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DHS Destroys Family!

My child was hurt by someone who was babysitting while I was at work. This same person — that I trusted — shook my baby so hard that it gave him brain damage.

My children were all taken into custody. I have done nothing wrong and I am the one who is paying for his crime. My children have been taken by DHS and I have done everything that they have asked.

DHS Destroys Family!

I have completed every parenting class that there is to take, and still they made me sign over my rights. Then, since this happened to my son I have given birth to 2 other children and they removed them from the hospital. They wouldn’t even give me a chance with them.

How can they do that to someone who has done nothing wrong? They blame me for what happened and they just wont leave my kids and I alone. I have recently got married and they told me that as long as my kids have not yet been adopted my case would not be closed. And they will continue to take my children.

So, for the past 2 ½ years I’ve been fighting for my kids and they are still not going to give them back.

Where is the "innocent until tell proven guilty?" Where is the justice?

My children and myself will be paying for a crime that someone else committed for the rest of our lives. Our family has been destroyed by DHS.

What’s even worse is that the person that did this to my son is free! He is walking the streets of Silverton free to hurt someone else, he got out on a temporary insanity plea.

What kind of justice is that?

I would like to hear from anyone who has a lawsuit against DHS, can offer any help or information. I am almost out of time. Please someone, anyone that can help me, please respond to me. My kids are counting on me.


  1. jason

    CPS stole my fiance’s children 2 days before we were gonna move to Montana, based on lies, they just came in and took the children like they were there’s. WTF!!!! How can another person tell another human your not fit have children? Who other than GOD can do this someone? Please tell me.

    I wanna punch that __________ __________ (deleted) in the face really hard. Now my fiance can’t get her children back as long as she is with me. Who do they think they are to tell people who they can love and marry?

    Oh, did I mention that 2-days before our wedding in Montana, we were coming from Oregon the land of baby snatchers — not kidanappers but government baby snatchers. Any ideas please? Can anyone help me?

  2. Conceal my name

    DHS took my son. Said I “posed a threat” to him. EVEN after it was proven I wasn’t, significant time had passed. During that time, they had weekly meetings with him. TOLD him “your dad is going to jail, you may end up in foster care, so tell us what he has said.”
    In the end, they testified in court against me with baseless accusations, with them saying “Mr. SO and SO didn’t follow our rules so he shouldn’t get to see his son.”
    Here it is a year later, and I can’t see him.

  3. MikeO

    Yep … DHS effectively SNATCHES children from their families, and whenever they chose to do so, they LIE and MAKE-UP purely false allegations about GOOD PARENTS to maintain control of the children they SNATCH! It happened to me back in 1992. DHS took my daughter away from her mother who resided in Oregon due to sexual abuse that was done by her mother’s then boyfriend. I reside in Texas, and I did all that I could to obtain custody of my then 12 y/o daughter. All my efforts failed. I worked with a DHS employee named Kathleen Jorgenson back then, and she SEEMED as if she cared, but that was just a FRONT and BS.

    Fortunately, I located my daughter in 1998, very soon after her 18th birthday, and started developing a good relationship with her. BUT, during the summer of 2009, I got a rather frantic telephone call from my daughter … “Dad, have you ever been in prison?” WHAT??? Have I ever been in Prison??? NO … I have never been in prison!

    In a luncheon between my daughter and her adoptive father, it was finally revealed that the DHS Worker told my daughter’s adoptive parents that “Her mom is in a mental institution, and her dad is in prison in Texas.” That was supposedly the reason my daughter was placed-out for adoption in 1992-1993. Please understand that a “Home Study” was performed here in Texas prior to that out-placement, and DHS new damn good and well that I was NOT in Prison.

    Yes, I do have a HALF-Brother who was convicted in Texas in 1990 for molesting little boys … he remains in prison in Texas to this day, as he is serving 2 life sentences. However, I am NOT my brother, and I should NOT be nor should I ever have been victimized by the Oregon DHS due to my brother’s crimes.

    I would so love to find an attorney to help resolve this mess. Is it too late??? Doesn’t “DISCOVERY” of SLANDER apply???

  4. anonymous

    DHS took our child and has bounced her from home to home without me even knowing about the moves until either my daughter whom is only 4-years-old tells me or this time they called 15 mins. before visitation to tell me they moved her but don’t know when I will be able to see her again…

    I am so angry with them they have tormented my child!! She use to be really active but know she’s drawn away from everything that she use to love to do it makes me sick to my stomach to think about this but yet I do everyday because my life is not normal with out this sweet lil girl right by my side.

    I have pics of my child’s spine being bruised on numerous occasions and the last time was really recently I have a lawyer I’m talking to, I just hope he can help us in some way to get our baby back.. I feel like she’s growing up without us in her life. The thing is they accussed me of being on drugs so I have taken the hair folicile and several times had to do urine samples, and my husband and I passed them all.

    Our system is so broken I don’t know if there is any hope to get things back on track….

  5. 5803019324

    I feel the same way idk what to do my youngest was only 4 months old when taken! he will be 6 months tomorrow and i feel like he willo be grown ands walking before hes home and all for nothing but lies from n=my ex in laws which they have tried 12 other times before now! Hes my 4th baby and last please help i dpnt want him to grow up without us watching i sweaqr on th holy bile im innocent i know how hard this is to believe/understand bc i find myself questioning after reading some stories but then i remember my story and i believe yall!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! what if I take them to another state? will I be in trouble? Will they come after us????

  6. michelle miller

    I have a problem with dhs in iowa..Angie Meyers (social worker) lied to the judge and its on paper… I’m going to fight this and I think we can change this stupid backwards system if we get together and fight… I’m wiling to go take it to obama if I have too… it needs to be known that we are all not going to take it and we want change NOW! DON’T LET THEM HURT ANOTHER FAMILY!
    you can contact me @ michellekjacques on facebook lets do something….

    One mouth is quiet… a million is world stopping!

  7. momof9

    A judge was told by DHS that I was so high on meth I couldn’t take care of my kids so they had to take them. 6 weeks of drug tests still wasn’t good enough for them so we contacted the Governor’s Advicite and e-mailed our story and 3 hours after the Governor’s office got involved we got our kids back.

    They took my 3 year old granddaughter, because my son, his wife, and Nicole lived with me and she ended up being adopted by her other grandma, because they say my son and daughter-in-law aren’t good enough parents because they live with us and we support them.

    How many families are living the same way because of our president? Why do they get to keep their kids? My son and daughter-in-law don’t live with me anymore because of DHS and my son has a masonry job, but their daughter is gone, what are their rights now. The other grandmother refuses to let them talk to her or see her and now my sweet, happy, loving granddaughter has serious emotional problems that grandma wants to medicate her and send her to a shrink when what she needs is her mom and dad, us, and all her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

    DHS has been given too much control they steal your babies and then threaten and blackmail parents to keep them. They lie and commit purgery without getting in trouble, we as a nation and families need to join together to stop DHS and keep our families together.

  8. Vicki Lambou

    michelle miller….I am with you if we unite we can fight….divided were are labeled one crazy lone wolf! there are a million michellekjacques on FB …..need your email address….

    mine is

    tired of the lies and the destruction of the family!

  9. sadmom

    Dhs took my son my baby boy from me because my ex beat me up. I left the guy like they asked took parenting classes and did tons and tons of other bs for them and they still have not gave him back.

    I am a extremely good parent who has never done anything wrong in my life. No trouble with the law drugs or anything not even a speeding ticket but they have made many false accuzations the workers are very rude to me and insult me as a person and parent. I know my child is hurting bad from this he is only a baby under 2 I didn’t do anything wrong I love my son someone please help. I’m from des moines iowa btw

  10. James

    DHS in Oregon took my son based on a complaint. THEN offered me 1/2 hour visitations which were monitored. The number of times they canceled them is incredible. THE DHS GESTAPO lady kept shoving papers in my face telling me to ‘sign them and you’ll get more visitation.’ I TOLD her “F#$ OFF, I WANT MY SON BACK.”

    I never got my son back. THE GESTAPO agent testified for my ex wife, who was a non-existent parent for years, to have custody. Since I had to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer that didn’t do squat cause “you been accused by DHS and the judge listens to them.”

    It has now been 2 years since i’ve seen my son. he’s 17. He calls me when he can, and says he wants to come home. but his mom has had control and loves the child support she gets. ($500/mo) (funny, when I had custody, she only ever had to pay $54).

    DHS is a NAZI system. I would threaten them here, but I know the GESTAPO is listening and would probably send the FBI to my house. As they had sent DHS to my house times after to make sure I’m not ‘abusing kids’.

    I wish these agents would get their kids taken away in the same manner, but they are heartless and wouldn’t care.

  11. Serena

    What happened with your case? I found a lawsuit that someone had posted to their blog. The blog stated that the children who are true blood U.S. citizens with a name, adn their parents had their fourth amendment writes violated. The fouth amendment says that a person has the right to be secure in their persons, papers, houses, and effects against unreasonable search and siezure.

    In ’97 Bill clinton signed a bill giving a cash incentive to children adopted out. Some counties offer $4-6,000 and an extra $2,000 for “special needs” children. Learn your rights and educate yourself because they will take advantage if you allow them. You can tell DHS you want the papers so file for a review/hearing. DHS doesn’t like this kind of attention because EVERYONE involved comes under a microscope. I also recomend writing your govonor and ALL your local and state politicians. Tell them you are their contituent and the facts of the case. RAISE HELL and make them listen.

    Don’t give up!!! I wish for the best for you and your children, never stop fighting or telling others about your situation. The world needs to know and Washingtons needs to stop ignoring what they created.

  12. Maizee Rachau

    Dhs took my children on hearsay coming from another state i left oregon to get away from a domestic violence situation and came to colorado my children were taken a week later because my ex boyfriend (the abuser) called dhs and told them that i am a crack head and that i beat my children……….

    wtf i never have ever beat my children and i smoked meth one time my fucking bad my children were no where around me and now my entire reason for living is gone my babies, i have seen my children 41 times in over 6 months, this is rediculous, i went from being a single mother of 3 children and doing a dam good job at it, and now i am a no good piece of shit drug addict, i only get to see my children 2 times a week for 2 hours, how can they do this to me i am loseing my mind i dont know what to do.

    They are talking about terminating my rights, when i have been asking for a mental health counsler since the day they took my children which was 9/2/2011, and its now 2/24/2012, i have also been asking for an impatient drug rehab for over 4 months now and nothing i dont get any calls back i dont get anything please someone help me i am litterally dieing slowly and i cant take it any more my babies are my world my life my everything without them i am nothing.

  13. Larry Qualls

    I met a woman 5 years ago,,we finally decided to have a relationship, she was having a hard time so I had her phone turned on in my name and the water,,as time went along we had 3 children together ,,I lived in calif and she lived in tenn..recently DHS cut her off medical and food stamps she was told that they assumed I lived in the home altho I didnt…Then I went back to tenn to straighten things out,,We were told by her case worker when she filed for help again that she would have to add me as a family member , thats the only way dhs would help her.thats what the worker told her..I pay 700.00 amonth child support,now u tell me when is it against the law to help someone with there phone and water..????????????

  14. Kidjacked Editor

    It’s the appearance of wrong doing. You can fight it, simply take a copy of your lease to the state. That should be proof enough to prove your case. The states are hurting for money, they are looking for any reason to cut expenses. Your going to have to play the game.

  15. Amber B.

    Dhs is being covered in the media and it’s not just because of taking children away from capable parents. There are extensive reasons why they should be under scrutiny.
    It’s absolutely ludicrous that they have taken children from living families with absolute no problems with abuse

  16. Amber B.

    Dhs is being covered in the media and it’s not just because of taking children away from capable parents. There are extensive reasons why they should be under scrutiny.
    It’s absolutely ludicrous that they have taken children from living families with absolute no problems with
    abuse and out them in foster homes and in institutions with reports of sexual abuse and deaths! I mean come on people death.

  17. Tracey Davies

    it doesnt matter where you live in the world, social services kidnap children for the money they get,
    they make lies up about the parents,stop you seeing your children you are lucky if you get 1 hour of supervised visits per month,in spain they get 3000 euros per child per month they kidnap,when you bring this up in a meeting with social services,they will ban you from any meetings with the social services, i stood up to them this is what happened to me.
    i had 5 children thats 15.000 euros a month they get from stealing my children,

  18. Tavi Adams

    DHS has takenmy 2 children on allegations and harsh feelings against me because of past cases that I helped my fiance beat. Now I am in a house by my self that I bought for my children and now I don’t have them. I lost my job and now have a hard time focusing on what really matters. They came yesterday to take them and with no other reason other than lies they created like I refused to cooperate with them. They wont talk to me and if I am in the house with my fiance they ask me to leave so that they can speak with her. Wtf…Im going for a class act lawsuit here in Iowa if anyone wants to jump on the wagon with my fiance and I your more than welcome to….u may contact me any time day or not at 319-471-8058

  19. Toni

    I lost my children to DHS in Maine. My ex-husband was abusive. I had to terminate my rights. To make a long story short I divorced him. I met a new man who I love and he is a good man., WE want to have a baby together. I moved from Maine to Florida. Will they take my baby? What can I do?

  20. Annette M. Hall

    They can if they find out. IF you don’t have any medical problems, get a mid-wife and have your child at home. The hospital shouldn’t run your name but why take a chance.

  21. Kidjacked Editor

    They can. However, IF you are healthy I suggest that you have the baby at home. Hire a mid-wife, they hospital shouldn’t run you but why take that chance.

  22. Belle

    I have never had dhs in my life until a couple yrs ago. I was told I was a good mother BUT I was going to have my rights terminated because I am on methadone a medication I have been on for 3 yrs now to stay sober off of opids. I have never abused my child really put him in harms way..

    I was lied to, manipulated by dhs. I was told I chose my methadone over my child. I feel as if I chose to be sober. I FEEL AS if they want me off of my methadone so I will use drugs and than they could have more reason to take my son. Well they took him. He is four.

    Dhs is corruption hurts hearing them say I’m a good mother BUT….. I have so much anger towards all of them. The judge said she didn’t want to terminate my rights. One day these people that work for dhs will have to go in front of God and be judged by him. That’s what keeps me sane everyday knowing one day they will meet their maker. I feel everyone that dhs has done wrongful. I know because it was done to me.

    My husband is not the bio father but is my son’s dad and cause he wasn’t the bio they still wouldn’t let him go. I fought and fought u can’t win against these people they will do whatever they want. One day u will be able to tell your children how hard u fought for them. They will come back your kids will always do.

  23. James Hickey

    I too have had my rights as a parent seriously violated. Up until a year ago, i had no history with DHS. When my rebellious 13 year old daughter acted out, after being sent to military school for promiscuous behavior and drugs, she got DHS attention and they took her into foster care immediately.

    They didn’t investigate, they just took her.

    She claimed her step brother had kissed her on the lips, and DHS called it molestation and said that i allowed it. I didn’t even know it happened. Since then, she has recanted her story, but that doesnt matter. They have since taken my other three boys into care for FALSE reasons. They say that i abandoned my kids, when i was at home with them the whole time!

    My oldest son keeps trying to testify that he was with me the whole time, but DHS absolutely will not allow it. When i had him finally subpeaned, they punished me for it, but making my one hour weekly visits unbearable. They imposed strict restrictions and have someone from the visitation place sit in a tiny room with me and my four kids! Its weird! Someone please help.

    I have done nothing wrong, but DHS is tearing my family apart. It has been over six months since my kids were taken, and DHS has done NOTHING to work toward bringing them home. I have done everything DHS has asked, and still nothing moves forward.

  24. Chris Robb

    We are fighting the agency with similar results…my family is being torn apart, and we have done a stellar job of meeting requirements, and jumping through hoops…it’s bullshit the way they can “change the rules” as they see fit, to destroy good things, good people, and good family’s. It’s apauling the shit they get away with…and there’s nobody making them accountable…if you bitch, they ignore you, if you bitch and have documented support of your bitch, they remove and replace the people you complain to, causing more confusion and delay. Check out my story, and you’ll see what I mean.

  25. michelle w

    iowa dhs is corrupted! i lost both girls b/c my oldest made abuse allegations against my fiance. i did what they said to and still they are gone. she has since written me telling me she lied about the allegations to hurt me b/c she hates me so much. shes 13. judge says she doesnt have to see me or come back home. Since when does a 13 yr old wanna live with their mom.

    any advice?? my youngest is suffering b/c of her sister and dhs refuses to look at any of my evidence.

  26. LindsayRickyJoeyChristy

    they are corrupt in every city. for years I thought Louisiana was the worst. I lived in a big city and dealt with the monsters there. they only wanted 2 of my 3 children but years later they stole my last child from me. They had been waiting like vultures.
    In your situation, you really need all the family members you can get on your side; especially your parents. But also, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone. If they think your family doesn’t give a shit what happens to the kids, they will make it near impossible for you to get them back. You may have to take them to the Supreme Court and still have your parental rights terminated. Hindsight is always 20/20 but the thing is to never allow those people to get in your life anyway, but I do understand. In your unfortunate situation, your own daughter has done this to your family. I will be praying for you but you really need your family to come at cps like they are all willing to fight for those kids, to become certified foster parents or whatever it takes or you will lose forever.

  27. Albert Pena

    Hello my life was killed when my father beat my son who has Atism Aspbugers because he was hyper.

    I called the police and yes he was arrested. The part that I hated was living with parents because the up coming divorced and then my wife told me she was moving it with a man. So my son moved in and then soon after he hurt him and the next day we where on the streets of Kansas city staying in hotels.

    DFS came out and said good job. More false hotlines calls came in and then with my sons behavior, they took him from me. When they took me to the “room” I asked for a lawyer Six times and NO you can’t get one. Out the door I went. My son was placed with a known child abuser and yes my son was physically abused and it goes on.

    My son slept on the floor for over three weeks and then his aunt rescued him and I never have seen him for over nine months. I’ve argued for ever and I will not admit to something I did wrong. My wife was accused of child abandonment in court and stood up and said yes she did and now she has him. She keeps telling me when this is over she will give him to me.

    She told the counselor that I was a sever drug addict I can’t be a addict if i had 16 8 panels through my union and hospital stays. She then said I was a severe alcoholic and no I was not I drank but when my son was born I quit drinking and Gambling no side effects. I like to not be drinking and knowing she said this crap was all a lie.

  28. Kelly Brown

    I am so sorry this is happening in your life. as you were saying in the first part of your story, “I asked for a Lawyer 6 times & was told NO” that in itself tells you “U R THE VICTIM” There is no help nor are there any resources out their for those of us who are truly innocent & truly love & want our Babies (I am the Grandma).

    The lawyer that they eventually appoint we have to stay on top of them because whose side are they really on and the private ones will give you a free 30 minute consultation to tell you they want a retainer of 5 G’s up front knowing you can’t afford it, So Yes we truly feel defeated. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT, NEVER, Send emails to the caseworker, their supervisors, the director, your secretary of state, your governor, etc…

    They don’t like that at all because they’re not use to that they’re use to winning, lying & destroying families, but they finally have to start doing things they’re suppose to do (ie…referrals for counseling, family unification, etc…) and things slowly begin to look like you have finally been heard. just know that U have a supporter we (my daughter & family are in a similar situation here in Phoenix, AZ. Also I have started a fundraiser “Families to Keep Their Children” raising money to help families in our situations with legal fees, resources, etc… and am working on other great things for families so am here to offer any help that I can. Keep your head up & NEVER GIVE UP, God Bless

  29. Charisa

    I have 3 kids my oldest just turned 19 my daughter 18 and then my youngest 6.

    In 2005, I was in a treatment center and about 2yrs prior I had given my ex the father of my 2 oldest full care. He is/was a great Dad not the best housekeeper but he had some help from me included.

    In July 2004, he decided to go to his sisters in Eugene Oregon from Portland. I stayed in treatment as we were no longer a couple. I did not hear from him for about 13 months…So I contacted DHS to see if he could be found by his record of receiving food stamps. At which time I was notified my children had been taken from him and had been in foster care for 14months.

    When I asked why I was not notified they stated they could not find me…..Keep this in mind I was on food stamps medical in state housing on state probation and was a victim of a crime that made headlines….Obviously they didn’t look that hard.

    So, I go to meet with the worker in Eugene 200 miles from my home and victim my kids. I was told what needed to be done and that my boy had been diagnosed with asbergers autism and OPD. So he needed special care that I would have to take classes for.

    As time goes by and I am jumping through their hoops I got pregnant with my new husbands son. I had him in 4/07 Cps in Portland came due to Eugene’s office calling and the Portland office said there was NO NEED for a case to be opened. So when I went to Eugene 3 weeks later I asked WHY I wasn’t getting at least temp. custody of my kids. The answer was the Judge felt that do to my Methadone treatment it wasn’t logical and that I shouldn’t even have my newborn.

    Luckily the Portland office and county thought different. As time went by my daughter grew closer to her family after 2yrs. and her denying to come live up in Portland with my Aunt (who could not take my eldest son do to his med. needs). She asked me to sign off on the open adoption I was assured that the state would make 100% positive my kids would stay in contact and I would get letter and photos 1 time a year and 2 visits and a address to mail letters gifts etc.. too……

    Now my daughter feels I gave up on them and will not talk to me since 12/12 I have contacted the adoptive parent several times in a year via facebook and email with no response when all I am asking for is a update and picture. I didn’t even get notified she went off to college in California…:(

    I want to file for my open adoption rights can anyone point me in the right direction or give me ideas. On a closing note my eldest soon comes up for 3 to 5 days 4 to 5 times a year and I still have my youngest and have had NO issues.

  30. Rachel D. Sheldon

    I gave birth to our son 12/20/13, he was colicky for over a week, his 2 week follow up checkup they found he was 10% under body weight And he was only TWO WEEKS OLD, they accused of my fiance and I of Neglecting him by not feeding him. Now I only see my son mon & fri for one hour… And jumping through hoops to do anything to him back.. We fed him every 2-3 hrs and I have plenty of witness to prove it, and they wont give him back to us.. we have a settlement court date on the 18th this month.And they said our case was a case that would be strickly on hear say because their is no evidence to prove it.. I hope things go well.. I just want my Angle back.. And thats what i have called him since they put my baby on my chest…I cry every time i think of all of this, and cry when i hear of other parents dealing with DHS. All their doing is Policing Parents. FYI this is our first child. New parents, and Children don’t come with manuals… GOD please Help all of us parents who have to deal with DHS and thier curupt ways of handleing other peoples children..

  31. Lawrence

    NAME THEM! Post as much information as you can find, verified or not, wherever you can post it. These swine love secrecy: they want their courts to be secret, they want their ‘witnesses’ to be secret, they want their names and addresses to be secret. Make sure their relatives, friends and neighbors know them and hate them as much as you do.

    The one person whom they do not think deserves secrecy is YOU! They don’t have a problem plastering your name all over the media and the internet with a lot of bogus charges and false allegations. Cops call if ‘piling on’; they figure if they hit you with enough stuff, you will plead out to one thing and they can forever point to that as justification for destroying your family.

    Don’t let them hide in their star-chamber courts! Get all the information you can find, verified or not, and POST IT! Anywhere will do: Get a free website, Get on all the discussion forums you can find (this one’s a good start), and so on. Just make sure these people get ALL the exposure you can get for them.

  32. Lea McCauley

    When are we gonna stand up people and do something about all this B/S that these MF,rZ havin takin from us and our children FOREVER….? They have protests goin on ALL over the country about POLICE BRUTALITY…. 2015 needs to be the year that we stand up and take down this CORRUPT system that has robbed our children of their innocence FOREVER, and can never be repaired..NOT WITH ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD….!!!!!! “I’M CLAMIN 2015 as the year of ‘Game on'”……..!!!!!!!!

  33. Jane Fleming

    i feel sick to my stomach, ive been dealing with dhs now for 12 months and my time is meant to be up in march where my partner n soon to be father of my unborn child is allowed back near us and all of a suddon they havnt come toa decission on what they are going to do, ive had enough im pregnant im epileptic i have 2 babies that miss there dad more than anything in the world and im finally at breaking point, we have done everything they asked just to have it all thrown back in our faces, i dont know what to do

  34. Gary Eggers

    These People you can sue in Federal Court. They are Breaking Federal Laws.They make money removing Children.Thats how they keep tax money coming their way. Welfare reform is in order now. They are like talking to a brick wall.They dont give a hoot about your kids. If they did they wojkdnt be removing children for pure BS I have had three Children removed cause I had a argument in front of a 17 year old Teenager with my wife.Floyd County Mitchell county butlur county Cerio gorto county.Mason City.

  35. Steve

    I’ve read through many of the blogs and responses on here. It appears most of you minimize your children’s suffering due to your abuse and neglect. You write about your experience and situation painting yourselves as victims. It’s pretty clear you omit most facts as your stories are not very linear in nature. While I agree their needs to be reform in child welfare, I would bet most of you had your children removed for good reason. Keep trying to convince others of a conspiracy that the government is out to take your kids for profit. Many of you should seek help for your unmet mental health needs and addictions. Wait, that might mean you have to take responsibility for yourselves and your behaviors. Stop blaming others and really make the changes necessary to be somewhat healthy adults capable of raising children, or do yourself a favor and stop having them.

  36. Amanda caprioli

    Years ago my 2 oldest children were removed and put with my mother pending son the 2 got an ear infection that got bad.the thing is when this happened he was spending the week vacationing with his grandma.but we were the ones charged with medical then husband was asked if he took drugs.he made the mistake of telling them years ago in high school he had tried it.they put him and I though a battery of drug tests,blood & urine which all came back negative every time..long story short it took a year before I got a letter saying “charges are unfounded and case with be dismissed with no prejudice”too little to late.DSS(CPS)had ripped our family apart.placed my kids in the care of my psychotic mother(who had called them in the first place(the hospital didn’t.)she did this because she wanted money.and as long as she had them she got child support from my husband and me.CPS cost me a job do to their appt reqirements.wrecked us finacally and ruined my marriage.

  37. Amanda caprioli

    But happy ending.though divorced my husband and I have and share custody of my two oldest children.they are 19 and 17 now.i missed so much time with them because of 17 year old has extream abandonment issues and depression prob.i always wonder if she would have these problems if she had never been taken from us.i have since had another child.he is 2 1/2.happy healthy and my older two adore him.but I’m always nervous everytime anyone says the word DSS.i know how they district I have to walk around on egg shells and be scared to death of someone taking my son when he does something as small as get a skinned knee.BEWARE OF DSS.keeping family’s together is never there goal..

  38. Rose Clearwater

    Long ago I was pregnant left to die on the streets from my ex, he left me with all my money. I went to a shelter thinking they would help me get back on my feet before she was even born, dhs already decided they were going to take her away without even giving me a chance.

    So I went to a maternity home thinking they could help me. Instead they treated me as a prisoner. They forced adoption agency on me and I refuse to go…I was determined to get back on my feet and give my daughter the best life she could ever have. But they made it impossible. I wasn’t able to look for work, they wouldn’t allow me to leave the maternity home to even look for apartments so we could have a permanent and stable home.

    After she was born I went to each parent classes, plus did extra classes to prove I was a good mother. I took her to her doctor appointment and kept her fed, clean and took good care of her. But when she was 4 days old dhs came in without giving me a chance to prove I was a good mother, they took her away. I left the maternity home, and found a stable home for us. I fought everyday to get back I had at least 20 letters from witnesses that knows I am good mother and even had a few witnesses call my attorney and guardian ad litem, I was two inches away of getting her back until the judge asked dhs what they thought.

    State dhs said no and then because she’s native american the native american dhs took action and took her away. Than made me leave the home I was making for us and put me in a unstable home, took my phone, took control over my money, wouldn’t allow me to have contact with my support and I had work even harder to prove that I was a good mother. I told them that she shouldn’t had even been taken away from me and to give me my baby back. A few months later they started cutting my visitation rights.

    I found out they were going to take my parental rights away. I ended up having to put her up for adoption, being promised the foster mom would allow me to see her. Dhs threatened them if they even spoke to me they would take her away before the adoption was final. It was at least 2 years I didn’t know where my baby was and one day she show up with my baby and dhs made them legally change her name, than she disappeared again with my child with no word. But the adoptive mother and I are particularly family now and I am happy about that.

    But my heart is still sore inside because my rights were taken away and no I don’t want to destroy the happy life my 3 year old, I am happy she is in my life but still angry and sad what dhs did to me and all I want to do now is stand up for myself now, now I am strong and bring justice into this and make sure the next time I have children they won’t be involved. What do I need to do?

  39. Peggy

    DHS needs the investigating not the families they destroy, well most of the time.
    I too lost my parental rights after doing every parenting class, any type of counseling you can think of, even had the counselors on my side. They got involved 45mins after my daughter was born. They did let me take her home from the hospital but all I got was lies from day 1. When she was 10 1/2 months old. I had to call the cops on her father. If I hadn’t of called the same thing would have happened. DHS would have taken her. I left for work that morning after telling Maine State Police everything that happened and left my daughter with her grandmother to babysit while I was gone. DHS came and took my daughter from her grandmother, said they couldn’t have her in the same driveway as her father. Later she was adopted by the same grandmother who lived in the same driveway. They ended up telling me if I didn’t sign my rights away my daughter would end up half way across the state and I would never see her again. She was raised pretty much by her dad (which I am grateful for but he is why she was removed? Two years ago he overdosed on heroin because of DHS, mostly. Allegations were made that he neglected her on such and such dates which were all lies but the whole case was. My daughter will be 11 soon and is being raised by drunks. She is so depressed and had never understood why and I have no answer for her. Not a clear one anyway just the ones they have us. Err didn’t cooperate after doing everything they asked.

  40. Jeanette L. Walters

    My children were taken from me and my husband (their biological father) March 13th, 2013. My daughter was 9 and my son was 11. They both just had birthday parties in February, 2013. Around February 19th, 2013, we got a call from a DHS intake worker saying she needed to talk to us, and come to the house, that my son was reported truant from cyber school 10 days. We recently found out because of their ages “truancy” was supposed to handle it. Three times the judge ordered them to return our children. They ignored him and made up things to keep our children..without even consulting the judge. We finally got our kkids home October 2014. The judge left it up to us whether we wanted to go along with them “monitoring” us for three more months, and then the case would be dismissed. W agreed because we had nothing to hide. Then they came to court with all these accusations. We have court appointed attorneys who flew by the seat of their pants. So they made up stuff..stuff that could”ve been proven as lies if someone just called the school. It was no even suggested. My children have been home only 10 their weight back, happy, and from the abusive money oriented foster mother. !0 months home and they are still in our lives. Every 6 months they get another child advocate..these people are supposed to be repreesenting our children..they IGNORE them. I need a lawyer. I have so much proof…paperwork..printed emails….

  41. Jeanette L. Walters

    I don’t get it…they say DHS main objective is to keep families together. They say it has to basically be like dire circumstances for them to remove is supposed to be like the last alternative. I believe these people these..DHS social workers…foster care social workers…and even CUA workers in Philadelphia don’t even care abt children…Don’t get me wrong: the rookie social workers start off caring and gun ho about protecting children from whoever and truly believe..if possible..with reuniting families…but I have seen every one of them change…within 30 days….to some callous social workers…almost as if someone offered them some incentive to go along with their decision. DHS took our children March 6th, 2013, because my son was 10 days truant from CYBER SCHOOL. and my husband (their biological father) proved to them that Temple and Einstein Hospital thought I was dying. Yet…we never got to speak, and the “appointed lawyers” never even remembered what we looked like unless we waved to them. We have had over 10 dhs workers, child advocate social workers and cua workers check our home, even after they were returned home almost two years later. The judge ordered them to send the kids home…they always found a reason not to, through the greedy foster mother, whom, the first foster care social worker, after seeing the children clean and well fed in another home, said “some foster parents are just in it for the money” Yet to save her job, this same worker returned them back to their abusive foster home. Mind you..our kids were taken from 10 days of truancy for my son…she said she had to take them both if one was reported. They have NEVER been away from us their entire husband is retired and I am permanently disabled. We never needed a babysitter. My children are TRAUMATIZED. The foster care worker told my daughter to recant her story of something happening to her in the foster they think she lied…WE NEED A LAWYERS…but..every lawyer we talk to seems scared…these people have A LOT of power..they are like the underground mob…We have paperwork, receipts, letter from the entire chain of command from DHS stating specifically they informed the DHS social worker to return our kids…we have taped conversations where the worker said hersupervisors are not in court so she does not ave to listen to what they say…yet every lawyer out here is so fast to want to take the case pro is as if..Idk they were paid off or scared to death and disappeared…..

  42. Teresa Yates

    I’m desperate to try and find some help for my daughter, she is 18 and her son has been removed from the house. My daughter has been told that what the cps caseworker did was illegal and they are in the process of placing him permanently with the state. As luck would have it, his foster parents want to adopt him….my daughter has done nothing to try and help herself, I have told her repeatedly to find an attorney instead of the pd they have assigned her. She’s afraid if she does anything that they will not let her have her son back. She is currently thinking about leaving state and her son and starting over elsewhere, she says the caseworker has told her that nothing will be done to her if she does. Can anyone help???

  43. Kidjacked Editor

    You obvious have never had to deal with the child snatchers, I hope you never do. You are part of the problem. Hope you figure things out before they come after YOUR children.

  44. Amanda Milbrodt

    Pardon, but Steve is an absolute idiot. Anybody who has been approached by DHS/CPS, etc; knows that it is almost impossible to escape their tyranny. Only family is allowed to be your support network and anyone who is approved to “help” you is only there for those monsters. You never know how or if you can refuse their “help.” And they will claim you have “kidnapped” your child if you don’t relinquish your custody to them. They lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate everyone. If you don’t do exactly what they say; you are screwed. I lost custody of my son and after over 22 months, they decided if I did not leave his father; despite proof of danger- my rights would be terminated. They never had any actual proof. They won based entirely on hearsay, speculations, and kiss-asses. And our so-called family was totally against us. Convinced the court that we did not even love our son or know anything about caring for a baby, and that daddy was violent and crazy.

  45. Janet

    My children were A & b students in my care, but with my divorce my ex convinced DFS that I was crazy and I proved via shrinks etc this not to be true. I have records where an assigned counselor told my children that I molested them one time when they were 3. My daughter told them no mommy doesn’t do those kinds of things. Repeatedly I proved my innocents and they finally came up with a diagnosis of histrionic and with my ex’s prodding terminated my rights. My children since have been in psych wards, given drugs for behaviors, put on IDP’s for learning etc. I have kept all the documents to prove my case and do not have anymore money to fight the state of Missouri. My children have been told I am a terrible person and that I have abandoned them. Now my daughter is lost and my son is too. Everyday my heart aches and I say daily prayers for them.

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