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Kinship Care Revoked

Kinship Care

I am a kinship provider to a grandchild. The parents have turned over their parental rights and our case is going into permanency planning. CPS asked us to adopt this child.

When the biological father heard about this (he lives in Arizona and has had little contact with anyone this entire three years we have cared for our grandson) he protested and stated that his parents were better to care for him. CPS is taking his side as we have a new social worker and my grandson wants to live with his father, as is natural for a child to want to live with a parent.

I wish I could start my own blog but I have posted a few concerns on line before and someone brought it to the attention of CPS. I defended what I wrote, but of course then I wasn’t on their list of bffs. So they see me as a meddling foster parent who they want to get out of the picture. After all these years I am now facing losing my grandson.

You may think that we have done something to deserve this, but I assure you we have not. I can give you an issue by issue list of the things we have done to follow the plan but you’re just gonna believe me or not.

My point of this email… CPS is watching. They are taking note of everything we do on line and using it to make their case – even when, especially when, they are dead wrong.

They are about to move a child into a family with active addiction, no job and I could go on. So, this nightmare continues…

I have reached out for help to numerous agencies, lawyers, politicians and supervisors, nothing. So I am giving it over to God and hope that the truth, the real truth, will be revealed. Thanks and I wish you the best.

Sam T.,


  1. anita mcmahan

    I have been recently been robbed by cps this week. I have had my (justed turned 7 yr old grandaughter in my home for over a year) due to the lack of control in the home with her mother and her boyfriend.

    I am in a bi-racial relationship. She was not in immediate danger, well dressed, fed and attended school regularly. Texas cps worker had lied and twisted her way into taking her along with her two siblings (which were in immediate danger before the police department called me to the scene to come and pick them up.

    Now we have been going thru hell and will hire an attorney. How do these people get away with their false allegations, flat out lies? My family and I are not prepared to lay down and be kicked like dogs. Now we have to hire an attorney. This will wind up in a major lawsuit against all, just because we refused to let them enter our home without proper documentation. Anyone that can help or any support, we appreciate it. thanks

  2. Michele Bridge

    They will refused to be recorded, but that makes them accountable, Lawyers tend not to say everything that needs to be said. They try to reach an agreement instead. The county lawyer uses all the lies and misconceptions the workers give them to over power court decisions. The Judge has no idea of what is really going on because niether side provides any real evidence and is not required to. Put everything in writing, it takes alot of time, but it is the only way to get the truth heard. If they come visit, take notes, write them a letter as soon as the door closes behind them stating what you understood them to say during their visit and what you meant by your own statements and demand a written responce within 5 business days of their reciept of the letter. Let them know that no responce will be accepted as your understanding of the visit is accurate. Do the same with phone conversations and any other contact no matter how minor it may have seemed. If you recieve a letter stating founded, ask for a hearing, make them provide the evidence, make them answer to all written and documented information.
    They think their work load is too heavy, when they have to start responding in writing to every parent and family they contact they may be less quick to take a child. The documentation provides something for the judge to base his opinion on that allows him to see the truth.
    It makes a difference. Its alot of work, but the family and child are worth the effort.

  3. Jockolynn Loy

    I would say to all dealing with CPS, DO NOT BLOG or send email. I to was told that they read my Blog and do not like what I have said. We have to find a way to stop them. Free speech? Not with CPS.

    What you say in your own home can be used again you. So, write a letter and talk to people face to face. But becareful what you say and to whom. It may come back to bite you. This is sad. If you say anything bad you can pay but they can lie and turn things against you and there is no one to make them pay. This is a one side street. But if we are to save our kids and grandkids we have to ride it there way.

    God be with you all and I hope we can get our kids back!

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