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A Soldiers Battle

An American soldier who is nine (9) months pregnant with her second child attempts to defend herself against a physical attack from her angry boyfriend in the presence of her eight-year-old daughter.

A Soldier's Battle

During this attempt the soldier frantically searches her purse for her cell phone to contact 911. She cannot seem to locate the phone so she pulls her weapon, to scare off the angry boyfriend.  In a frenzied state of shock, the soldier attempts to ensure that the weapon is on safe causing the weapon to go off in the opposite direction. 

The soldier tells the boyfriend that she cannot continue to do this with him; that she wants to end the relationship; and that she was taking her daughter and unborn son away from him and the tumultuous relationship. The boyfriend, out of anger and fear of not being able to see his son, takes the weapon from the soldier, calls 911 and reports that his girlfriend just came to his apartment in an angry rage and shot up his apartment. 

To add insult to injury, the boyfriend falsely reported to police, upon their arrival, that the soldier had anger and mental issues. He also stated that this soldier almost shot her own daughter. This soldier was charged with a cruelty to children charge among other charges and arrested. The cruelty to children charge was later dropped less than a month later. 

However, due to the initial incident, this soldier’s daughter was taken into DFCS custody. Upon her refusal to give her unborn son at the hospital into DFCS custody, both this soldier’s children were placed into foster care. 

This soldier was never given the opportunity to bond with her son (who was taken at the hospital). Later the court granted temporary custody of this soldier’s son to the boyfriend in exchange for his testimony against the soldier – where he had earlier testified for the soldier  that his initial statement to the police was out of anger, but because DFCS initially refused to give him custody he later, at another hearing changed his testimony. 

The judge who handled this matter (Who was DFCS’s previous SAAG attorney) also ordered that the soldier have no contact with the child while he was in the custody of the boyfriend. 

Now this soldier is no longer able to see her own son.  The courts are also pushing for termination of this soldier’s parental rights to her daughter and refusing to give daughter to family members as they have persistently requested. 

In addition, this soldier’s constitutional rights were violated and she was threatened that she will never see her children again if she did not sign certain documents, keep her mouth shut, and stop filing complaints. The soldier was coerced to comply.

Soldier gets tanked

Meanwhile, her daughter’s desires and request were blatantly being ignored in the name of looking out for the best interest of the child.  The daughter is dealing with anxiety and depression from being separated from her mother (the soldier) and being refused treatment by state workers, she has been moved and placed into four different foster care homes- two of those moves were due to physical and emotional abuse by the foster care provider.

Instead of this soldier receiving the support that she need from her Chain of Command, this soldier was alienated, defamed, and shown no loyalty from those with whom she served. After constant malicious accusations, false reports of behavior, and unauthorized contact (protected under privacy act) with the military, the Department of Family and Children Service successfully ended this soldiers military career of almost 14 years of unquestionable service.

This soldier was separated without proper medical treatment for depression arising from the previously mentioned events. This veteran is still fighting to regain custody of her children while continuing to try to maintain resources for treatment of depression. 

Similar incidents are happening in the lives of families across the country.  But it seems the court system which once protected and advocated for families are instead advocating for Parental Alienation and Deprivation of Familial Companionship. 

The soldier who once fought and laid her life on the line to protect the Constitutional rights of every citizen of this country now has no one to protect her own Constitutional rights.

The government, which once upheld the Constitution that gave parents the right to raise their children without any interference now disregards that right and has given state officials more rights than the parents.  The laws, which were developed, to protect the victim in domestic violence now protect the perpetrator.

I feel the agony and grief of this once soldier, because I was that soldier. This happened to me.  I am a victim of domestic violence.  My daughter is in foster care and I am no longer able to see my own son.  I have all court documents, sworn statements, voice recordings, formal complaints and eyewitness accounts and will provide upon request to support that this is not just a dramatized story of exaggerated events but a real life account of a situation that seems never-ending.

Jennifer W.
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  1. Chase

    Jennifer, please contact me. I’m trying to gather stories of Soldiers forced to fight CPS without any command support.

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