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Help with Custody Battle

A reader from North Carolina is seeking assistance obtaining records, perhaps someone can point her in the right direction. Also, she really needs a good attorney, if you know one who will work with her or take the case pro bono, please respond below.

Help with Custody Battle

My ex-husband took my children from me in December. We are in the middle of a custody battle, and I am losing, big time.

I do not have an attorney and cannot afford one. He has left me destitute, is having me evicted from the apartment, and has hired a vicious domestic attorney on me. They lied in court last Friday, saying that CPS “placed my children” in the custody of his family, while was out of the county on vacation during the holidays.

I knew that this was not true, but just to be safe; I called the caseworker, who told me emphatically that CPS absolutely cannot “place” a child anywhere, without a court order signed by a judge. Since I lost this temporary hearing, and the judge’s ruling included the statement that CPS had taken my children from me, I need to prove this to be the lie that it is.

I asked the CPS worker if I could get the final report, but he said he can’t do that, and that I’ve got to get a court order, signed by a judge in order to get it. He could not tell me how to get this done.

Do you know how I would go about this? NO ONE seems to be able to tell me. The only people who know how are attorneys and they all want hundreds of dollars just to get that information, disguising it as a “consultation” fee. I’m really, really upset about this and need to get a copy of that report.

I have not seen my six year old since December. This man and his attorney have gotten away with that too, saying that they have encouraged me to see this little girl, who had never, ever been away from me before this (her father actually abandoned both her and my son, who is older and away at a private boarding school–paid for by “the family). For four months, they have damaged this little girl, by not allowed her to see me. They always wait until the last minute, to notify me that I cannot see her, for yet another frivolous reason.

If I can at least get that CPS report, I can show this to the judge, to show her that they lied and that her basis for removing this child from me was based on untruths.

Sarah L.

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  1. Anonymous

    Do not have your answer but I do have law links for you to look into and find the answers you are looking for. Blessed Be.

    If I knew what state you are in I would be able to help you more. PLEASE let us know what state you are in. Many of us have walked the road you are now walking and may be able to help you.

    Most times sending a certified copy with a request for these records to your CPS office will get you these records.

    Sometimes there is a small fee. Of course they wont tell you that you are legally entitled to these records but you are.

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