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May is National Foster Care Month!

As most of us are well aware, May has been declared National Foster Care Month. Yes, I realize I am getting this out a little late. Grandma always said, “Better late than never.” Actually, I don’t want to celebrate foster care month, not this May or next or any other month for that matter.

May is National Foster Care Month

The news has been full of heart touching foster care children, parents and facilities. As a previous foster child all I hear is that yet another family failed. Foster care can be a death sentence for many children. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of another foster child’s death.

There are very few families who don’t have someone who is willing to care for the children who have been deemed “child in need of care” by some authority or another. I simply can’t understand our closed court system that is rampant in the U.S. Any person who has a personal interest in the child in question should be welcomed by the court to speak on behalf of the child. To deny a child the right to have an advocate, a family member or person who gives a damn about the outcome of the hearing, is wrong on so many levels.

I would like to invite current or previous wards of the state — living in foster care — to create their own blog. Please share your personal story. Let your voice be heard. Were you treated fairly? Do you think you are better off now or were you wrongly removed from your home in your eyes?

June is an election month. If you know of a candidate who supports CPS reforms, please share here and on our Facebook page. We need to hear from your candidate.


  1. cindy

    I have to say that I do not agree that our kids are being treated fair at all. I am worried that my kids will be hurt if i do not get them home soon. They said that i can get them back on sept 1. as long as i do what i am told to do. The worse part is that all the stuff they tried to get me for was a lie only i have to follow the rules cause the judge wants me to do all this crap to get them home and i can not wait to much longer…… i am scared for my kids my olders kid is the one that is happy about all of this cause she is getting her way….. help….

  2. James Williams

    Please spread the word about this group doing damage to many people in North Louisiana. They call themselves “Volunteers For Youth Justice ” a non-profit organization, their website is These people are social terrorists based in Shreveport, Louisiana directly across from CPS offices and are attempting to spread their hate and discontent across america.

    This group of people parade along with Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services. They have several “PROGRAMS”, one is CASA “Court Appointed Special Advocates”. They are like the Old Spanish Inquisition or The Salem Witch Trials, like CPS they rule with fear.

    This group of people recruit volunteers that seek HIGHER local social status, they provide them inadequate training and a vinyl portfolio case. They involve themselves in foster care issues, these people are not a licensed counseling agency, nor are these volunteers, yet they show up at (in the same vehicle) with state workers to a persons place of employment asking co-workers for information, neighbors homes, family meetings, home visits (without approval of the family), foster homes, court proceedings, and send letters to district attorneys, court judges and introduce false, inaccurate or incomplete information.

    They coerce and intimidate foster kids to change or increase the dramatics of a their stories. They tell kids that their lives will be better and they will find them good homes of wealth. They bribe foster kids with gifts and money. They impede the justice system.

    They are aware that most parents or the accused do not have the money to afford private attorneys and are appointed useless attorneys who work in favor of the state, who will never return calls or help them prepare for court proceedings. If a person does have the money for a good private attorney they scatter like rats.

    They receive huge donations from various large corporations such as gambling, retail giants etc. in money, clothes and gift cards for bribery of children. They also receive free ads in local newspapers, on radio and television stations, advertising agencies for space on bus stop benches and billboards with pictures of posed children of poverty, since when is poverty a crime?

    They do not believe in innocent until proven guilty. They disappear quickly as they come, leaving total devastation to everything, the children, the parents, the parents reputation.

    Please help and post this information. Make these people accountable for their wicked ways. You can Google them for more information. Kids should be protected! Certain cases are serious and need attention, but to crucify people on bogus information is tragic.

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