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Nationwide Mother’s Day Protest

Help bring national attention to CPS abuse, legal kidnapping, child trafficking, and corruption of epic proportions. Participate in a national event to put CPS on the media hotseat.

When: May 9, 2010 — Mothers Day
Where: Your City Court House sidewalk

If you live in the capital city of your state, go to the State Capital Building, or better still, join us at the White House.

What: Take a baby doll, stuffed animal or teddy bear to your local courthouse or state building and drop it on the sidewalk, as a memorial to our lost generation of children. Attach a note with a summary of your own story (or a friend’s story).

It is our goal to make a public statement and attract publicity on Mother’s Day nationwide. Therefore, we need dolls piled high in order to attract the press city to city and coast to coast.

Nationwide Mother's Day Protest!

Please spread the word.

  • Alert your local television and radio stations.
  • Send bulletins on all your social networks, forums and blogs.

We have 8-weeks to put this together, so please, move on this right away.

Thanks to all for your support. If all across the country on the same day – Mother’s Day — dolls show up on every courthouse sidewalk, representing our stolen children the reporters will come.

Mother’s Day at the White House

Please join us on Sunday May 9th, 2010 at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington DC to ask Obama to meet with our delegates and investigate the family courts.

If you fear judicial retribution, please make a scarf and wear it over your face. You can embroider the names of your children/grandchildren in the scarf.

On your own, you can make a sign to explain why your face is covered. “I fear judicial retaliation for trying to protect my child (grandchild).”

For additional details and to get involved contact:

Survivors Helping Victims
P.O. Box 1365
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 605-1637


  1. Anonymous

    I can help on my local level and through the internet. I am also contacting the media. I am telling everyone I know. I found out last night about what is going on with CPS. I am still in shock. I knew there were problems but I had no idea things were this bad. My heart breaks for the childen and families. Yet again the human race has reduced human life to a commodity to be exploited.

  2. Anonymous

    I think that a great idea to let the media & obama know too cauz theirs innocent parent just like myself that had no chance to regian custody of my son.becauz a child is god-given right that should never be ignored a child shouldn't be torture for life by the system let them know parent we r. god gave us that right and we r no t going to step back..THEY NEED TO HEARD OUR VOICES!

  3. Georgia cooper

    For the Tri-Cities, WA. Please, if there are other mothers or fathers suffering from the discrimination and abusive tactics of taking their children, let's join together in protest.Please contact me at grinchi46@yme.comEnough is enough!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deborah

    Please join me in A WALK TO WASHINGTON FOR MOTHERS' RIGHTS, I'm walking from central Florida to Washington DC for mothers rights.Please see my message at: I will start walking in the next few days. I would like to have women from all over the country walk with me. Even if you don't walk all the way, please join us in the WALK TO WASHINGTON FOR MOTHERS' RIGHTS. my email will be available from the above site at your request.lonelynanna-in-floridadeborah

  5. Anonymous

    I will be at the White House on Mothers Day. I will have my adult children with me who were victims in 2000 and 2001. I was able to regain custody of my sons but it has effected us deeply. I have been stunned to learn the lies and illegal practices that were used in my case in the years since it happened. It makes me sick to think others will go threw what my boys have endured!

  6. Annette M. Hall

    I can't make it to Washington D.C. for the big rally but I plan to drop off my gift at the following location. Will anyone be joining me?The Office of Family Court Services William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse 3341 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826Unless there is another location where others plan to meet.

  7. Deanna Kloostra

    This is Deanna the owner and creator of, a web site for non custodial mothers. I am from Michigan and for Mothers day I will be at the kent county court house. I will be walking seven times around the court house praying silently. At the end of the seventh time around the building I will be shouting out AMEN. I will be there at 9am if anyone wants to join me. It's time to bring down the enemies walls. The 17th circuit court will fall by the prayers and spiritual warfare of non custodial mothers. Our children are Gods royal seed and he has delivered them out of the hands of evil.

  8. Annette M. Hall

    Thanks for posting your link Deanna, I've added it to the Michigan page. :)Best of luck! I hope you have a terrific turnout.~Annette

  9. mike sullivan

    I am willing to do whatever posible to tell america about the injustice that has been done. I have seven children, my youngest Keeleigh, has been abducted by CPS.

    I live in Ventura, California. I came on vacation and leave with no children. I pray for all that are abused by our system of government parasites, trained to take your children. I am planning an appearance and media participation to end the power of these students, not parents.


    Mike Sullivan

  10. Sue Moderow

    Please I am requesting that you sign and share my petition to have my granddaughter returned to me safely.

    My name is Sue Moderow, I beg your assistance in the following matter. Please help due to my heart is breaking for my grandchild.

    My daughter is 19 years old her name is Jessica. She had a baby on April 2, 2010 her name is Audrina. They have been staying with Jessica’s father who is mentally and physically abusive, near Grand Island NE.

    A few weeks ago there was an argument and Jessica’s dad was intoxicated kicked them out of his home. I was informed of this on Tuesday 06/22/10. I immediately left Omaha NE went Grand Island NE and picked up my granddaughter.

    My daughter came up here on Thursday 06/24/10. On 06/25/10 social services came to my home and wanted to do a drug test on my daughter after Jessica’s father called them. At first she refused, I was called at work and informed that she refused and immediately left work and came home and requested that Jessica complete the drug test. She was quite hostile with the girls that were here. I advised her to watch her language and attitude and told her that if she has not been doing drugs then she should not have anything to worry about. She then half heartly attempted but said she was unable to urinate.

    The girls from Social Services decided that that they would return at 2:00 pm with the agreement that I would stay home with Jessica and Audrina until then. I did stay with them but made Jessica and Audrina drive out to my place of business to retrieve some work that I could do from home while we waited for Jessica to be able to urinate.

    At 2:00 pm the girl from Social Services returned to follow up on the drug test. Jessica then proceeded to attempt to urinate but again she could not. Please understand that I was quickly losing trust in my daughter. Realizing that she had been using drugs and she did not want to urinate because it would come back positive.

    At approximately 3:19, Jessica said that she could finally urinate, but when she did the urine could not be tested because it did not have a tempurature. I could tell that Tiffany (the social worker) was becoming aggitated, which I do not blame her, I was too. She left and I was upset with Jessica. I informed Jessica that I needed to run out to work and finish up and wanted to take my grandchild with me. Jessica told me no that I could not take her. I then told her that I would run out to work and finish and be back in about 30 to 45 minutes.

    A good part of the reason is so that I could remove myself and Audrina from what had become somewhat stressful environment. Anyway I proceeded to run out to work and while I was finishing up, Jessica called me and told me that the Social workers and the police came to my home and removed my granddaughter.

    I am very concerned and distressed by this, I have been in contact with the case worker, and have been granted 1 2-hour visit a week. They refuse to place Audrina in my care due to a case from 1999/2000, which I have requested be expunged from the register. I love my Granddaughter very deeply and would do whatever I can to restore her to her home. I beg you for assistance in this matter and if there is anything that can be done I will do all I can to bring Audrina home. I will not go away. And seek to have my granddaughter back home with me. Once I get Audrina placed in my home I can then focus on getting Jessica the help she needs. Jessica currently resides in Grand Island. Please help restore my family.

    Please help,
    Sue Moderow

  11. debi

    Do not be ashamed to tell your story to anyone who will listen. Some will judge you may even lose some friends o r weed out the ones who rely weren’t friends , but the more people you tell the more you will find who will listen & maybe someone out of all of them can help or you can find some who will band together with you to fight & pray.

  12. Tanya Barling

    I missed this day, because I was caught in the begining of my nightmare with CPS in Los Angeles county, Lancaster Office. The last 6 months have been a nightmare and I cant beleive what is happening to my family, I have been put on the Child Abuse Central index listing.

    When I never got a visit from the emergency response worker months . My situation is crazy. Started with my daughters arrest, when she asaulted me while driving my car. !4 she changed when she started high school. Truancy hanging with new friends, lying and staying out not coming home, violent angry disrespectful it all was so over whelming I tried everything.. There is so much more to this story that you will be discusted by the system after hearing my story!

    Please this is not changing it has not changed one bit after all these years. If anything it has gotten worse. I know that the children should be protected and that CPS is important, but the system is in need of serious changes. The children being removed are being abused in the foster care system too.. its not about reunification. The rights of parents accused are being violated being listed on CACI will affect the rest of a persons life. Being added to that list with out ever being convicted of the crime in a court of law.

    This is what I am going through right now I need an attorney .. but can’t afford one.. I want to bring this to the attention of everyone.. I will not lay down to CPS this time.. What the outcome is.. no matter what .. I will fight to get this changed for other parents and or care givers, family mothers fathers anyone can be accused of child abuse. A review of the way this department operates is needed .. after all the years of courts and investigations about the CPS.

    How can such an unjust sytem have so much power destroying families instead of helping them. Making decisions with out visiting the home.. by phone calls and straight assumtions .. Statements like ..
    “its most likely then not that abuse occured.”

    Please help!

  13. Anita McMahan

    I read the horror stories and feel like I’m reading my life story. I’m horrified that CPS has so much power and that our tax dollars actually pay these people’s salaries. My 3 grandchhildren were kidnapped by TX cps much like all of the stories I’ve read here. God bless us all !! I too was a victim.. Abused by this so called system. I was deemed unable to take care of my precious Grandchildren because I sounded different on the phone. WOW..Unhappy Grandmother and still fighting in Texas..

  14. Hope

    I can’t afford an attorney. My mother has my children. I made her mad telling her to keep my son away from a man I think might have tried or did molest him. She called CPS on me. She has my children. She’s had them since July. I’ve had to move residences. I haven’t seen my daughter since August. I get once a week visits with my son. I didn’t hurt my children but I’m being drug through the ringer because I stood up against my mother and her friend.

  15. Patricia

    I know how alot of these parent’s feel I’m going through the same thing now. An I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been doing alot of research on my rights as a parent and so many of my rights have been violated.

    For example your allowed to refuse a private interview of your child with dss, cps an with a police investigator its your constitutional right and it seems like dss, cps will do anything they can to break those laws and get away with it — that’s not right. Anyone who thinks it won’t and can’t happen to them — wake up people it can happen to the richest person in the world, down to the poorest person in the world. And if you don’t know your rights dss & cps will use that against you don’t ever let them in into your home – ever – cause once you do your rights are out the window.

    Don’t ever sign any of their safety plans cause once you do your considered guilty of what they write on the safety plan. So definately don’t ever give up and always know your rights. Always talk to them from your window and get there info, no matter what. Make sure you ask what the allegations are and if the worker or police officer won’t tell you — you say I want to cooperate, but since you won’t tell me what the allegations are I am refusing to let you in. You’ll have to get a court order or a search warrant and it has to state the urgency.

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