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Arizona Kidjacking on the Rise

Dear Kidjacked,

I have been a child advocate here in Arizona for 35 years. Throughout that time Child Protective Services has consistently taken children without cause or proof in some cases. Then in other cases they leave children in dysfunctional situations until they are dead.

Arizona Border

The last few years it has gotten worse and worse. Arizona’s Child Protective Services system is untouchable even when they are in the wrong. When they are in the wrong it is the responsibility of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and you and I pay for their defense out of our tax payer dollars. You are actually paying to have your own child stolen from you and then you are paying for the defense of CPS for stealing your children.
You will run out of money a long time before Arizona will run out of your money.
Now that Arizona is in a financial crunch this will get proportionally worse because Arizona makes money from the Federal Government by stealing our children.
And no one cares. I gave evidence of one case where a Foster Care Parent had two illegal aliens working in the home taking care of the four foster children while the Foster Mother ran errands and worked another job. I had names and photos and testimony but not one single state agency wanted to even take my information.
Do not wait until they take your child or your grandchildren or your brothers children. If we as a community and a state do not take action this will grow to even bigger than it is now.
Do you know that one of the quickest ways to defuse a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit is to call Child Protective Services and make a report. Please listen to my words. Children are at risk in Child Protective Services care.
I had another Parent whose child was taken away and the Foster Care Mother allowed her brother to watch this young lady of fifteen overnight. Then the Foster Mother threatened the child and CPS did not do a full investigation because they could not afford to have this type of thing hit the newspapers.
I am available at any time and I am in the process of writing my second book and now I have this horrific societal injustice as the focus for that book.
Steven R. Isham M.A., L.B.S.W.


  1. andraya schaffner

    I live in bisbee az. 5 miles from the mexican border. Des has unjustfully given custody away without my knoledge. I worked and payed taxes in the same town while it was happening. Now she is in mi. My phone # is 520-249-3982. PLease if you can help me get my little girl back.

  2. William James McLean

    I am with you in spirit. I just don’t know what to do. I think that most people don’t know what to do to get sane and rational treatment from the authorities. I have started a Discussion Group (on this website) to address that problem. I hope something beneficial comes of this.

  3. Kidjacked Editor

    William, can you give us a link to your blog? Working together will make all the difference in the world. Do check out the activity page and meet others from AZ.

  4. Melanie OConnor

    My daughter was kidjacked when she was 8 years old by my family member. The family member lied to CPS in Hawaii. I lived in Arizona at the time, (now I live in Washington State) and my sister (family member) lived in Hawaii. I sent my daughter to hawaii to spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii with my sister and she ended up making false reports to Hawaii CPS and eventually gaining custody of my daughter after 4 years.

    I have no contact with my daughter at all and now that she is 17, she said she doesn’t want to talk to me. I want justice! How can CPS do this to people? I have written several legislators with no help. Please can someone help me?

    Be careful who you send your child to stay with. Make sure you trust them first.

  5. carolyn smith

    Hi I live in tucson and my family has been involved with cps since November 29, 2008. My son was removed from the hospital the day we supposed to be discharged. I have always believed the hospital started this to avoid a lawsuit because of the multiple mistakes they made during my son’s birth.

    I won’t go into detail now but if you have time I would really like more information about that if you have it or if anyone knows of an attorney that will even look at my case. I don’t have much time before the statute of limitations is up and I can’t seem to be able to find an attorney that even look at my case because their was no serious physical injury or death that resulted.

    Does anyone care that my son is being traumatized for nothing. Or that the hospital overdosed me on every medication they gave me when they induced my labor, causing my son’s heartrate to drop so low that the nurses were scared. Or that I was so doped up on IV pain killers I don’t even remember my son being born. What about the mental effects of all this, those scars will never heal. So, if you could even just give me any information you have on this subject i would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  6. Melissa Hannah

    Violations of Title 18 civil rights…241 and 242….kidnaping and hostage taking…..1201 and 1203…….Want to know more call 1-865-577-8991 ….and or

    Look upTitle 18 USSC Chapter 13 sections….. 241 and 242 Chapter 55 sections …1201 and 1203…. Read your Constitution……you have rights. You may need to report to your U.S.Attorney’s office and then you may need to report it to your F.B.I. office. Only you know.

  7. K W

    We live in Colorado and the same thing has been happening to us. It’s so sad to see how little they care for the children. It’s all about the money and how can we ever have enough to fight the state?

    It’s true writing to legislation doesn’t seem to help, but if enough people do then maybe it will start making a difference. Those of us that have been experiencing these types of issues need to make a difference, need to make people aware.

    We cannot continue to allow children to be taken and to be traumatized for no reason. I watch my children cry each night as they miss their daddy and they don’t understand. They are constantly humiliated as CPS goes to see them at their schools and watches them. I have them asking me when will these people go away mommy or are they going to take you away from us too mommy?

    My heart breaks a little more each day as I watch them suffer. I have gotten them into therapy but how can that mend their little hearts? Parents have to stand up and fight for what is right.

  8. Julz

    This messege is for Steven R. Isham M.A., L.B.S.W.

    Let me share a portion of my experience. I am a 50 year old woman who grew up in more than 52 homes. From birth until the age of 18. I endure an incredible child abuse. I suffered and suffer from anxiety, emotional detachment, etc.

    The reason of me writing to you is because you mentioned your future book. My mother was the worse human being, I ever encounter with. She was not an alcoholic, or drug abuser, on the contrary she was a very wealthy woman, who had everything as a child. She was the worse liar in this world.

    I met her for the first time at the age of twelve and half. I lived with her only a year an half. To me it was like if I had lived with her all my life.

    Her way of punishment were the following: When she was angry, she would take me to her farmland and make me made my own graveyard. Once I got the shovel and made a big hole then she would burried me alive until, I could not longer breath. At the beginning, I would yell then my mind would get blank, it was then, I could not longer breath. She would laugh so much then she would make me crawled out from the hole. I would throw up dirt and for days, I had respiratory problems discharging black discharge from my nose and throat.

    Later if she was not happy with my punishment and she though I deserved a more severe punishment for hours she would play Russia roulette. Every gun and rifle had a bullet. It was up to me to guess which one had the bullet. She would start with the smallest gun, she would ask me things about school. If she thought I was lying, I had to pressed the triger…. one shot on my mouth and another on my temple.
    If she thought my punishment was not severe, she would sit me down and feed me nasty, sewage from the bathroom and shower. If I threw it all up she will continue until all the sewage would come out of my nose and eyes.

    Anyhow, this is the kind of life I endure with this woman. At the age of 13 1/2 she decided, I was not good enough or intelligent enough or intelectual enough or pretty enough therefore, my future was not going to bring pride therefore, no doctor or lawyer or professional person was going to lay eyes on me. Therefore, I was going to bring shame on the family.

    This is my thing. Right know, I am in process of going back to school, since I never had an academic education. I learn how to write on my own, read on my own and survive on my own. At the age of 19 a learned how to speak English on my own, read and write. However, now that I am 50 years of age, I am learning English grammar, vocabulary and math.

    My goal is to be an LVN, so I can generate money to make a living, my goal is to earned my Bachelor’s Degree in social work. I planned to work with trouble adolecents.

    Anyhow, my other reason why, I am writing is because, I live with a family whom are in process of adopting two children. I am staying in their home while I attend school. Although, they are not your regular abusers they definitely are.

    I don’t understand how Social Services and their employees can participate in the abuse cycle. The agency hires people that in many cases don’t have an idea what it is to survive as a foster child. Many of them came from unfunctional families. Maybe some came from divorces but somehow one of the parent look after them and provided with what is essencial for any “normal child” as a foster child we only have the “system” no uncles, no aunts, no grammas, no parent and no other relatives. We must survive within the system ugly bureaucracy.

    This family I lived with are abusing the children. The social worker comes over and check on the children every month. She calls them for an appoitment. the social worker comes to the house, reviews all the room in the house, talks to the “parents” and then talks to the children in front of the parents then she plays a game with the children, drinks coffee with the parents and then writes her report and says good bye.

    I laugh about it. Then, I have flashbacks about my mother and other people who cared for me. I have cried many times in my room. I see these two people whom work in the medical field and the other who is earning a PhD in child education yell at the ‘future adoptive” children as if they were mean nothing.

    They own a few dogs and they treat those dogs like their own children. They treat them is they were to be in a German Nazy camp. The children are not allowed to eat in between meals. They eat a cereal at 8am a peanut butter sandwich at 12 noon and a good meal at 6pm. No snacks, no koolaid, no chips, no candy. If they get caught eating something besides their meal, they are yelled at.

    They have no new clothes, or shoes. They must speak well at all times if the were to have a PhD in grammar. If the children lie for stupid reason and they get punished. The “parents” tell the children don’t lie, we are your parents, we are your family, we will never hurt you etc. One of the children lied about losing the nose plug. One of the parent yell at one of the children and went off on her. This parent was….. can’t you see God Dam you frustated me …God Dam can you see my face, why? why? I am sick of you!! I am sick of your stupid lies!!! god Damm!! Shut!

    When we go to a Mc Donalds they need to sit on the table by themselves because on this side “we as adults” we sit here…. in addition when is time to watch TV and the children have questions to ask… the parents say… DAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! go upstairs this is grown up time. Then they tell me… Your are not the nanny!!! dont entertain them!!!

    They have these children in activities and they dont drink or eat anything besides their meal oh!!! my God they can go ahead and eat whatever they want, eat all the ice cream they want etc.

    This is my suggestion to you….. instead of a social workers come into peoples home why…. cant social services open a unit or a department where any child in foster home or process of adoption can come to a socal services group meeting every two months on mandatory basis. If a parent or a child doesnt come to those mandatary weekend meeting the child should be pull away from that home until “parents” are in compliance.

    These weekend meeting should be only for the children of all foster homes from all the state. I know it could be an expensive procedure, but it will be more expensive if they become juvenile troublemakers, and some day they will fill our prisions.

    In these meeting since they are going to be every two months, the children will be away from the “parents” and they will be able to talk about serious issues that are going on in their so call families.

    Here in those meeting they will feel free to expose the people social services is place them.

    These weekend mandatory meetings will give each child to pour their fragile souls. they will expressed their true feeling, something they cant expressed in fron of thier “parents” or in the house of the abuser or pretator.

    I believe a program like this would help many parents and also many children whom are already taking the risk of being our next generation of deliquents, because they think their parents betray them, their relatives and the system too.

    Again, it would need to be a weekend and mandatory meeting or gather together. If there is a no show it puts a red flag on that parent. If fail to be in compliance the child or children should be removed. Social workers dont understand that a betrayal is a no no for any child when all they have is the abuser who feeds them and offers them shelter.

    Social services should ask question about past child abuse and if they have seek therapy for these. Provide names of therapist and investigate if in fact these “parents or future parents” are eligable to become parents after they too endure abuse as children.

    I am a survival child. I came from an extremetly abuse enviorment. However, it has taking me years and years of therapy. Individual psycotherapy, family therapy, and husband and wife therapy. I have read many many books related to human relationships. I love my children. I have three grown children whom are now professional and the really admired me and love me. They also loved their childhood and they have wonderful memories. Again, I decided my children were going to need a mother. The mother, I never had. It was my mission to make it better for them and to them. I owe them that priviledge. They were not in fault of the pitty, ugly, miserable, and disgusting life a had. They deserve a lot better.

    Raising children can be very challenging but also extremetly rewarding. I knew to accomplish these mile stone, I had to seek therapy and therapy for life. Now, I have grandchildren and I am still in therapy to become a wonderful grandmother. I desire to be the best grandmother. Overall, I want to impact the lives of those who believe in the possibility in CHANGE. Change in every attitud I have toward others and myself. Whatever it is as long as another child goes unnotice or abuse.

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