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U.S. Army Man Neglects Family

Young mother needs assistance, wouldn’t helping the mother be in order here?

Doctor’s take an oath when they obtain their license to practice, each and every doctor vows to ‘Do no harm.’ Why aren’t the government sponsored ‘child protection workers’ working under the same mandate? A mother’s love is irreplaceable and unequalled in all respects, where is the compassion? This child needs his mother, not a stranger and certainly not foster parents.

My 21 year old friend recently got married to a US Army man and moved in with him in Oahu, Hawaii. She shipped out on a plane from her home town, Sacramento, CA. She has a one year old son. Around a month or so later, she was begging him to either supply her with food for her and her child or money to buy the food with. His response was divorce.

Army Man Neglects Family!

Now the military is denying that he has to pay her anything in the divorce, or even pay to have her baby’s car seat shipped back to Sacramento with her. Soon, Hawaii’s CPS (Child Welfare Services (CWS)) was sent over to check out her living situations because she commonly allows her one year old baby run around nude, since it is so hot and humid.

CPS learned that she is going to have no place to live when she returns to Sacramento, since she invested everything into the situation with her husband. She will have no place to stay, and he isn’t giving her anything. Now CPS is demanding that she come up with enough money to rent a place when she gets back to Sacramento, within the 1-2 weeks that she has before she must leave, or else they will take her son from her.

Please, her son is her entire life. Her greatest fear is losing him. If there is any way that you could post this story on your web site so that people who are willing to help her out might read it? If you can, you can give them this email address and I will help them contact her.


If you can help this young mother, please e-mail her friend Katherine, by clicking on her name above.

Hawaii’s Child Welfare Services website proudly states in bold black print "CWS programs include family strengthening and support…" are we supposed to take them seriously? How can we? Is it a coincidence that the link at the top of their website "Civil Rights Corner" returns a 404 Not Found error.

While I don’t have a name or case number for this young lady, we can still pass this story around and call to ask why CWS isn’t interested in helping parents — only stealing their children. Let your conscience be your guide.

Contact Information for Oahu, Hawaii government offices.

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