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Blogging Tips

I try to check out each of your blogs every month as part of my regular maintenance of the site. We will be giving the site a face lift very soon along with a lot of new features.

Did you know that you can change your blog template? My wonderfully hubby chose a beatiful default theme for our users but as many of you have already discovered, there are many more to choose from. We have enable a large selection of themes that my husband has checked out, in which all the features offered actually work.

Be sure to check out the alternative templates.

The landing page will be changed and look significantly different very soon. Be sure to explore the site and features. I know you will be pleased and amazed. If you want your blog to be seen, you need to post as often as possible; daily is ideal but even weekly will improve your search engine presence.

A few additional tips today:

  • Space is good – break up your posts into paragraphs. Using smaller paragraphs makes online reader much easier on your readers. Believe it or not many people have trouble reading long articles with no breaks.
  • Use sentence case type. Authors who write in all caps are considered YELLING, in the online world. I personally think those who write in all lower case are simply too lazy to use good writing habits. Both are hard on your readers.
  • Keep it short. The ideal blog post is between 500 to 800 words. That’s not to say they can’t be longer or shorter but you should target your blog for this range for maximum readablity.

That’s it for day. Keep writing. I’ll have more tips for you next week.



  1. andi

    In Iowa, mother of two children accidentally leaves family photos on work computer. These photos include sporting events, music events, school events, etc. They also include images of her children in the family bathtub.

    (See: )

    Workplace is worried about child pornography and calls local police. Local police issue search warrant of mother’s home. Home is trashed in executing this search. Children are picked up from school in police car and haven’t returned home since.

    Police eventually close case: no charges, no arrest.

    DHS, meanwhile, has kept children for past six months. With no end in sight. Mother’s name was put on child abuse registry. DHS investigator made his decision without asking the mother a single question about the photos.

    DHS selected someone to conduct intensive sex abuse risk assessment/psychological evaluation of mother. Expert concluded no child abuse. However, there was no change in the children’s status; they remain in the care of the state.

    Hard to believe? This is only the beginning!

  2. melody clark

    My son was removed from my home twice, due to my ex-boyfriend making false reports because of him unlawfully into my home plus, also having an protective order on him and i fired my handgun to protect my family.

    So, because CPS do not have any reasonable or creditable evidence that my son is being abused or neglected: CPS worker Stacey Plummer and other workers such as Annette Farr has been illegally building a case on false reports from the ex-boyfriend and from a case from Chicago, Illinois that has been closed for several years based on my other children.

    I was very young at that time when my other children, I didn’t have the resources to care for them, so I gave them to my mother. My other kids were removed from my mother due to incidents that occurred with them. So, thirteen years later I had my son in Indianapolis. I have a home for my self and my child. I love my son very much and I just want my son back home with me.

  3. Ben B.

    Just worked with CPS for 2 kids being sexually abused by meth-using mother’s dirtbag boyfriend. House was a swamp of trash, sharp objects, porn tapes, parrot crap everywhere. Sex abuse supported in medical exam. Reports by scared kids corroborate. No way these kids should stay in that cesspool.

  4. angelica myers

    My name is Angelica I’m a teen mother 18, my child recently was taken by cps from a false report filed by my mother who used to abuse me and wanted my child for 3 weeks. I wouldn’t let her, because when she used to go there she would come home with bruises.

    My child is two. I admitted my wrong which was use of drugs, they asked if i would be willing to take a drug test and pass. I didn’t know if i could they said they would take my daughter for 90 days and I would have to earn my rights for visitation or if a gave her willing then she would be gone for 60 with supervised visitation two days a week for two and I got my childs aunt to sign to take her in but they are taking forever to get the criminal back ground check.

    But they also are not keeping me informed and I have to keep calling and leaving msgs. It takes days to get a hold of them to find any thing out. They didn’t investigate on the report mad which I have tons of witneses and, also the time I was working on straighting up my life, cps showed up, I was sober for 4 days and had moved away from the house.

    The people that came with but my child was always tooking care they think just because i used my child was neglected but she was always clean, never cried because she was hungery the happiest little girl an smart shes the girl we would go places an she would not let a person go bye without saying hi or talking with them she can make ne bodys day bright yes i admit she has seen me at my worse and seen some violence betwwen me and her father.

    But for cps to take my child while i was doing better i had a list of things to do when the lady showed up and she seen it on top of the list was make app for delaneys 2 yr check and make a dental app for her too, an fore check myself in to out paitient, find great na meetings an school etc .point being i had proof the i on my own was attempting to better our life my question is why didnt they take her when i was messing up instead of when i got better i had moved back to my dads whitch i cant stay ne more because he has past cps history but he has been clean for 7 yrs an the house is clean he changed his life im not gatta let them take her without an fight.

    I saw my daughter yesturday her skin was dry her lips crack shem stunk like mildue an was hiding an avoiding the suppervisor she had scratches all over an the foster didnt pack her a diaper bag she had nothing no sippy diapers snack ne thing i had to let her go early because she was hunger an tired I AM MAKING A STAND but quitly i am callected evidence ,witnesses an taking notes an once i get it all im making myself an voice fore me an the mothers that derserver there children an a second chance to prove i wouldnt have done any thing if my daughter was tooken when i was in the wrong but when i was reaching out an getting help i will not an i refuse to let them take her she is my world an more she is a part of me ,an i will get her back .

  5. angelica myers

    My house was clean no needles, no pipes, we didn’t even do it around her. I have OCD I clean my house every day. I could leave it dirty. I freaked out an I’m a clean person period, and I have proof.

    I have witnesses, a police man came over to do a well child check and left with a smile and empty handed, just because people use don’t mean all of them were filthy people. I just happened to be another person in the world who happened to do drugs. It was smart I never — well I can’t say never — but at least most of the time, didn’t need to pay for them but when I started to get bad I had a good friend there to pull my head out of my ass.

  6. claudine

    My 18yr old daughter is so jelouse she called cps on me for my then 14yr old. Said I punched her in the face no marks on her at all. So cps took her from school and then got her back 3 months later. Now 2yrs later they still won’t drop the case.they even said the case is closed due to no evadence but they keep sayin I need to take a parenting assesment class to get them out of my life. They used a old case on me from 10yrs ago to keep this case open. CPS needs to be re-educated.

  7. Gary Olstein

    All I got to say is thats amazing Andi, Melody I feel for you and never trust an ex or let him manipulate you in any way, Angelica my prayers are with you, and Claudine tells the truth about CPS, they really do need to be re-educated.

  8. becky manning

    I am a loving grandmother of 7. My daughter has 3 children and 2 have been removed from my home. The state says she was using drugs while she was pregnant with the last one and the hospital turned her in. They let the baby come home but they made routine visits. They did drug screens on her and some were clean and others were not.

    I am a nurse and worked weekends. I always made sure my daughter was not high when I went to work. I had neighbors and friends watching her and stopping by to check on her. I was always able to be there at a moments notice if something went wrong. The children were never in danger. She took very good care of them. Her disease got the best of her.

    One day she had to go to court and I had to stay with the kids. They came home and took them from the home that day. Instead of removing her and getting her help they took these children from a home where they were loved. I removed my daughter from my home that day and asked what I needed to do to get them back. I did a home study. I did a background check and had friends willing to go do the same so they could keep them when I went to work.

    I passed everything but the children had been placed with a good family who were an adoptive family and wanted a girl. Hey had all boys and here was a newborn baby girl.

    We had a court appointed attorney but he never came to any meetings and came to court once. He said he wanted the children returned to me but the state said that my daughter might show up at my house and be high so they could not take that chance. What kind of excuse is that?

    It has been a year and now they are trying to take them away for good. I even gave them my son’s number and he said he could take them but they never called him. We were told from day one that family had first choice but that has not been the case. I need help to get them back. How do I do that?

    I am a single woman and have limited resources but my children are very important to me and they want to come home.

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