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Corrupt Family Court

For some insane reason the county judges are representing Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR). Every charge that DHR has against a parent is based on a worker’s opinion. I have opinions too.

Alabama DHR

Do you think maybe as a taxpayer, homeowner, registered voter and law-abiding citizen in this county, that our judicial representatives can back me too? Does this also mean that my opinions can be considered as law, as our judges deem DRH’s opinions as such?

So, here is my story of my living hell, and my entire family for over two years now. It all began in MAY of 2008, when my daughter went to pick up her child at school. When she got there a DHR worker, a police officer, and school officials had her child in a secluded room, by herself. They had evidently been interrogating her about something she had told the teacher. My daughter did not know what was going on.

They had questioned her child without notifying anyone for permission to do so. The child had told school staff that her daddy had taken a picture of her on his computer. This is what this group of over zealous, sick-minded freaks created from her unlawful interrogation.
They decided that my daughter and her husband were involved in child porn. The county sheriff and DHR went to their home, and went through her Dad’s computer with special software and found nothing — this took them several hours.

Even though they found nothing, they continued to remove their children from their home and we all agreed to place them in my home with my wife and me, with the understanding that we would not question our granddaughter about the incident. We abided by our agreement, but the following week we were told to take the kids to an advocacy center, which we did. The children were taken off alone. We were not allowed to know what these sickos did to both of these kids.

When they were through with what ever they were doing with the kids, the kids left with us and we were told to meet back at the DHR office, which we did. As we were entering the office area other workers ushered the kids into what I thought was a waiting room. Then my wife and I were led to another office and these other workers commenced to inform us that they were removing the children from our care so they would know they were safe.

They said the District Attorney’s office ordered it. DHS never showed us a court order and no officer was present. They broke their signed contract with us and portrayed themselves as legal representatives of the court. This means that DHR can break legal contracts with you, and impersonate legal professionals, with not as much as a slap on the wrist. Employees of the state of Alabama can break all the laws of the land without being prosecuted or least they think they can.

I want them to enjoy their freedom while they can, for this a federal crime and enforceable.

Eddie F.


  1. Kidjacked Editor

    Maybe someone can answer this question…

    My grandchildren have been in foster care for 2 years. Me and my wife applied for custody over a year and a half ago. My question is, does DHR have to send me a written response telling us we were turned down and why? They never have as of this date.They continued their foster stay playing us along.

  2. Kidjacked Editor

    This is an update on our living hell in this county. My son inlaw is now in jail and charged with abusing his daughter.

    This shows the power DHR has over our courts, because if anyone could read the so called evidence they would say, how can you have someone arrested for such idiotic statements?

    No one has the money to get him out so he is awaiting trial in jail till sometime next much for a speedy trial. Remember that we live in a state known for violating civil rights of citizens.This has been going on since alabama became a state.

    My daughter is going to lose her parental rights at the next court hearing. Ask me how I know this, when all this first began the Judge said in open court that he always favored DHR. Is this a kangaroo court or what?

  3. Kidjacked Editor

    Update on my grandaughter.

    On our last visit with her she was so loving with her old paw paw.I could tell that something was bothering her. After the visit she and her little brother returned to her new foster home that they had been moved too. We were informed later that she thew a fit with her new foster Mom and threatened to kill her foster dad and stated she was going to sue DHR.

    Now mind you she is only nine. The highly qualified foster parents called the police on her. The DHR and the police took her to childrens hospital in Birmingham.They put her in the ward for the mentally ill.This tells me how truly stupid our DHR and police are.

    We have not seen her since and that was over a month ago.The worker said she is now placed separately from her brother in another county. I think it is time to declare war on DHR. For all we know she may be dead.

  4. Susan Phillips

    I am so sorry. The beginning of this story sounds all too familiar to me.

    I was in the school pick-up line when an officer and the school principal led me inside to deal with a DHR worker. I was being accused of burning my daughter. There’s no telling how long they interrogated her. They sent her and her sister home with my parents after they left us no choice but to sign a safety plan.

    Their father filed for custody the same day. (coincidence…I think not.) I went so far as to take a polygraph on my own. DHR kept asking if I was willing to take one. I kept telling them yes. They never did, so I did. It’s not admissable in court, but when you are being FALSELY accused, you will go to the ends of the earth to prove it. It’s not something you let go of. It hurts deeply.

    My girls were emotionally traumatized by all of it. They had to go to counseling and talk about their relationship with me. I had to go to parenting classes and take drug tests. I did everything they wanted just to get visitation. It’s the WORST feeling in the world to be accused of something you DIDN’T do. But I hang on to the fact that I know it, my girls know it, and my friends and family know it.

    Someone or lots of someones are going to have to answer to my girls for all of it one day. The TRUTH doesn’t change or go away. They will never forget the people involved in flipping their lives upside down. We are definitely stronger, though.

  5. Melissa Hannah

    Yes Eddie F. you may have a case?? Read Title 18 civil rights…241 and 242…..Kidnaping and Hostage taking……1201 and 1203. Read your Constitution. Look at Title 18 USSC chapter 13 sections ….241 and 242 and chapter 55 sections 1201 and 1203. If any of this has happened to you please get in touch with your U.S. Attorney’s office and also put in a report to your F.B.I. office.

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