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It’s Your Move!

Almost nightly, news reports are replete with details regarding dead and injured children at the hands of their capturers, it doesn’t seem to matter which side of the fence you sit.

If the parents are poor, struggling in these harsh economic times, it’s more than likely the parents are ill educated and either doing or dealing drugs. Most get started because the rent still has to be paid and the kids still have to eat. The children have been exposed to drugs, harmful chemicals and dumb ass attacks from parents too stoned out of their minds to care.

Welfare workers do not want these children. Grandparents can call Child Protective Services ’til the cows come home. Those kids aren’t going anywhere, unless there is a catastrophe. If a child is not badly burned, disfigured or murdered — a case that makes the news, in many instances, those kids are going nowhere. It costs the state money to take on these cases.

It's Your Move!

State-financed child welfare departments choose instead to round up the children of parents who are on the upper rung of the lower class and creeping slowly into the middle class.

You see, if they can find (or in some cases, create) something to charge you with, state child welfare investigators will remove your children from your home (for their own well-being, of course) and thus begin the process, where you spend every dime you have, jumping through hoops, mandated by child protection workers.

There are a great many jobs dependent on our children. Every person in the courtroom, including the judge, owes their job to the children of accused (not convicted, just accused) parents. The judge, the bailiff, the court reporter, the caseworkers, counselors, foster parent, service workers, medical doctors, and the list goes on.

The old adage, "He who pays the piper, calls the tune," certainly applies here. The state pays for services (with a huge donation from the federal government) — most low to middle class parents can’t afford to hire an attorney, so they rely on the state to provide for their defense. These attorney’s work everyday with these same people. They eat lunch together, share funny e-mails, they might even go out after work together for cocktails. The only one left out of the loop is you and your son or daughter.

The only way I see to combat current trends in a meaningful way, is for the children who were wrongfully removed from loving, caring parents to sue the state for damages. Of course the last thing on an 18 year olds’ mind is a protracted court battle and attorney visits.

In most states, young adults have the right to bring suit for damages, against the perpetrators for injustices, which have occured to them, as juveniles — in many states for up to five years from the time the child has turned 18.

Have you, or do you know someone who was harmed by our family court system? We need to encourage these young people to seek out pro bono independent legal representation.

Young men and women have lost touch with their natural born parents. They have lost their right to inherit from their parents and their chance to know their own family history. In short, millions of children are being robbed of their family heritage — a God given right.

I am pleased to post your stories here as well. Please check out the posting guidelines.


  1. Annette M. Hall

    If what you say about the Gravelle's is true, why do you post Anonymously? It sounds as though you may have first-hand knowledge of the Gravelle case. I spent many hours on the phone with Sharon Gravelle and spoke with many others who knew the family. Something just doesn't add up because according to most accounts, the state more or less dumped these children on the Gravelle's because they had no where else to place them. After the Gravelle's took the children in the state refused to provide necessary services.I am not concerned with "tainting Kidjacked's name" I am concerned for the children and yes, for the Gravelle's if they were wrongly accused, which I believe they were. If what you say is true, then I do hope the children find safe and happy homes. If the Michael and Sharen are guilty, of the charges brought against them, they will answer to Lord one day for their crimes. We should all continue to pray for these children and the Gravelle's.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey love your site!lets get real CPS is not going to be reform until they pick on someone or someone's family member in a very high place ( mayor, powerful lawyer, law maker ect…)why not help them alone with that, if 1000 pair eyes are looking at people in very power positions using CPS logic we watch for possible infractions. As a good citzen we report anonymously to CPS and let it play out. they will get a taste of what we already know.what you guys think?

  3. Anonymous

    Here is an idea to show how inept they really are, let's overload the system until it brakes and then they will have to fix it. Example we all start with our kids schools if your kids see a bruise or other signs of injury we will make the anonymous call to CPS no lies or falsifications just the truth, we will let those morons sort it out. Maybe enough kids will disappear that somebody (the media or law makers) will finally notice an empty school.At the very least we should be able to stop that anonymous tip nonsense. I thought we had the right to face our accusers.This is warfare people in war there are people scarified for the betterment of others and this country. I know this may sound idiotic, but look what we are up against childish morons, corruption, domestic terrorists to the highest levels. We need to fight fire with fire. Besides most our children has already been scarified to make others rich and richer.This won't be easy to put other families through what we have been through or are going through now. But we need to get the CPS nightmare reformed!"We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary." Malcolm XWhat do you guys think?

  4. Ashley

    Is there anyway to cut the system out like sign temporary custody over to a grandparent and then regain custody? There has to be a loop hole of some sort

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