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WA: Infant Stolen by CPS

My name is Kathy A., I live in Tacoma, Washington with my husband. In 2006 I involuntarily lost my rights to my daughter to C.P.S.

The thing is I turned my ex-husband in for child abuse and they took my baby girl from me.

Now, 3-years later I got together with the love of my life and we had a handsome baby boy in May and 21-hours after he came home, C.P.S took him from us. He is still in foster care.

We received a letter 2-weeks later from the caseworkers supervisor. We have done nothing wrong. Our little guy will be 1-year-old on May 18th and he is only 19-pounds and does not crawl, and is not trying to walk. Because of them he is 3-months developmentally behind.

Do you have any suggestions for us God bless?

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  1. Deb Brown

    Wow… what is going on with Child Protective Services in your state. You are the second poster from that state to have this same complaint. There are so, so many children living in real abuse/neglect situations where their state’s Child Protective Services have done nothing – claiming that until the parent does the baby actual harm their hands are tied.

    Or they call and make an appointment which ultimately prepares people to be on their best behavior during the visit. All the states need to uniformly adopt some kind of federal legislation clearly defining CPS’s role and provide them with a check list for them to fill out to justify taking a child from it’s home. Sometimes I think they do the right thing, most of time I think they have too many cases and are overwhelmed… in your situation I just don’t understand it as it seems like they are seeking out problems that don’t exist.

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