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Saying Goodbye

Kimmie and Jeidun

These are the two children that Arizona CPS agents claim were neglected and abused. These two beautiful children were Kidjacked, without one sign of neglect and abuse.

I hope this never happens to anyone we know and love, as it is a horrible experience. These moments in time are so priceless and we hope things will turn around. Everything that is being said about their Mother is nothing but lies. We try to tell the truth in our petitions that we hope will be able to be read by the children, so they know what is true.  

Some things in life you cannot change, so you have to endure and live with them best you can.

Today was no different. Geoff Duncan, Jeidun’s dad, had told Kimmie, his Mom, that she could pick him up at his school and we would take him to the airport to say goodbye.

Family Fun

Jeidun knew this and Kim and all of us agreed. Then we got a message on Wednesday afternoon that the Friday picking up at school was called off. Kimmie would not be able to say goodbye to her little boy. This was such a cruel thing to do to her as well as Jeidun.

It was a rough day today to say the least, but Kimmie and her dad went to the school, with a hand penned letter from Jeidun’s Mommie. They left the letter with the school secretary, as Kimmie  was told Geoff left instructions with the school, not to allow him to see anyone, unless he grants permission, which he did not do, so she just left the letter.

What can we learn in the journey? In life we will have t

ribulations and it is not waiting, until they are over, but learning to dance in the rain. Some things we cannot change, so we learn to make every moment count, as there may not be another chance.

Kimmie went back to Arizona without being able to say goodbye to Jeidun. It’s really quite sad.

Love, Mom

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