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Why CPS exists!

I received the following e-mail today, from someone who obviously has her head stuck in the sand. Please respond to her post and help educate this naive person.

Dear Kidjacked,

So you have all of these stories posted about how children are abused and neglected and you think that CPS shouldn’t be there to protect these children?

Well if the parents aren’t doing their jobs then someone has to pretect the kids. CPS doesn’t get involved with families for no reason.

It sickens me to think that their are groups like yours who are against protecting kids. This is the very reason why CPS does exist.

from Indiana


  1. Earl

    I don't know where to begin. after reading these post, I see my situation has been tragic to our family, though there are just as much tragic family destruction all across our country. AND THE BIG LIE IS "IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN".

    What I have learned from our tragic case is sad. Sad that this stuff goes on in this country and particularity the corruption in the Family Law Courts of Pennsylvania. Judges have been jailed for receiving kick backs from Child Care Services companies, for placing children in their programs. It is about the money.

    These State & Federal programs are not designed to help children & families. They are designed to send Federal Money to the states to support CRONY CONTRACTED SOCIAL PROGRAMS. There is Ineptitude in law enforcement, school administrations and mostly State Children & youths Services.

    When there is domestic discord in a family and these people are involved, they drive wedges between family members. They create confusion and made a situation into something it is not. Then the solution for the parents is to pay exorbitant legal fees to the leaches of society (Lawyers) whom are part of the Family Court Clique.

    So we have Corruption from the court & judges. Greed from the lawyers and the state contractors. And ineptitude from Case Workers, Police, Judges, Lawyers, Child care contractors and the Psychological community. All of these entities receive State & Federal dollars for their services and or wages for their position.

    There's more to all of this than meets the eye of the average citizen. Programs like NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND & the like are designed by the American Bar Association & sold to congress & state legislatures as the way to Help The Children. The ineptitude of Law Makers is RAMPANT and in some cases corrupt.

    They are sometimes rewarded in re-election contributions & graft. Another big beneficiary to these programs is Big Pharmaceutical Companies. They make BILLIONS with our children on their drugs. This is not a conspiracy theory. This stuff is factual. If you love children, check it out. The Welfare Reform act of 1996 is another example of this corruption. The social engineering that has caused all of this harm to children & families has come right out of the Radical 60's. And implemented for various Political Agendas.

    Some of it is even called FAITH BASED PROGRAMS to enlist the Church's and Religious groups support. Church's benefiting from government dollars to maintain their existence. Common sense has told millions of us that this stuff is unconstitutional. Then we are Demonized as wacko's or as the Family Court System deems us as abusive to our children. I have lost the Love of my life after 20 years of marriage and the respect of being a DAD from 1 of my 2 daughters. After I sought help from the Family Court System for our family. Whew, what a wake up call! We lost it all.

    Our children, our love for one another, our business & all of our personal belongings of our marriage. We had our home go into foreclosure (this was predicted by a CYS worker to my oldest daughter). What a Dolt this woman was. All over my wife's poor psychological health. So I can relate to the pain of these people in these post. I have not abused no one, was not ever charged with abusive behavior and yet I lost 2 beautiful teenage daughters to the filthy system of GREED and CHILD ABUSE.

    My kids had a loving home and financial security, I managed to save our home and my oldest daughter has come home and started college. After she turned 18 and the State just released her. Thank God she had a home to come to. Our financial security is gone. 20 years of building our lives just tore apart by the expense of this and loss of revenue because of this STUPIDITY. Nothing is the same as it was and my depression & poor mental health caused by the actions of CYS has never been considered by these DOLTS. My hope is that someone will find this information helpful in their duress. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  2. Allie

    Many places are different. I am involved in the foster care community here, and in every foster care class we are reminded that the goal is reunification and the standards are not very high for the birth parents. So we always have to help the child and parents be able to live together again.Unfortunately, some of my classmates were in other foster care agencies where the foster kids were just a paycheck and not taken care of well.Some kids do need to be taken from their parents. In my county over half of kids in care go to their relatives. The abuse / neglect has to be pretty substantial. They recognize that removal of a child is extremely traumatizing.I know the situation is different in other places. We happen to be near a large research university that provides the latest training as to what works and what doesn't.Someone I know well almost lost their young kids because they knew the "real" names for their private parts. I guess all those people who do abuse their kids teach them body names too?

  3. denwhi

    Child Protective Services are liars and baby stealers. They make big bucks from doing this. They work with lawyers, judges, schools, and other professionals in order to keep children from their LOVING parents and homes. They are literally the devils’ advocates. Why do you think you see all of the real abused children slipping through the cracks???? When do you ever hear or read about stories of truely abused children being rescued??

  4. Kidjacked Editor

    Earl, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing the horrible truth. I don’t know what it will take to open people’s eyes. It’s like they walk around with blinders on.

  5. Jay Smith

    Hello All,

    I am a father of two little girls and a step-son. I will not go into detail because I am currently fighting for custody and social services is monitoring these websites. I know I sound paranoid but I tested it and I confirmed it. They wrote back on an entry I made.

    You are absolutely correct in what you are saying about the system. I will not go into detail about my case because these people work on stifling speech. I am not crazy and neither are you. This is real! The only thing I fear is that nothing will be done about these injustices until after my children grow up. My children will then have to deal with a lifetime of post traumatic stress disorder.

    Psychologists will continue to label everyone and create an atmosphere of confusion in order to keep people involved in their treatment programs. The judges, lawyers, law enforcement, social workers, psychotherapists and the media will continue to push this agenda forward. There is an evil agenda which is slowly progressing in our society. Pray that it be stopped. God Bless You All! God Bless Our Children. I write this with great fear of being made a target by this system. Be very careful!

  6. Reality

    Anyone who truly cares for Children will want to fully-educate themselves before taking on the “It must have happened for a reason” stand. Yes there’s a “reason” alright…but it’s not always the parents.

    If you Google “CPS Corruption” – “CPS Misconduct”, you will surely be as disgusted as I am. Our Country pays out HUGE sums of money for Juvenile and Foster Care Children. For example, some Placements receive around 200,000$ PER YEAR/PER CHILD!

    In other words…there are big cash Incentives for any/all State Employees (ie; Judges, Placements, Workers, ect) to “remove children” from their Homes and toss them into State Care, whether it be Juvenile or Foster.

    The removal of Children is the “Bread-N-Butter” that many State Employees are making a living off of. So much so that two well-known phrases are now in place for it “Legal Kidnapping” and “State Sponsored Child Abuse”.

    There are twice as many children being abused/neglected while in State Care than there are in their OWN HOMES. Those are the facts sadly. Another problem that involves “big numbers”, is the staggering amount of kids “drugged-up” in State Care.

    They are being sent into over-populated Foster and/or Group Homes, ect. Once there, they then (often) lack proper diet; medical-care; you name it. In addition, it is ALWAYS the “poverty-stricken-families” that are losing their kids.

    Why? Because they cannot afford good Legal Representation. 9 out of 10 live in low income areas where you have more uneducated people who use CPS/DHS as a “weapon” against a neighbor or family member that they’re simply “mad at”.

    By CPS’s OWN admission [at least in my State] about 90% of their Complaints are from angry neighbors and/or family members; using the System to take out Revenge.

    In 90% of the cases reported that are true, it is normally a case of Neglect on the part of the families, who again are poor and under-educated.

    If our States would simply use the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS it takes to remove/place these kids, and rather spend it on Education/Parenting Classes, ect; many of these Families could be repaired and kept together.

    The truth is, even with abused-neglected kids, they still “love/want” their Parents and do not want to be taken away. Obviously some kids are being “seriously” abused and must be removed.

    However, once educated you’ll find that only a very small fraction of the total-calls made to CPS actually involve those (serious) cases. Most of the cases clogging-up CPS do not fall under true “Abuse” terms.

    Kids want to be with the people they “know”, not ripped apart and thrown into strange new homes, with “Strangers” as Parents. In addition all the Siblings are split-up as well. THAT should be considered “Child Abuse”.

    In fact, even more-so because these children were taken in the name of “so-called-protection”, and end up worse off, or dead in some cases.

    For children to *truly* be protected from the Abuse, we all need to step-up and start demanding Reform within the Child Protection Agencies/Juvenile Justice System/Government THEMSELVES.

    More people over-seeing “them” and their decisions/funding practices. And lastly, more help [ie; Parenting Classes; Therapy; Anger Management Skills, ect] for the parents/families that are simply over-whelmed; poor; under-educated, ect, ect.

    This Site is not for people who are pro-abuse. It’s here for the Parents who were “abused” by having their Children stolen and placed “up-for-sale” by their State. It’s about reforming a fragmented-system..for the very sake of the kids!

  7. Kidjacked Editor

    Dear Leah from Indiana,

    What sickens me is that you support a system that is broken beyond repair, without even doing your own research and understanding the issues. CPS removes far more child than they should. They don’t keep track of the children they do take and many are unnecessarily medicated.

    As someone intimately familiar with foster care, I can tell you first hand, I was safer living on the street that I was living in foster care, where I was molested and abused; treated worse than my own parents were accused of treating me.

    What kind of heartless, uncaring person can stand by and watch innocent children being stolen from their own parents for the almighty dollar and innocent parents being accused of all kinds of abuses. Far too many children die each year in foster care and no one cares.

    It is not a crime to be poor but by and large, the poor are losing their children to the state in record numbers. Wake up America! Do you have to lose your own children before you understand the issues at hand?

  8. Melissa Hannah

    Help Please. I have a story that I really want to share about my son. I need a real email address I can send my story to. I tried to sign up, but I am it will not go through?? Why? Melissa Hannah 1-865-577-8991

  9. Melissa

    To Leah,
    I am new to this site and not sure how the post work. I don’t see any replies from you, so I don’t know if you review them.

    I don’t blame you for the way you feel because I myself thought the way you do not to long ago. I don’t know your age, which again may not have anything to do with this because as I stated before, I thought the same way you do.

    I now may lose my grandchildren because their mother whom is 17, went to cps for help, to better her and her babies lives and get out of a bad enviroment that she was in with her family, a decision she now regrets as she is in for the fight of her life to get her kids back.

    These workers have lied on her, made false accusations about her and when she told things that the fostercare providers she was living with did, they covered not only themselves but covered for their providers as well. They have took the kids from her because she will be 18 in 1 week and they know longer need her, but her babies are 5-months and 2-years-old.

    You see, the state (KY) gets over $4,000 a month, for each of her babies and as stated to me, by one of the fostercare providers they placed her with they get $750 a month for each child placed in their home.

    I am willing to bet if they were asked to foster out of love and companionship there would be O foster homes but if there was someone willing to do it for free then I would be all for this system. There are signs on every street begging for fosterparents/adoption parents and it is listed in every job booklet you pick up at the grocery store. WHY??? MONEY plain and simple.

    If you go to petfinders the fosters there do it for free and some even take on 2nd jobs to cover the cost of the animals they bring into their homes. If only our children were so lucky, to have that kind of love, and generosity when times are hard. Again I don’t even know if you will see this reply, but if you do, I suggest you go to your local court house, and just go to the family court area and listen to the stories you will hear and the kids that are torn from their parents and thrown in with strangers who truly care about money not the children.

    I find it funny how poverty keeps coming up in all the sites I’ve looked at and can you imagine what would happen if they gave the family $750 a month for their children, if they had a drug problem why not put that money toward rehab for the family? If they are jobless that money could go toward an education. Homeless? They could buy a house with a payment like that.

    Of course I am not saying that if you have a child the government should hand you money, but if they can take your child, put them with strangers whom only care about the money, wouldn’t the money be better served helping the family better, whatever their situation is, I mean, since the system has so much to put into stranger hands.

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt you to go talk to young adults coming out of this system, listen to the horror stories these people had to live through in the system and then say this system is to help children. Yes, some parents make mistakes or have some misfortunes in life, but again the money they spend on taking children away from their parents would be better spent on helping the family better their situation.

    I hope you never have to deal with this system first hand, I wouldn’t wish this kind of inhumanity on anyone.

  10. Kristina Woolfson

    Dear Leah – I used to be like you, until I had the misfortune of being involved in the system. It is so broken beyond repair it’s unreal. And yes, CPS does get involved for no reason. Anyone can make up a story, that’s all that’s needed and then boom they are involved. Once that happens you are done for.

    Colorado courts are the worst excuse for a judicial system I have ever seen. They care not about justice or truth, they only care about convictions and bonuses. They are all about the numbers.

    My family is a good Christian family, normal people who volunteer, work, kids are clean, well behaved, well fed, play sports. Then someone made up an allegation and that’s all it took. They did their forensic interviews, it was unsubstantiated, they did their interviews with family, unsubstantiated. And yet, because someone who was angry made up a story, they have destroyed my family and my children.

    So before you talk about something you have no knowledge of, experience it. In a split second a lie can destroy your family and your life.

    My children are now in therapy because they don’t know how to handle this. Luckily I still have my children, for now, until CPS decides to take them away. My husband was not so lucky, he hasn’t been able to speak to them since January. The only thing I can say is daddy loves you my angels and we are doing everything we can to fight and get him home.

  11. Michael W.

    WOW… I am so glad I found this site. Leah, looks you you hit and ran. Sure wish you would come back. Your gonna miss out on some eye opening experiences. If you intimately read what these human beings are sharing, you will realize that you have been scammed by the very people you were raised to trust. You see, we were raised to trust a policeman, our judges, our teachers, priests, preachers, but especially our courts. By the peolpe, for the people, truth shall always prevail, truth shall set you free, innocent before proven guilty. Sound familiar? Just a few concepts that I think we all have been taught to trust and believe by an early age.

    This is all brain washing. Remember being taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America? Well, as adults we find that it wasn’t true at all. We read that he was lost, thought he was in India, called the native people, Indians??? We learned that the Native Americans were beautiful, loving, trusting, people. After years of being taught they were savages.

    When traumatized by the very government and people we have been trained to trust our entire life, the center of our core, the “I” within, is completely shattered. Devastated, shocked, abandoned, by the very system we were told was in place to protect us from evil. I am in hope that this wake up for you happens earlier rather than later in your life.

    My children were kid jacked from me by my government. With the help of CPS, a Child Psychologist and my own attorney. They put me in jail for 365 days. No letter from my kids, ever. They were told by their mom that I had just left and didnt know where I was. On day 366 I was handed a restraining order that said I can not try in any way to contact my children. I did not see their faces for over 5 years. I did nothing wrong except file for divorce. My ex-wife, in attempt to get full custody, told CPS that I was molesting my 6 year old. They instructed her on how to find a Dr. to file a report of abuse. They showed her the path to make something that never happened, seem like it happened. The judge, prosecutors, CPS, police dept., are a well oiled team of conviction artists.

    My story is at


  12. M

    Hi, I want to tell my story. I will try to protect my identity because of CPS.

    My mother was investigated numerous times because of one person filing complaints. The only complaints were the dishes and laundry were not done. I was young at the time. State convinced my mother 2 give me and my sisters to our aunt. She was paid by the state to take care of us.

    During that time my mother died. She would have lived if she could have afforded some antibiotics. She was in a wheelchair due to a genetic medical condition. I saw her at the hospital, for the 2nd time that I remember 2 weeks before she died. I have the same genetic condition.

    I was raped by my cousin for several years. I got the nerve to tell someone — a school counselor. The judge treated me as if I wanted my cousin to rape me, saying it was just incest, as if I consented, which I did not. The social worker assigned to me told my sister she did not care what happened to me. By the time I was placed in a safe home with a relative I was almost an adult. If cps had not “protected” me I would never have been raped.

    Excuse me but I could have lived with a few dirty dishes or laundry and been perfectly happy and safe w/ my loving mother. Wake up people cps is usually called for very little to no reason and if you think these people are helping children take it from one who was supposedly helped they destroy lives. They break up families. They ruin everyones lives they touch. Don’t use the rare examples of abuse as an excuse to encourage the breakup of loving families.

  13. Harold Mc Bride

    Dear Leah, Maybe you ought to change your name to ostrich because you apparently have your head stuck in the sand!!! my six week old grandaughter was KIDJACKED by Reno police acting on info from CPS @ 9 :30 pm. the reason? CPS claimed my she was not gaining enough weight the worker said it should be one pound a week (the average is six ounces a week)

  14. M

    Demand that the doctor perform a chromosome test to check for abnormalities if she has turners or a form of it, low weight gain could be the problem and not neglect

  15. M

    Also, if they refuse to cooperate which they probably will, file a motion to intervene then ask the doctor to do a chromosome study. Also any family history of genetic problems may be useful as well. I am not an attorney but it is your federal right to make this request. Also her legal parents have a right to request a chromosome study. If you do get custody take thechild to a genetic specialist to substantiate any medical problem and get records for proof. You can help clear your Childs name, if in fact they are innocent. Also since it is medical, keep copies of all height/weight info and request it before you leave any medical facility. Hope this helps you in your fight.

  16. Rabeka

    I didn’t read the comments to this post before posting my response so sorry if I repeat anything that anyone has said….but….

    This person obviously has a problem accepting the fact that a system built to protect children is destroying them and happy families for profit instead of what it was built to do….and the ONLY REASON they don’t want to believe it is that it means that their family is at risk of this happening to them and they don’t like that threat so they quickly judge us parents who were wronged saying that we parents who lost our kids must have done something to deserve what we got…but in fact all we did was trust some family or friend or a family member or friend wanted our kids for their own…simple as that…thats what it boils down to…

    How do they do it? make up trash to tell the state about us and once taken down as a statement suddenly that statement is turned into facts…and anything we the parents have is hearsay and dismissed from court…so ya whatever lady you need to wake up and smell the coffee its happening more often than you think and those children who are actually abused and neglected are being returned to their abusive families….and the ones who were far from abused or neglected but were taken because of false allegations are permanently removed from their loving homes indefinitely…

    Sorry but the sooner you realize you are at risk the better off you are going to be…unless your one of those kiss butt type of person with brown on your nose and kiss up to everyone around you so you don’t get grudges against you so you are not at risk of having someone want to get revenge on you…nor do you allow people to get to know your children for fear they may want them for their own…cause thats all it takes…a grudge…a desire…a get even…whatever the case just one call and your kids are taken no questions asked just bam out of no where no warning no nothing…even if you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing…it still happens and no matter how off the wall the stories the state has on you…proving them wrong is impossible cause again that hearsay rule throwing anything and everything you possibly can take to court out and not admissible to court.

    I dont think we have to justify ourselves to you the ignorant but thats my best explanation I can explain in such terms that maybe just maybe a person as ignorant as yourself could possibly understand it.

    Hope you realize this is real and not a waste of time…and it is something to be concerned about…did you know that fostercare children are abused and killed more often than not? Did you know that? I bet you didn’t….the news dont like to point things like these out but they are out there if you did some research before bashing a site like this that supports us victims of injustice…I mean common your backing up the most corrupt government organization out there…they charge the parents back child support which they retain by taking all of the parents taxes and even garnish out of their paychecks….then they require the adoptive parents to pay the same amount to the state as the parents pay so they are doubling their money…so its more profitable to adopt the kids out…otherwise they strike even with sending the kids home….and sending the abused children home is also profitable cause they get to go back and fish them out again and again getting more and more child support from them and pray the kids dont get killed in the process….

    So ya…hello wake up…smell coffee…whatever you have to do to understand this is serious and truth…and truth hurts and scares the poop right out of us but ya know what….sometimes reality sucks…you have to get used to it….or back the hell off before you get hurt….

    sorry if you were abused as a child and wish you had a system that would of saved you like the one they supposedly have…but truth is you probably would have went into a foster home on and off throughout the years and would have ended up more worse off than you are today…hating the world for not saving you etc. you would make a great social worker who bashes people without knowing facts…


  17. Kimm Sloan

    I am mostly in agreement with what you guys are saying here. But I didn’t have the same experiences as you guys. I was in a situation where my ex raped my oldest daughter. And as soon as I found out I left him. I went back to him about 2 mos. later, but that was to get the truth (police didn’t arrest him for almost a year). Anyway when I did SRS told me my oldest could not come which I understand. They did not take her, she went to live with my mom. I left him again after finding out the truth once and for all, my youngest daughter was molested by 4 boys where we lived.

    She went to live with their other gma for awhile. I went to live with my mom and I had 3 of my kids with me. Then the other came home and I had them all. SRS, and a detective came to our home and questioned the kids, because my oldest son was being accused of molesting his Aunt and Sister which in therapy we found out he was, due to being exposed by his step dad with his sister.

    Anyway they came in there, and took all 3 of my kids. That was the hardest part, there was no reason to take them. That was a Wed. on Fri. we go to court, and they say they just have to assess the situation and make sure that everyone is safe.

    So, my son goes to live with my sister and the other 3 are coming home with me. About a week later, my sister decides there is too much going on and she can’t do it. So they take my son to another town about 4-5 hours away. So now I have 3 kids at home with me.

    They make sure we do family therapy once a mo. with my son coming down they bring him for that.
    We all are together and everything is fine. We get them ind. therapy and family therapy, as time had went on I found a new husband, and my son comes home.

    He was gone for 6 mos. But since my sister wasn’t living with me any longer he could come home.
    Well about 3 mos. before that, my other two were taken due to the fact that their gma wanted temp. custody of them until I got things in order.

    I had a lawyer but he lived out of state and so therefore he did find me until after I let my kids go live with their gma.

    I am doing this in bits and pieces so bare with me. After I agree to let my kids go live with their gma, he finds me. He worked with me and the court system to get them all home with me. My oldest daughter was with me already, then My oldest son came home that Dec. about 6 mos. after being in foster care and what not.
    My youngest son came home in March of the next year, and we don’t get my other daughter home until Jan. of the next year.

    Was it hard? Hell yes it was hard! But IMHO they didn’t try to take my kids away. They knew I didn’t do anything wrong. It was a situation where they didn’t know all that had took place, I didn’t know it all. Until some time later. I took my situation, assessed it, and did what everyone asked of me. Was I upset, mad, crying? Yup sure was. I blamed myself part of the time, I think most ppl would. And now I blame my ex husband.

    And the justice system is way worse than SRS. SRS helped me, the woman I worked with wanted nothing but the best for my kids and I.

    I know of ppl that lost their kids because of domestic violence, substance abuse, hoarding/chaotic homes that are filthy.

    Those are reasons to take kids out of a home until those things can be rectified. I know that some ppl are accused and they didn’t do things wrong. I complied with everything, I did what my lawyer told me, I never stopped praying.

    I know how bad the system can be I was involved in it for years, but I know that they do protect some kids.
    They protected mine, because of the sensitive issues at that time. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they don’t. But I don’t believe you can blame the states protective services all the time for everything. I know some are corrupt I get that, but sometimes they make mistakes too.

    So anyway that’s my two cents, hagd all….

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