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Accidents Happen

Question: When is an accidental injury considered abuse? Answer: Any time state Child Protective Service workers are called in to investigate a family. How do caseworkers get away with this? Our federal government is paying them to rip our children from our arms. Teisha has experienced this travesty of justice first-hand…

My name is Teisha L., I have a 4-year-old son in foster care. I have written emails to all my government representatives, I can’t get them to hear me.

I was at my son’s fathers home and they where playing, my son was hit in the ear. I was very upset with the father but I never thought that I should have called the police.

Someone called CPS and a caseworker came and took my son. They accused me of being a drug user and daily drinker; this was supposedly, what they heard.

Accidents Happen: Child bites own hands over stress from foster care -- nothing is done!

I asked my mother and father to have my son placed in there home but CPS workers would not allow it. They said that my bother, mother and father where all drug users too. My parents do not have the resources to fight CPS. Therefore, my son remains in foster care.

I have passed all their mandated drug tests and I have taken their required classes and more, to show that I am serious about wanting my son back. They want me to do more, but they are not telling me what they want me to do.

Now I wait.

My son was biting himself on the hand (see picture), the caseworker refuses to do anything about it. I see my son 3-times a week but now he acts like the foster mom is his mom and that I am just a friend, coming to see him. It is killing me.

The court appointed an attorney to our case but she wants me to sign even more papers – requiring me to allow CPS to keep my son in foster care for an additional 6 to 12 months.

Why is that they can take my child – even though they have no evidence of wrong doing on my part and still they refuse to give him back? The state can do what ever it wants and we cannot stop them. I am very angry and upset but even more than that, I am concerned for my son.


  1. Anonymous

    cps is now looking into my daugthers dad. My 3 year old son pushed down his sister. So her dad pushed him down to show him it is not nice and my son head hit a small hard plasic toy. I called 911 and the cops said bad parenting but the er staff and cps say abuse. This leaves me confused and not really knowing what to do. I grow up as a foster kid and am afraid if i don't do what cps wants i will lose my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter.

  2. Anonymous

    i have a Daughter who turns 5 in september. I asked a friend to hide her from her dad who was abusing me. they took her to a faster home. CPS came to my home and made me sign a 6 week temp placement. During that 6 weeks i relized if my child came home to me that she could get hurt. I found a family who could care for my daughter and whom agreed to letters and photos 4 times a year as well as visits. I called the cps worker to tell them that this was how i felt and the next day they were in court saying i had abandoned my child. She now lives with a loving adopted family from the cps systum. I really wish they would listen more to what is being said.

  3. Anonymous

    u say this is a loving adopted family from the cps systum. I take it that is not the same family u where talking about.does this famiy let u have any pics of our child.And maybe a vist? I dont dout that they do love the child.But are they tureful to the child about the past and her back ground.the cps looks at any perent that gives there child up for adoption that they are abanding there child if the parent is not going to be in the childs life. They see so much bad that they are clowted by what is the truth some times.

  4. Anonymous

    do u still have our kids?U do need to lisen to the dcs to an exstance as long as they are telling u that they want to do right by u and say that it wasent ur falt the dad aksdently did what he hard as it may seem u may have to go agunst the dad and not defend him for now not saying say he is gilty but just that u cant take any chances .The things u may have to do to keep youre kids u probly arnt going to like but sertent people are going to have trust u and know that u are doing it for the child rember every thing needs to be in the best intrust of the child. that is the bigest thing and no one will ever argu that not even dcs but they might want to tell u what they think is in the best intrust of the child.and at that pont as long as it invalse u and ure kids staying in ur home with u then agree even if dad needs to move out for the timebing u have to get them to relese the case and fell that the child is going to be in no danger living with u at all costes if u can get a lawer out of ure county one that does not already deal with this goup of dcs or u might not get what u want from that lawer.Good luck and may god be watching over u and ur kids belive in him for if u do and ask him for help he will he did us for now thing are looking good and hopefully she will come home very soon this is the same person that wrote comment from twins.

  5. Anonymous

    i do get letters and photos of my 5 year old daughter. The dcs found the loving family for my daughter. When my daughter is older they will tell her who i am. but until them i am known as a family friend. so even though cps take away our children they do try to get them good homes.

  6. Anonymous

    Ive never thought that the cps doesnt place the kids in safe and good homes but there is times that the cps realy had now right to take some of the kids they take away from the parents. Belive me some times they well lie a cheet and do what ever they can to make sure that good family that they think deserves the child more gets the child and even when they lose the still dont back up and let the child go tell they are totaly out of the sistem.

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