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Mother Vindicated Too Late!

My story began on April 18th, 2006; the day my two children, Preston age 7, and AareOna age 2 were abducted by Wright County Child Protection and placed in a licensed foster home in Albertville, Minnesota.

May 9th 2006 — I had a visit with my children. AaerOna was refusing to eat. Preston said that AareOna has not stopped crying for me since they had arrived, nor had she eaten anything.

I was allowed one hour with them. AareOna looked so weak and so confused; she kept telling me things, which made me scared for her. Things about how he burned her mouth and now it hurt really bad so she was not hungry. She did not want to get down and play, she did not want me to put her down, not even for a second, she just laid there in my arms with her face buried as deep into my neck as she could get it. She just laid there and sort of whimpered like a wounded animal, but this was not an animal this was my child — a child that I loved from the second I knew she was there. My child that I could see was hurting; my child that only needed protection from the same people who are claiming to protect her.

Out of pure desperation to try and save my daughter I took both kids and ran for the car; coming to my senses before leaving the parking lot I returned the kids to the building. And because of this desperate instinctual act my visits were stopped! It was two long months before I could coordinate all the medical assessments required by the courts to have my visits reinstated.

July 28th 2006 — I saw the kids for the first time today since May 9th, my daughter looks as if she had been in a bar fight. She has a black eye and multiple bruises all over her face and body, she also has sores inside of her mouth, she states first thing that Jorge did it.

The county people and the guardian ad litem are all watching this threw the two-way mirror and after the visit they make me give my daughter back to her abusers. How damaging is that to a child? She waits 2-months to tell her mom what is happening to her and I am forced to send her back. How does she understand that I believed her, but I was not allowed to protect her? The county tells me that they are going to look into it. This is not way good enough for me, so I dial 911 myself and file a report.

July 30th — Tiffany brings AareOna to the emergency room in Monticello and she was seen by a Dr. Hussein for a black eye she received on the other side of her face. It is also realized that she has a broken leg at a different stage of healing then these injuries.

Tiffany could not explain how this had happened. The Black eye Tiffany explained happened at the county fair she was said to have collided with her brother, in the air balloon ride. After the visit, Dr. Hussein called to report this to the Wright County Police Department and the Wright County Child Protection Agency with his concerns about the possibility of abuse in this foster home.

July 31st — AareOna was seen at the Monticello Clinic by a Dr. Mahoney her story to this doctor was that she was going down an inflatable slide and was bounced in the air and received the black eye upon tumbling down. Dr Mahoney also called the Wright County Sheriff’s Department and the Wright County Child Protection to voice the same concerns about the possible abuse in the foster home.

August 2nd — I had my lawyer assemble an emergency hearing, begging the court to remove my children from this home. Instead Judge Michelle Larkin grants the county an order for protection on my case file but gives the county 2-weeks to find another placement for my children. Yet, it only took the county 21-hours to find placement after they received a report on me for neglect, without any evidence of neglect.

They have two doctors substantiate the evidence that she is being battered and they are granted 2-weeks to move them to another home? I don’t’ understand this. My daughter is full of bruises and now broken bones and they protect my case file.

August 16th — We return to court to assure that the children have been moved and the county asks the court for a two-day extension. They have a placement set for Friday the 18th of August, the judge grants this extension.

August 22nd — AareOna is brought into the emergency room in Buffalo, MN, for severe vomiting, and it is realized that she has a obstruction in her intestines from blood clots, which were a result of blunt force trauma to her abdomen. She was basically starving to death, and was air lifted to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

She was admitted and over the next three weeks she underwent two surgeries, countless exams, while continuously vomiting, and yet I was not allowed to stay with her. There was a period of six whole days that she was left in that hospital alone. She is not an experiment or a lab rat she is my daughter and she is loved and she should not have been left in that hospital alone. Who would put their child through this kind of torture?

August 27th — My elder son Preston and the other foster children are finally moved out of the Meza’s foster home, 30-days after they had received the first report.

September 9th — AareOna was released from Children’s Hospital she was not hurt again.

November 11th — I received a letter from Wright County Human Services stating that there determination of abuse was substantiated and the Meza’s would loose there foster care license, but would not be criminally charged with the crime of abuse.

November 15th — I received a phone call from my public defender offering a deal that if on the 20th I voluntarily terminated my rights to my children; they would be adopted by my family. If I took this to trial, I would loose. I was told, there is no one to side with you, no jury to appeal to, just me and you. So, you will loose and the county will adopt your children out to strangers and with my experience with strangers from above I could only make one choice.

So on November 20th — I voluntarily terminated my rights to Preston and AareOna for the sole reason of assuring there safety from the child predators of Wright County Human Services — nothing voluntary about that.

To date, no charges were ever filed against the Meza’s for the abuse inflicted on my daughter while in their "care." The difference in the way I was treated in comparison to the Meza’s is a down right disgraceful and a travesty of justice. If I had been granted the courtesy and consideration the Meza’s were given, my children would have never been removed from my care, and the taxpayers of Minnesota would have saved over $128,000 for her medical care. Not to mention the additional $7,000 they paid to the foster parents for the great job they did in almost killing my daughter. (They are currently billing me for this service. It will be a cold day in Lucifer’s cabin before I pay those people to beat my child.)

My children had never known abuse until they were in the hands of the protection agency; they had never seen the inside of an emergency room until the state took custody. I have repeatedly asked for charges to be brought up against Jorge and the county refuses to press charges, leaving a clear picture to me and all who hear my story that if it will hurt the counties name than we will sweep it under some rug, and allow her abusers to beat children legally — and get away with it.

Who is protecting our children from there protectors?

No one is that’s who!

In April of 2007 — I appealed the Wright County decision of neglect and the Minnesota commissioner of human services reversed the Wright Co. CPS decision that I had neglected my children in the first place. So, all this happened for nothing. However, it was too late for us to be a family again; they were already in the process of being adopted in the state of Louisiana.


  1. Melissa

    I just read your post and can NOT believe and am very saddened by this!!! I cried thinking about your little angel. I’m sorry. I am actually looking into fostering children in wright county and while researching, stumbled a across this posting. I have a 2 year old myself and cannot imagine the pain you have gone through. GOOD for you for keeping on them to get your kids out of harms way. I commend you for that. I am so so so so sorry that your little ones had to feel pain and that you were stuck without being able to do anything. 🙁 This is a HORRIBLE story from the county in which I reside.

  2. kelsey

    OMFG the sad part is I use to live in Albertville those people could have been my neighbors. Wow I know there is nothing I can say to make you feel better about thist. But I am so so sosos sorry about what has happened you your childern.

  3. Fostering Ignorant

    So why can’t you get your children back? And you never mentioned why they were taken from you in the first place. Can you please fill us in?
    It’s never too late if you did everything they asked of you to do. Did you do counselling and other things they asked? I don’t understand why you haven’t mentioned anything YOU did to get your children back. It seems more about bringing down the people who messed up while fostering your children.
    Will your family be getting them now?

  4. Lisa Armstrong

    Why so hard on the mother? You know I have 4 kids and never came close to taking them away. I am a criminal justice student in Illinois. Here in Illinois we try to unite the family’s. Obviousy the children loved their mother if you read between the lines. In law enforcement the key is descretion.Its the people that just assume that the parent was dispacable ot cruel to their children.Personally I think you are closeminded and I am releived that you are not part of the legal system. Everyone of your questions were laced with venom. Just remember these things when someone close to you has a problem and they do everything they have been told to and lose their children anyway. I would not have answered you either with that tone of mentality.

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