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DHS Destroys Family!

My child was hurt by someone who was babysitting while I was at work. This same person — that I trusted — shook my baby so hard that it gave him brain damage.

My children were all taken into custody. I have done nothing wrong and I am the one who is paying for his crime. My children have been taken by DHS and I have done everything that they have asked.

DHS Destroys Family!

I have completed every parenting class that there is to take, and still they made me sign over my rights. Then, since this happened to my son I have given birth to 2 other children and they removed them from the hospital. They wouldn’t even give me a chance with them.

How can they do that to someone who has done nothing wrong? They blame me for what happened and they just wont leave my kids and I alone. I have recently got married and they told me that as long as my kids have not yet been adopted my case would not be closed. And they will continue to take my children.

So, for the past 2 ½ years I’ve been fighting for my kids and they are still not going to give them back.

Where is the "innocent until tell proven guilty?" Where is the justice?

My children and myself will be paying for a crime that someone else committed for the rest of our lives. Our family has been destroyed by DHS.

What’s even worse is that the person that did this to my son is free! He is walking the streets of Silverton free to hurt someone else, he got out on a temporary insanity plea.

What kind of justice is that?

I would like to hear from anyone who has a lawsuit against DHS, can offer any help or information. I am almost out of time. Please someone, anyone that can help me, please respond to me. My kids are counting on me.


  1. A.K.

    My 3 children were taken by DHS in Oklahoma and I had to agree to let a family member adopt them for the nightmare to end. I fought for 5 long years and paid out over $10,000 in attorney fees but in the end it was for nothing. I made mistakes i am the first to admit to that my 3 year old unlocked the front door and walked out side in the middle of the night because my couch was close enough he could climb on the back to reach the lock. I did test positive for marijuana the next day but I loved my kids they were cared for and I too did all and more than was asked of me but when it comes down to it, its a money game kids are for sale in this country and the poor are the ones targeted. I was lucky enough to have a family member they could not discount, oh but they did try to the very end. We literally had a agreement that if i signed then she would get to adopt otherwise it would have lasted forever,. they will never admit to fault in the system for that would mean that they are wrong about so many cases in the past.

  2. A.K.

    I am ready to protest. Just tell me when and where we will be there. Me and my now adopted kids and other family members. While I agree that not all cases are unwarranted for the ones that are it is unacceptable. The judge that I had for the 5 years has since been fired for being drunk on the bench, the DA was fired for other allegations and countless DHS offices have since closed…wonder why if according to “Steve” there is not a conspiracy..

  3. Kalie

    My Ex of 3yrs beat the crap out of me and my 8yr old saw it,I thought all the kids were sleeping. The next morning the kids go to school and my daughter told her teacher what happened, without me knowing DHS and the cops were called. Later that afternoon kids got home from school and a DHS Worker and the cops were at my house. Told me I had two choices, one I could voluntarily let the kids go with a family or friend or two they would get a warrant and put my kids in DHS care. So I volunteered,I was told it would only be till the safety issue was contained. I left my boyfriend and haven’t been back but now DHS is saying there gonna take it to the courts. Its been almost 4weeks without seeing or talking to my girls. I feel like I’m being punished for what my ex did. I miss my babies more then anything and I’m a damn good mom!!!

  4. Michelle

    I had DHS and the police come to my house on Aug 19, 2015. I voluntarily placed my infant son in my brother and sister in laws care thinking this would be resolved quickly. I had to wait 6 weeks for a hearing, in the time my SO and I both had evals done and joined treatment programs. We have done everything that has been asked but I dont see us moving forward. To make matters worse, my attorney has to withdraw from my case because he was appointed magistrate in another county. My FSRP report from October was filled with a lot of falsehoods and irrelelvancies, and Im dealing with my inlaws constantly making derogatory complaints to our DHS and FSRP worker, our childs guardian ad litem, and the county attorney. Its like I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel and I wonder if I will EVER get my son back! Hes only 11 months old and growing and changing every day and Im missing so many things. Im going to miss his first steps, God knows what else…
    I dont know if Im strong enough to make it through this….

  5. Tanya

    Steve – I used to agree with you and think the same thing, until it happened to me!!!!! I have court tomorrow to try to get my newborn baby girl back. I have a 20yr old, a 10yr old, an 8 yr old and the newborn baby girl. I’m not perfect, but this DHS worker lied and twisted so many things around! Then, I’m not aloud to say anything in court. I have proof though, lots and lots of proof! I’m hoping the judge will see that the dhs worker is a liar and I will get my baby girl back tomorrow. One thing I don’t understand is “how am I capable to take care of my 8 and 10yr old boys who make straight A’s and never miss a day of school, but my newborn has to be in foster care????? I BELIEVE ALMOST EVERYONE OF YOU ON HERE!!!!!! I’M SORRY I NEVER USED TO!!!!!!

  6. Tawnya

    Hi I’m a mother of 4. My kids have been in foster care for the past year. All my baby’s got taken from me on Christmas eve last year.

    CPS said my daughter and I were dirty when she was born. Well I knew right there something was not right because I got to take her home for the first 3 weeks of her life. Plus I still had my other 3 kids. Every time I bring this up cps, my lawyer, everyone tells me I need to forget about why they was taken and focus on how i’m going to get them back…

    RIGHT I lost my kids because I can’t even honestly tell you why because I don’t know and no one will tell me the truth.. Now my case worker tells me today on the phone that my two older kids will be in foster homes till they turn 18 but my two babies who are under the age of 3 will probably be adopted out and no family will not have the opportunity to get them because she say”Tawnya don’t you know everyone wants a baby”.

    That’s when I flipped ya tell me about it they are my babys and I want them back so bad its killing me they want me to go to treatment fine doing that on Friday but my parental rights termination hearing is feb. 17 so what to do.. Well my lawyer aint no help so ill just guess and go to treatment I just hope they don’t try and pull a fast one…..

  7. Sherri Turner

    They are criminals! My grandson was yanked away. When I complained they had doctored lab results and called Austin over and over. Funny thing the two case workers were fired. That doesn’t get my grandson back! My entire, rest of my life is ruin. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD over this. I’ve spent everything even putting my house up. The attorneys rotate between family and cps so there a conflict of interest! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!

  8. Christina Marie Sorrentino

    My son was taken by DHS because a prior case I had in AZ with DCS, in which they took my daughter with false allegation such as my personnel favorite I was on drugs, doing alcohol and mentally unstable. They severed my rights saying they provided me with help, but no matter how I requested couples counseling they refused to help. They lied through their nasty f***** up teeth.

  9. Alicia Capdeville

    I have been in a long sad road with DHS CPS here in Oklahoma. My 4 children were taken Aug. 2011, with no explanation. I found out after passing a polygraph that accusations were made by my ex who was going to prison. Very long sad story, but the bottom line was selfishness and greed.

    I did everything I could fought as hard as possible to get them back. Waves my right to a jury trial for a mediation. In that mediation I was informed that I did not have an emotional attachment to my children and they didn’t think I ever would. I was totally blown away. I was informed that if I didn’t relinquish my rights that I would never see them again.
    Well my cousin adopted them and I have since realized that it is because of $688 per month in adoption subsidies that she receives for my 2 daughters plus $900 per month each in survivors benefits my 2 boys receive.

    I have heard her tell them that they are worthless monsters and that no one loves them. She has told them that I don’t love them. Also prevents me from seeing them very often. She tells my eldest son to punch the other one in the face.
    My youngest daughter is finally with other family. Pretty sure my eldest daughter who is 8 is being molested by someone. I do not have my own place because I can’t afford one with over $700 per month in garnishment. Every extra cent I have goes into seeing my children if & whenever possible.

    Knowing the he’ll that my eldest 3 are enduring every da. Who knows what all untold things are going on. I die a little more each day and am not usually a depressed person, but can’t get motivated to do anything. The most treasured things in my life (my children) are gone from me & being treated so horribly. I do not know what to do or if I can do anything. I am financially broke & just want my babies safe and happy. I would love to have them safe with me, but anywhere safe would be better than what DHS has put them into.

    I pray every day that God will deliver them from this hell someway somehow. It is truly sad how destructive DHS can be to children. That and I will never understand those like my cousin who treat them so badly. No emotional attachment? Haha it gets harder and more emotional everyday. They are supposedly investigating my cousin now.

  10. Jesse Durham

    I know the feeling, I am going through the exact same thing. My babysitter fell asleep and my son “escaped” and almost got hit by a car. They are now acting as though the babysitter wasn’t there or anything. They aren’t even looking for her and said if i want to get a warrent i would have to go down to my local courthouse pay 45 and get the warrant… What is this world coming to? I am trying to find a lawyer to take my case. Wish me luck

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