knows its way around the system (they have always been in it).

My husband and I have been caring for 6 children for several years now. He and his ex-wife had 4, one passed away shortly after birth, and it drove the mother to a life of alcohol and drugs. The mothers family only mad attempts to be involved in the family when they benefited from it, like at tax time and stuff like that.

Well, we also had one child of our own and two nieces, which were placed with us under the Kinship care program. We moved here from Columbus, GA to keep them from seeing how their mother was killing herself, and to keep them from the gang life. We left the youngest of his older three with the mother because the mother would do anything for her, that is where she wanted to be and we did not want to force her.

A few months after moving, we received a phone call from the mother; a very vulgar phone call about how this 9-year-old girl was a lying whore, she had told DFCS that a friend’s stepfather had raped her and her friend; well it turned out to be a plot to live in a foster home together.

We immediately drove down to pick her up; the mother had been spending weekends in jail and the child was home alone, free to run around in an undesirable neighborhood with no supervision. None of the children liked living here, they said that there were too many “Hicks” here and everyone was unintelligent. These children were very smart; loved to read my college textbooks and always asked if I would copy any homework pages so they could attempt to complete the assignment.

I never stopped my children from excelling (yes I say my children, I raised them for 6 years).

When we would not allow them to stay with their mom they decided to call The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) with the same allegations that the youngest of the three had used before, and it worked. I have lost my little girl, and now my nieces are going through the adoption process, to be forever removed from our family and heritage.

This is what our tax money does for us! My baby keeps asking if her daddy is in jail, or dead, and all I permitted to say is, “Baby, your daddy loves you.” I am monitored at all times, because they think I am going to tell my 4 year old something. They have her convinced that Daddy is in Jail! My husband is safe and at home with me, fighting for his little girl.

With one last note, custody of his three eldest was awarded to their mother’s mother, but she doesn’t have them, their mother does.

D.B. from Georgia


  1. Reality

    D.B from Georgia;read through this Site as much as you can.Learn all you can-then fight-back! There’s many great tips here for your situation! I personally have a blog titled “Ready to fight back? Here’s some Ideas/Tips” .You may want to read through it when you have time,there’s some creative-stuff in there-well,at least I think LOL Good Luck and I’m sorry to hear of your situation! 😉

  2. Jessica

    Thank you so much for your comment, I was unable to find your blog. I am going to keep trying, again thank you so much, the story goes on and on, I just hope that one day I will be able to help someone with all that I have learned.

  3. Kristina Woolfson

    I wanted to say thank you for sharing about your situation. We are going through the same exact thing. False allegations that ruin your entire family. I can’t believe CPS has the power & control that they do. What a horrible and broken system we have.

  4. Jessica

    we have been going through this for a year, and it seems like it will never end, the kids who did all this, are no free as birds, texting and talking on myspace and facebook, while thier cousins are being adopted out, and thier little sister is with strangers, my aunt has her now, but she didn’t even meet her till the CPS worker droped her off at the airport. She is 4 so I guess they think she can handle it on her own.

  5. Jessica

    Thought I would take a moment to update, my daughter is with my aunt now, and seems to be doing well, i talk to her daily. Today though, my aunt received a call from DFCS and they told her that she has 3 months to adopt my little girl or she will be taken away. They told her that they are terminating my and my husbands rights, well I have completed my case plan, and they have told me that I can’t get her back until my husband’s trial is over, they are telling my aunt that i abandoned my little girl. I have never abandoned my little girl, I have fought for her since the beginning. Not trying to whine at everyone or even get sympathy, I just hope someone knows what I should do, or at least help someone in a similar situation.

  6. Jessica Beason

    Sarah, we had a similar issue in our case, and the state will not allow me to talk to my daughter alone, not that I have done anything wrong, but they think that I may tell her about what her siblings have said. Why would I do that???? She is 4, and knows nothing of sex or anything, I don’t want her to know anything!!!

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