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SD: Police Shirk Duties

I am writing about my 3-year-old son, Lucas. I live in central Minnesota and his mother lives in Lake Andes, South Dakota. We have split 50/50 parenting time.

We meet every Saturday in Pipestone, MN to pick up or drop off Lucas.

Last Saturday we picked him up and we were in the McDonalds play area and Lucas had to go to the bathroom. When we started for the bathroom door he started to scream “don’t touch me, don’t hurt me” so I stopped and asked him why he was scared and he wouldn’t talk.

We left McDonalds and headed for home. We stopped at a truck stop in Clara City, MN where I tried to take him to the bathroom again and again he started to scream. After we made it home he finally trusted me to take him to the bathroom.

After talking to him and asking him what he was scared of he told my fiancé and me that his uncle Ronnie touched his penis and made him touch his penis.

We immediately called the Todd County Sheriffs Department. And they sent a deputy out to take statements. He then faxed everything to Charles Mix County Police for them to investigate.

The officer told us that the South Dakota police would most likely call Todd County to do an interview with Lucas. We took Lucas to Hands Of Hope in Todd County where they witnessed several alarming behaviors and he was talking to them a little about things in South Dakota.

The person from Hands of Hope is a mandated reporter and she did call the police in Lake Andes. They told her that they dropped the case and said that I made it all up just to get custody of Lucas. The officer did not request an interview with Lucas at all and said he talked with ‘Ron’ and he denied it and that was good enough for him.

So now I am court ordered to turn him over on Saturday where he will be with his mom for the week. The bad part is that she and her brother Ron both work for their mom in Lake Andes (Dakota Hearing) and Lucas is with them in the office all day.

I don’t know if there is anything you could do, as far as investigation or anything but I really feel that something can be done and because of where I live the legal system is not helping at all. It’s hard to have faith in a justice system that will not protect a 3-year-old child.

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  1. Sarah

    Take your child to the DR…IMMEDIATELY… you suspect child molestation, and then get them into counseling…also get the school counselors, teachers, and the coaches of extra curricular activities involved…ESPECIALLY in SD…*the teachers there tend to report More…* and most important? WRite down EVERYTHING…date/TIME behavior, location, and who was around..dr appts, psychiatrist and psychologist appts…have them write what their professional opinions are…..ect….this is KEY…it's not about what you suspect, only what you can prove. Also, if there's a custody battle, make certain your children's lawyers are aware of the allegations, and that they protect THEIR client…i would probably slap a restraining order against the the alleged offender….if i had 50/50 custody…make the significant other take responsibility for their friends/family/ect.

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