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Colorado DHS Hearings

Hello everyone,
I am not sure how anyone else felt about the meeting and we may be alone in our frustration, but I thought I would share my feelings and the feelings of my daughters, who were suppose to be the population that was the subject of this meeting…
We were so excited to share our story, sitting there for several hours listening to a few stories from parents that made my daughters and I cry because of the similarities to what we went through.  But the majority of our time spent was listening to nonprofits promote their services and county officials promote the department, that to be totally frank, are all a part of that same broken system.
We watched as parent after parent (including myself) were cut off by time constraints, yet many of the “Non-parents” testifying were given 15 minutes to elaborate through questions from the panel.  For example the commissioner who spoke, anyone who has ever reported their end-of-the-year budget numbers can attest to the fact that those numbers can and are manipulated to read what they want them to.  Why was that even a part of the discussion?
Why were they given more time to explain away the county/department’s failures? Why were nonprofits able to speak to promote their goals?
Although I think that this meeting was a step in the right direction, It was, for me, no different than the many times I have stood in court and in DHS meetings, and rushed through, never having the opportunity to say what needs to be said.
For me it felt like a waste of time.  For my daughters, it felt like, yet again there were people claiming to care about what they have been through just to turn it into a discussion about everything except them, the children effected by DHS. 
They wanted me to tell our story and then ask the panel for permission for them to speak for the children.  After I spoke and sat down next to them they told me that it would be a waste of time for them to share because the panel was not listening anyway. That is how they felt, the children who were suppose to be at the heart of the discussion.
It is unfortunate that they didn’t get to hear our story because it would have given them just one of the many examples of the long-term damage inflicted by this broken system.  It would have given them a chance to hear how children were saved from possibly becoming one of those children who lost their life because of the department’s failures.  My children were saved, not by the department, or the court, but by the children’s bravery to continue asking for help until someone finally listened to them.
It’s unfortunate that they didn’t take the time to listen.
Thank you Rosemary, for including us and trying to give us a chance to tell our story.

Barb Farrell
3436 Hampton Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado  80525
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  1. Reality

    Very sad. I do not live in this area, nor did I attend this meeting, however reading through this made me just “feel” the frustration involved.

    I could only imagine myself there; waiting; hoping that something we said could/would make a real difference…only to end up walking out feeling “used” in the end.

    I don’t know your story; but I do see that you have good writing and presentation skills. So on that note, if you haven’t already, I’d make a copy of THIS letter (or write another to outline the night/issue), and send it to Obama with a CC to every single local below him.

    Freedomspeaks.Com is a great (one-stop-for-all) place to do this. You can join FREE; write one (or as many as you like) letter[s]; then check-off every Politician you want a copy sent-to.They will then email and fax a copy to all chosen.

    I encourage everybody to become a Member there. It’s not “my” site, I just stumbled onto it a couple months ago; but I absolutely love the concept. And the more of us that speak-out, the harder it will become to simply ignore the issues.

    Best of Luck Barb; keep up the fight! 🙂

  2. Kristina Woolfson

    I know just how you feel. CPS in Douglas County told my parents if I did what they wanted everything would be smooth sailing, but if I didn’t they would make my life hell. And that they have. They want me to lie and say we did something we didn’t do. I am a good Christian wife and mother who will never do such a thing. That being said they indeed have tried to destroy our family and our lives. We are keeping up the fight however, because if this country doesn’t become aware of what they can do to you then it will continue to happen.

  3. Harold Mc Bride

    I too feel your frustration (read my blog about Washoe county) my prayers are with you. Hopefully together we can and will get the reform of CPS laws that are long overdue! When you get the chance, please go to (go children and family services in their place). There you can sign a petition for CPS reform and please pass it on to everybody you can.

    God bless

  4. Harold Mc Bride

    In response to reality’s comment I would like to thank you very much for letting people know about the web site and I will let everybody I can know about it also God bless

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