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Infant Stolen from Hospital

I gave birth to my son on April 4, 2010. On April 5 2010, child protective service workers came to my hospital room and took my newborn son into custody.

Let my baby go!

I received the petition on April 6, 2010 and the basis for taking my child from me, was my bi-polar disorder and a no-contact order between me and my fathers child, which shouldn’t have been in place to begin with.

I am in Coos Bay/North Bend, OR. My first court date was on April 7, the next was held on April 19. I have one coming up on July 1, and they are already planning on adopting out my son. There was no abuse or neglect allegation and so far, I am only allowed to have one visit a week.

At my last visit, my son had a dirty diaper before he was even brought in to see me. My son is a little over a month old and I need to be able to get to know my baby. I am perfectly capable of taking care of my son and I need help.

I want my son back so he knows that I love him. Can anyone help me?

Rebecca H.
(541) 217-5419


  1. cyndi

    I am sorry for you. but this is happening all over the world. and most likely you will not get you child back they get money if they adopt your child out. they are sick and no one will stop them.

  2. cyndi

    no i did not mean all over the world i ment all over the united states. other countries are not doing this only the u.s. social service thinks its ok to sell other peoples kids for money

  3. sue

    Ahhh good old cps – they need to mind there own business you must have given birth to a very adoptable child, it is all about funding and adoption bonus’s for the workers, there is no “best interest of the child” as they would have u believe, good luck I have ben in a battle since 8/2006 and lost one battle, won the appeal and are currently about to lose this one, but i will use the next two appeals i have coming to me, fight till the end, don’t ever give up, when u think you have done all u could do and talked to everyone u could, fight one more day and find one more person to listen , you never know who may be able to help.Good luck!!!

  4. samantha biro

    If they want your kid they will have your kid. I live in Chattanooga, TN and lost my daughters almost 4 years ago. I lost my visitation and didn’t see my children for almost 2 years.

    I appealed the TPR and the circuit court judge reversed the termination and gave me my visitation back my youngest daughter was almost 2 months old when she was taken and my oldest daughter was 2. They had no clue who I was when I started seeing them again but now we have reformed our bond.

    I lost them because my ex boyfriend gave my 2 month old shaken baby syndrome and since I was living with them and so young they were taken from me. He got 2 years probation and surrendered his parental rights moved to Florida and doesn’t have to pay child support. However, his family still comes up here and visits my daughters but my parents haven’t seen them in 3 years.

    Now I have had another child and my son is almost 2 and has always been in my custody since birth and my attorney says since they are trying to terminate again that one termination is grounds for another, so I have to choose whether to surrender on my daughters and keep my son or possibly lose all three of my children.

    Also, I was diagnosed bi-polar when I was 12 years old and it has hung over my head ever since and isn’t making it any easier for me to get my children back. I feel your pain I been around the block a few times with this, so if there is anything I can help you with just let me know.

    – Samantha Biro

  5. Rebecca H

    please only positive comments. i need to know what i can do to get my son back. thanks 🙂

  6. Kalynn Novak

    Get yourself the best attorney possible, take it from me these public defenders are not working on our sides like they would like us to believe… They to get paid by our good old cps…. o get yourself a honest down to earth attorney, and my prayers are with you and your son to be reunited!!!

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