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Someone Playing Games?

Back in July a story ran on KPTV’s Fox 12 out of Oregon about a father who was accused of kidnapping his own child.

Baby Found Safe; Father Surrenders

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Child Protective Services took a 2-month-old child into protective custody Saturday one day after deputies said they were “very concerned” for his welfare.

Andrew Christiansen was taken by his biological parents in the Vancouver area sometime after Sunday, deputies said. A court order mandates that Child Protective Services take the baby boy from his parents.

The court order stems from concerns over the living environment at the home of Nicholas and Shondra Christiansen, deputies said. Authorities also said there have been previous domestic violence issues between the Christiansens at their house.

On Wednesday, police arrested the mother, Shondra Christiansen, in Springfield. The child was not with her at the time of her arrest and she was not cooperating with investigators, said Sgt. Scott Schanaker in a sheriff’s office news release.

On Saturday, Nicholas Christiansen called 911 turned himself in, deputies said.

He was jailed on a charge of custodial interference and an unrelated domestic violence charge.

Father Responds to Allegations

Just today we received a response from the father, regarding the allegations made in this article.

I am emailing you in regards to the article that ran on KPTV in mid July over Andrew Donavyn Christiansen.

I am Nicholas Christiansen, the father that was allegedly on the run with my son. I want to know exactly what I did wrong, but CPS will not give me any straight answers.

There were no papers served, no phone calls made, or anything of the sort, with anybody even hinting at the idea that CPS had a protective order and were coming to take my son. I got into an unrelated fight with my roommates (hence the domestic violence charge) and went down to Eugene to cool off for a bit, since we have a lot of friends down there.

State Workers Lie

While driving we received a phone call that we are on the news and they are trying to take my baby. Tell me, what would you do, if you got a phone call that the state was trying to take your baby?

Well, since I turned myself in, a lot has happened. CPS reneged on the deal they made — that my son could stay with my mother. The social worker, Nancy Bailey, said that it was her opinion that my mother knew that Shondra was doing illegal things and concealed them from CPS and therefore was unfit to take care of my son. Not true.

Foster Care vs Kinship Care

Andrew Christiansen has been in foster care since I turned myself in, but this weekend he is going to my uncle in Oregon, under a CPS interstate compact for relative care. I am still awaiting a trial date for custodial interference 1 and assault 2 DV (domestic violence), although I got bailed out of jail.

This whole time, Nancy has been telling me that she wanted me to have a psychological evaluation to see if there is anything wrong with me, yet has not followed through with it. I even went to the VA hospital in Oregon, since I just got out of the Marines in February of this year and I am still eligible for VA healthcare.

She said that wasn’t good enough and wanted one that her agency would provide, yet has failed to provide one as of yet. She has been talking about this since I got bailed out, in late July.

Shondra has since been extradited from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington to stand trial on the custodial interference charge. She is pleading not guilty as am I, because there is no proof that what we did was malicious or criminal, yet my son is still in protective custody for reasons that are beyond me.

If anybody has any further questions or wants to just talk, my number is (360) 980-4398.


  1. ed

    CPS in WA received a referral from my housing program that my girlfriend and I tested dirty, now this was a relapse, after 3 years clean not a continuos drug use.

    CPS came to our house and did a so called investigation, at that time they scared us by telling us that it will be recommended that our child 3 years old be placed in foster care. They had my girlfriend go to the office for further discussion.

    They didn’t listen to anything we had to say. They told my girl voluntarily surrender our child or they will get a court order to remove them. My girlfriend told me this and I left state to put my child in care of relatives. The police came to our apt. while I was in another state with a warrant to pick up my daughter.

    If any one reading this knows what i can do legally please email me at

    CPS is making this happen due to our past drug history. Don’t they look at how far we have come and that we have been clean for 3 years and made a mistake? How can they play God? How did they get so powerful?

    My child is not abused, neglected, molested or in anyway in harms way. How can they do this? Please I need some help from someone that knows the laws.

  2. M

    First, order a copy of agency’s policy manual. this may not seem important, but it is you can do so by filing a freedom of info. Act request. Form can be found online. This will tell you what they can and cannot do. Do not answer any Qs w/o a lawyer present. Order your records from the agency. Basically same form as manual but instead for records. Failing that try a writ of mandamus. Document all interactions tell your side this way or it probably Will not be heard. Take a parenting class offered by a local church. This will look good to a judge without being forced to. Have a the pastor document that u were present and participated have it signed. Tape record all future interactions w cps. Be sure to tell them they are being recorded. Do not sign a safety plan if you are offered one it is admitting guilt, I did not know this before I signed one. Signing a safety plan could cost you your child permanently. Make them prove the allegations in court were it counts. Request placement with relatives but not relative foster care just placement. Grandparents can file a motion to intervene, if any are available and trusted, will cooperate with u. No relative that is not working toward reunification. Do not waive your right to a trial the only time parent have due process rights is at the adjudication. Go to a place that offers drug testing and prove u are clean now today, this minute if u can. Keep a record of the results to show the judge. Since u admit to drug use make them prove any abuse or neglect, they probably cannot and our most likely just assuming that due to past history of drug use. Submit a report to the judge of everything u have done since ur first interaction w cps. Get your daughter seen by a doctor to prove she has not been medically abused or neglected, and have relative ask for documentation. If they ask for a psych evaluation do not use the one they offer but go to your own psychiatrist, unless u are court ordered. If child is taken make sure you write letters preserving your parental rights to agency, doctor, and teacher. I am not a lawyer you should get one quick.

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