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Corruption Reins!

On Wednesday evening, my children and I were having bible study at our home. Shortly after the fellowship left, the children and I were enjoying a little family time, watching television, when we heard three hard knocks on our door.

I went to the door and opened it, not realizing there were three police officers standing there. I walked outside and asked what the problem was.

They asked me my name, and how many children there are in the home.

I replied, "Three".

They stated, "We are here to take your children."

I asked in fear, "Why, what did I do?"

Corruption Reins!

The officers said, "We are here to take your children," and grabbed my right wrist twisting it behind my back. I fell to my knees and they pulled me to the curb, while hearing my children crying NO! NO!

The officers put me in the police car and signaled for a unit that consisted of three car loads of Department of Human Service (D.H.S) workers. They drove to the front of my house and took my children, and then told me if I signed the necessary papers they would let me out of the hand cuffs.

As I signed the necessary papers, one officer asked another, "Why did you give her those papers?" The other officer stated that the children are hers.

They did not tell me why they took my children away, until after I had signed the papers. I am traumatized now and do not feel safe anymore, in my own town. These officers and D.H.S. workers have traumatized my children and me. There was no probable cause for them to take away my children and the traumatic experience we had to face.

The system needs help. What must be done for the 10,000 or more children who are facing traumatic experiences just being in the system? The system is made to keep the people in the system.

It is unfair and unjust. This causes our children to grow up as angry teenagers and adults fearing the authority at hand. They rob us of our joy and destiny. Situations like this create a financial setback, for families already struggling, then to have to hire attorney, can ruin a family.

Families need liberty not legalism, free of manipulation and control.

The accusations that were recorded in the official DHS report are not accurate. They made up lies, testified falsely at court and there was no evidence of cause, for their actions. They lied numerous times in court. If I have to swear under oath (to tell the truth), why didn’t they have to?

Again the house wins; they stated my children have to go through a forensic investigation — that was not necessary. I still have a scared knee and two swollen wrist from being handcuffed too tightly and being pulled forcefully.

Please pray for our safety.

Kreshardra W.

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