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Permission Needed!

James writes in his thoughts on parenting. Recommends the state define all punishment as abuse. Obviously James has never been a parent. We welcome your comments. Should parents need state permission to discipline their children?

Permission Needed!

The whole child abuse thing is really hard to define. There are fine and fuzzy lines between what is considered abusive and permissible parental correction.

Each state has slightly different laws and they are applied differently.

There are a lot of really dumb parents out there and to give each of them plenary authority to administer moderate torture at only their discretion is a scary thing. All torture means is the one sided, intentional, infliction of pain upon a person for coercion or retribution.

For the most part parents could have an IQ of 25 and use moderate punishment for looking at them the wrong way or for accidents and misfortunes, for the most part this is legal, the parent need not be correct, need not have a good reason, and it’s subject only to their discretion.

Each year children die heinous deaths because a parent thought they were acting within their rights, however as poor behavior continues the punishment severity needs to increase and it often continues until a child is beaten to death.

Is corporal punishment so necessary, good, and just indispensable, to the point where the need for it outweighs any negatives? Would it not be easier if it were all per se abuse? Then there would never be any question as to the circumstances, all parents would be on notice of exactly what they can and can not do, CPS and judges would not have to examine each case carefully to look for the fine line and see if it was crossed and if so by how much.

Is the institution so great that it is worth having a huge bureaucracy to regulate it? If it was always illegal, all parents would be on notice and the police and CPS would know exactly how to enforce the law. That’s just my rant; I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, just my opinion.


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